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Searching for a great golf mat for your simulation golf game?

You might be searching at the wrong place where you get nothing.

Or you may be looking for a traditional hitting mat so you could save your dimes for evening beer with your golf partner, who has a better hitting mat than you.

Choosing a Golf Hitting Mat could be a tough job for your home simulation studio.

The reason behind it is you could habit bad swings that will result in a real golf course.

That would be terrible for your game.

As aforementioned, choosing a good hitting mat is a tough job.

So, let us learn what makes a good mat and what is not.

Good Golf Hitting Mats:

A good Golf Hitting mat should assist you to improve your efficiency in the game, not bothering it.

Things that subjective to a good hitting mat are, low club recoiling, now slipping, injury prevention technology, durability, competent material, and moderate to high price.

Bad Golf Hitting Mats:

Hitting mats vary in size, price, and materials.

If you are looking for a low-cost hitting mat, either you are a beginner or you don’t have any idea what is a good mat.

When talking about hitting mats, the quality of the mat depends on the money you spent on it.

However, a beginner can opt for a low-quality mat until you learn how to do a proper swing by tearing off substandard golf mats as much as you can.

Things that are subjective to a low-quality mat are, low durability, maximum club recoiling, slippery, lousy worn off type material, and low price.

As you can see, nothing will help your simulation game.

Things to consider before buying hitting mats:

  • Material Used: The golf hitting mat market homes many brands that use different materials to produce a golf mat. However, every mat won’t meet your need or satisfaction. You may think about how the material used on a golf mat could hinder your practice. The fact is, in a simulation game, mats play a big part in giving you feedback about your shot.
  • In a real fairway, the grass would go off with your club when you hit the ball right down through it. You may experience mild recoil on the real fairway but you shot better. The material that is used on the mat should ensure your shot pass down through it without recoil or club bounce. The mats that enable you to sweep through results in good launch angle, and ball speed. Mats that are made of dense nylon grass and impact absorption gel as hitting areas are advisable the better choice.

# Durability:

You buy some luxurious hitting mats only to see them worn off after a few hardest shorts.

What is the point of spending that big dime on them?

Of course, a hitting mat will get worn off, but not within two weeks of purchasing it.

A good mat should take the hits and accompany the player in long run

# Injury Prevention:

Ever felt a shock on your shoulder after a powerful swing? Sometime, the shock may turn worse.

Golf game can injure you unless you play it right.

Some common injuries that happened to the golfers are strain, sprain, and tendonitis of ankles, feet, knees, hand, and wrist.

The irony is, some physiotherapists made more money treating golfer rather than others in the city.

Good golf hitting mats should absorb the impact of the club and leaves no or low recoil/bounce are the ones that prevent injury and improve the game.

# No slipping and No shagginess:

Falling off the mat is another dreadful thing that could happen to you. Your mat should be in place with utmost firmness when you make a stance on it. Also, your mat should not cave in as a result of hitting.

Brands like Truestrike and Fiberbuilt are commonly used in these days. But, Truestrike mats are found to be more technologically advanced.

Apart from that Truestrike is the one that qualifies all the aforementioned qualities to become a good golf mat. of course, Fiberbuilt also has many great mats. If you wish to know more about Fiberbuilt, explore here.

Now let us see what the Truestrike Hitting mat is and what technology does it uses.

TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats - Meet the real experience of Fairway golf shots

TrueStrike is recognized for its infused gel technology and long-lasting durability as a golf mat.

TrueStrike Golf Mats are designed to go easy on your body and offer no injury.

Design of TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats :

Ordinary Golf Mat

03 08 trad shot seqshort large

TrueStrike Golf Mat

Truestrike Golf mat

The Modular Design:

This is the revolutionary evolution of Truestrike golf mats.

TrueStrike mats are made of independent parts. All the parts combine to form the whole mat.

So, if a part gets worn off, there is no need of replacing the whole mat, instead, the worn off part can be replaced at a minimal cost.

The compartments are the gel section, range mat section, strike surface, and gel sub base.

modular design truestrike golf mats

The Gel Section module:

This gel section module reacts like a real fairway to offer the player realistic game play.

While a traditional hitting mat won’t compress and return to its original position, this gel section can compress upon impact and disperse the energy created on it.

gel section truestrike

The Range Mat Section Module:

The range mat section allows you to insert a regular tee on it and swing your club.

This module enables the player to practice their iron shots without the fear of mishits.

You can also use the range mat section as a place to make your stance.

range mat truestrike golf hitting mat

The Strike Surface Module:

The striking surface of Truestrike unlike other brands hardly deteriorates over time.

Unless it manhandled, the striking surface of Truestrike has been proved to be 100% last longer than expected.

The silicon-gel injection technology enhances the player’s game by enabling a realistic fairway like feel.

The TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats come at various sizes and prices.

Here, mentioned in the article below, are the commonly used mats of TrueStrike.

strike surface truestrike golf hitting mat

TrueStrike Premium Single Golf Practice Mat

This practice mat includes an edge trim, a ball tray, a gel section, and three range mats. The size of the mat is 52″ in length, 77″ in width, and 2″ in height. The whole weight of the mat is just 112 lbs that make it extremely portable.
However, the practice mat’s size can be expanded by adding more sections.

This mat is most ideal for both simulation players and practice range players.

TrueStrike Static Golf Mats:

The static golf mat from TrueStrike is made to save space and cost simultaneously. It perfectly resembles the natural fairway in all aspects like the other type of TrueStrike mats.

This static golf mat includes two edge trim, one gel section, and two range mats.

The dimension is 2″ height, 52″ length, and 52″ width.

TrueStrike Academic Golf Mats

The TrueStrike Academy Gold Mats are larger mats that are convenient for studios, ranges, clubs, and pro shops.

It offers plenty of space to stand and swing. The academy mat includes two edge trims, a gel section, and four range mat section. The academy mat was designed minding all levels of players as the goal of this mat is not to be subjected to players of a certain level.

The total size of this mat is 52″ in length, 80″ in width, 2″ in height and the mat weighs 134 lbs.

The TrueStrike Portable Golf Mats:

This mat from TrueStrike is truly portable, convenient, comfortable, cost-effective, and of course the smallest.

It is a golf mat that comprises only of a hitting surface and gel foam underneath it.

This golf mat includes two edge trims, one gel section and that’s it. See that’s simple.

So the dimensions are 2″ height, 21″ wide, and 52″ length and weigh just 32 lbs.

Other than the above-mentioned mats, there are many other size mats TrueStrike produces and so the sections of the mats. And, every strike range sections/hitting surfaces can withstand around 55,000 shots.


TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats – FAQ

What is TrueStrike?

TrueStrike is a popular British golf mat maker well established across the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

What makes TrueStrike Golf Mats different from other brands?

The silicon-gel injected hitting section makes the TrueStrike more different compared to other brands.

Why silicon-gel is used in True Strike Mats?

Silicon-gel is used under the striking surface to absorb the impact created by the swing. Silicon-gel eliminates the recoil/bounce of club giving a golfer a smooth and injury-free golf game.

How to call the gel-surface technology of TrueStrike?

TrueStrike calls the tech “Ruckable”. And, they have patented the technology.

Do TrueStrike Mats Support both indoor and outdoor games?

Yes, TrueStrike mats are designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, with or without a simulator.

How durable is a TrueStrike mat?

All the TrueStrike mats are capable of taking 55,00 hits before they start showing wear off signs. However, in case of wear off, there is no need to swap the entire mat for a new one, just replace the particular portion with a new one. With proper maintenance, the TrueStrike mats could last longer than traditional mats. Traditional mats don’t have this facility as they have worn off, you should’ve to look for a new one.

Does TrueStrike produce only golf mats?

Though TrueStrike’s primary product is Golf Mat, it also produces, accessories like TrueStrike Ball Tray, Tees, and more.

Can TrueStrike be used in commercial spaces?

Yes, TrueStrike can be used in commercial spaces as well as home spaces and also in driving ranges.

Where can I buy this TrueStrike Golf Mats?

You can visit a TrueStrike vendor in the UK or you can directly order from their website. However, if you are looking for lucrative offers on the product, I suggest Rain or Shine Golf of North Carolina and Shop Indoor Golf of Texas.

What is special about RainorShinGolf Online Store?

RainorShineGolf is a special store with a small team that is so curious about indoor golf. To enhance the indoor golf community, the shop offers lucrative offers on various products including TrueStrike Golf mats. Rain or Shine Golf is an authorized dealer for many golf-related brands and offers finance for people to buy from them. With attractive offers on every product, they also have a return policy through which you can return any of the products you bought for a refund.

What is special about ShopIndoorGolf Online Store?

The ShopIndoorGolf is in Texas. Like the Cowboy nation’s climate, the people at Shop Indoor Golf are warm and cozy. They put customers who love golf first as they share the love of the game. Hence they offer finance and more attractive offers to those who purchase from them. TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats are one of their most loved products. With their best price promise, they also deliver their products for free to their customers in the US. They also deliver to Canada with some nominal charges. They also have a No-Hassle return policy.


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