There are some good ideas to help you play better golf and how to improve my game in your backyard.

1. Short game practice:

Most people have enough space to be able to chip some simple shots. Simply grab a bucket or a simple chipping golf net and set it up in the middle of the yard.  Hit shots from different distances, practicing with different clubs and lofts to find what you are most comfortable with. The great thing about having a quality short game is that it frees up your full swing and takes the pressure off.

2. Hitting into a net:

You want to make sure you have a quality net.  The goal here is to get a high number of repetitions in.  In order to get really good at golf, we must hit thousands of shots. Having a net in your backyard and working on solid contract and start line is really important to improving in golf and can help you reach your full potential. To take this to the next level, consider adding a launch monitor to your tools to improve.

3. Practice putting on a real green or artificial green:

In today’s golf world, there are synthetic greens that you can have installed, you can build an actual green with the right grass seed and mower, or you can buy just a strip of turf and utilize that in the yard. The key is to practice those 3-10 footers and be able to groove a stroke that works for you.  There are many options and they can be costly, but finding a way to practice the putting at home is important!

4. Improve your tempo and rhythm:

I would highly recommend the Orange Whip.  it is a quality product that you can help you become more fluid in your swing and utilize the clubhead through the hitting zone. If you want a smooth, silky swing, the Orange Whip might be exactly that you are looking.  The benefits of simply swinging each day and working on tempo and your sequencing can be the difference.  This product can be very good if you only play once a week or maybe even less.

5. Work on your mechanics:

Learn as much as your can and work to improve your mechanics. Visit SwingMan Golf – Zero Point Golf Mental Game Training Program

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