Golf swing analyzers use sensors and your smartphone to provide you with data, feedback, and even coaching. There are several techniques used to provide you with these tools, but they are a great way to learn more about your game and improve.

The key to getting better at golf is knowledge. You need to understand your swing, understand your strengths, and understand how to address your weaknesses. Golf swing analyzers provide you with the data you need to understand if you are getting better or worse.

Here are some top golf swing analyzers that are currently available to the golfer.

1. ARCCOS CADDIE SMART SENSORS – swing analyzer:

The system will automatically capture all of your shots on the course or the range. You will quickly have data related to how far you hit each club in your bag. The new feature is the A.I. integration. This will provide you with personalized feedback on what you do well and what needs your attention.

2. HACKMOTION – swing analyzer:

Hackmotion is a high-tech golf swing analyzer that uses a device that you attach to your wrist to measure/improve wrist angle and clubface motion. Wrist movement is the most critical piece of your swing and this product will give you data and actions to improve.

Hackmotion is all about the data. It will provide you with tons of details for you to analyze and incorporate into your practice sessions.

3. ZEPP GOLF 2 3D SWING – swing analyzer:

Similar to the Arccos product, the Zepp analyzer uses a sensor to help you with your swing. For this item, you attach one sensor to your golf glove and swing normally. You will immediately get 3-D swing analysis to determine your swing plane and speed.

4. SKYPRO – swing analyzer:

The Skypro has a sensor that attaches to the shaft of your club just below the grip. The key to this product is instant feedback during your practice sessions. It can help you understand your swing speed, plane, and overall motion.

5. FLIGHTSCOPE MEVO – swing analyzer :

FlightScope Mevo launch monitors

The FlightScope Mevo is a personal, portable launch monitor. It will provide you with “tour-caliber” data on each shot. Carry distance, clubhead speed, smash factor, flight time, ball speed, spin rate, and apex height.

6. RAPSODO R-MOTION – swing analyzer:

The Rapsodo golf club simulator and golf swing analyzer is a similar product to the Mevo. It attaches to your smartphone for power and to provide you with instant data on every shot. It provides you with a shot tracer and GPS shot map for your practice session.

7. VOICE CADDIE SC 200 – swing analyzer:

The Voice Caddie SC 200 is a portable launch monitor golf swing analyzer. It does provide a feature that allows you to measure clubhead speed without hitting a golf ball. This is critical if you are working on speed training.

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