The first and foremost thing is, you should learn the fundamentals. This can help you to understand the proper stance, grip and swing mechanics that before your progress for the advancement.

Learn how to get your club fitted. This can help you to learn your clubs that are appropriate in size and your body, swing.

Learn how to get fitted on your club grip. This can help you to learn how crucial the grip are good for swing.

Take few lessons from the tutors. This can help you to correct your swing, putting and other aspects of the game from a professional tutor.

You should practice regularly to become pro.

You should familiarize yourself with golf rules. Golf has many rules to understand, so make sure that you know them before playing.

And master in reading greens, alignments on your stick, your body and so on.

You should invest home golf simulators to practice regularly to become pro in the game. Learn home golf simulators here.