Nothing is more regretting then driving to the golf range after a tiring day at the office. You love the game; you want to practice every day, but what if you stress yourself into the game because of your working hours? That’s a terrible thing happen to a golfer. Don’t worry there are simulators, and many indoor golf game options for you, to practice the game every day, at least for 15 minutes. Okay, you got simulators and various golf mats for the driving game. What about Chipping and Putting? Because that’s what real golf is. Don’t be sad, there are indoor Putting Greens too.
tour links premium indoor putting greens review
In Hurry? Tour Links are suggested by many PGA professionals despite its costlier price tag. But, you get what you paid for. Tour Links will help you become the envy of your friends and colleagues with its dashing look and performance. – 4’X10′ Premium Putting Green – $848.00, – Buy Now8’X12′ Premium Putting Green-$1768.00 – Buy Now4’X12′ Premium Putting Green-$942.00 – Buy Now14’X20′ Premium Putting Green-$5684.00 – Buy Now12’X12′ Premium Putting Green-$2384.00 – Buy Now14’X18′ Professional series Putting Green-$4866.00, – Buy Now14’X14′ Professional series Putting Green-$3844.00) – Buy Now

Putting greens comes in different sizes, specs, and brands. But, not every brand will suit your need. You need to choose a specific putting green to improve your practice, which should result in the course.

Here, in this article, let’s see how to choose a good putting green and a lot about Tour Links putting greens.

What is Putting Greens?

Putting green is an area covered with shot and smooth grass surrounding a hole where you putt the golf ball to finish the game. However, we cannot bring real grass inside the house, that’s why we should choose artificial putting greens or synthetic putting green. Synthetic putting greens are made of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene fibers to resemble the softness and smoothness of natural grass. Those fibers are densely implanted on a rubber base or a foam base to create various sized grass carpets, which we call putting greens.

Difference between Natural and Synthetic Greens ?

The golf ball’s rolling speed is the first difference that should be considered between natural and synthetic greens. A stimpmetere is used to calculate the golf ball’s rolling speed on greens. The speed varies according to the surface of the greens. The speed of 8 in the stimpmeter is considered as slow while the speed of 14 is considered fast.

The stimp speed of 10-13 is followed in many tournaments. Sometime, the stimp speed depends on the topography and climate condition around the play area.The world-famous Augusta National Golf Club has a stimp of 12. In the synthetic green, the rolling speed depends on what material does the green is made of and how dense the fibers are. Sometimes, artificial greens use infill like sand to increase the speed of the ball on the green. There is a lot to do with artificial greens to get the course like roll unless you are using a right green that exactly resemble a course in all aspects.

The contours are the next difference between natural and synthetic greens. Do you know why professional players respect the Augusta National Golf Club more? Because Augusta has many challenging slopes and undulation that can only be challenged by players who have done a lot of practice. Contours on putting greens alter the speed and roll of the ball, thus become a dare for any player. Artificial greens hardly have undulations as they are made to lay flat on any surface. But there are options for artificial undulations by adding stuff under the greens.

Buying Guide for Putting Greens

A putting green is not a carpet to decorate your room; it’s a chance for you to master the game from your home. So, better invest in a decent putting green rather than a carpet. To be more precise, a putting green should shave off at least 4 points from your handicap.

Before you buy a Putting Greens!

Before buying a putting green, check the space you have to lay your green. It is better to order a one that fits in your room or garage.

Look for the quality of the mat as it needs to last for at least ten years in the long run.

Look for realism- The requirement is a realistic putting green, not some overrated well-advertised green carpet. Ensure the greens’ true-roll falls between 7-13. The true-roll is what decides the realistic feel of an artificial putting green.

Affordability! Okay, the term affordability is subjective here. But, the green should worth the money you spent. If you are a player who is dead serious about Golf then you should not opt for some random rolling mats, because you need more space and more training to perform well in the upcoming season, post-COVID-19 of course.

Why did I choose to discuss Tour Links exceptionally when there are hundreds of brands making putting greens? There is a reason for my choice. Come along with this article and find why. Tour Links putting greens are obliged to offer a professional look to all its putting green. For that, they use a patented interlocking system/module that looks like puzzle pieces. Though the interlocking system requires a little more time to be installed at home, it doesn’t require any tools and an installer to be hired for big money.
tour links premium indoor putting greens review

The green is laid on the installed interlocking base and gets more support from beneath. The base system also has real-like cup holes in which the golf ball drops and disappears like in the real hole on a golf course. Nothing feels better than having the real feel of a golf course on an artificial mat. Tour Links is an expert in that niche.

Tour Links also offer one thing that you won’t have on a real golf course. On real courses, your ball will keep rolling outside your target area after a missed put, because there is nothing to stop it except the hole. But, in Tour Links you get barriers around the green. The barriers help you to confine the ball within the green. So, you don’t want to run behind the ball when it is rolling all over to your kitchen.

Tour Links are suggested by many PGA professionals despite its costlier price tag. But, you get what you paid for. Tour Links will help you become the envy of your friends and colleagues with its dashing look and performance.

Tour Links putting green interlocking base system can last longer, because they are built with patience to withstand pressure. You can through it from a building or drive a 6000 pounds truck over it. Nothing bothers them. Better use a hammer to break it, you’ll succeed only after maximum hits.

Tour Links is being used by many professionals because of its tournament-quality design and realism. Some of the Tour Links clients’ names will just make drop your jaw in awe. But, I’m not going to mention them, here. Now, back to the track, True Links delivers custom putting greens for many customers as per their requirement and need, but let us understand the brand through its traditional models.

Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Premium Putting Green

This is one of the traditional putting green packages from Tour Links. It has a 4′ x 12′ putting green surface which is so realistic and has a true-roll that is perfect like bentgrass.

The foundation of the putting green is made of Tour Links’ very own interlocking system which gives a player a solid feel underneath his/her feet. The putting green comes with four regulations cups and pins. Also, there are brake pads added to the packaged that can be stuffed under the greens to create contours. The stimp speed will be 11.5-12 on this green.

However, this putting green is portable with some efforts. It weighs 122 lbs. Its length is 139″ and width is 47.5″. Unlike traditional artificial putting greens, this Tour Links 4′ x 12′ enables you to practice 10 feet putts from different angles.

This is designed and built to resemble a real golf course green and enhance the player’s satisfaction. The turf is made from Polypropylene. So the setup can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Every Tour Links putting green foundations comes with a bump rail to prevent the ball from rolling off the turf.


Tour Links 4′ x 10′ Premium Putting Green

This 4′ x 10′ Premium Indoor Putting Green from Tour Links is similar to the 4′ x 12′ in all aspects except the regulation cups. This 4′ x 10′ comes only with two cups. However, the design, shape, stuff for contours, and all other challenging conditions resemble the 4′ x 12′. This gives a lot of space for all levels of players to master the putting green at the stimp speed of 11.5 -12.



This 6’X12’ BIRDIE MAKER PUTTING GREEN is a simple looking rectangular shaped putting green yet adds charm to your home. All you need to do is to find a good spot to lay down this putting green set. Like the other putting green models of Tour Links, this birdie maker also has an interlocking module foundation. A total of 10 straight panels, 3 outside radius single curve edge panels, one outside radius double curve edge panels, 3 interior center panels, and one interior center panel with cup hole are the entire foundations set up of this birdie maker. One can simply stand on it and get teleported to the real greens of the golf course in seconds. There are four cup holes in this model, where three lies at three corners, one lies at the center of the second-row to practice straight putts.



This 8’X14’ MONEYMAKER PUTTING GREEN is a slightly extended model of Birdie Maker 6’X12’. It is obviously a 14-foot putting green that homes a 14-foot tournament speed turf that stamps at 11.5 – 12. It takes only 45 minutes to assemble and can be dismantled to keep aside when not in use.


Tour Links 12′ x 12′ Premium Indoor Putting Green

The 12′ x 12′ Premium Indoor Putting Green is one of the most popular putting greens of Tour Links. The design and wave shape perfectly resembles a real putting green of PGA level golf courses. Its foundation is made of 100% Polypropylene which is strong and lasts long. Like the other models of Tour Links, the turf of 12′ x 12′ stimps at the speed of 12. The Polypropylene material enables the set up to be used in both outdoors and indoors.


Other popular models of Tour Links

Apart from the aforementioned models’ Tour Links also produces long-distance putting greens that vary in size such as 9-foot and 13-foot Training Aid Putting greens. Such lengthy putting greens are made with exceptional care for learners. These models come with only one regulation cup hole. However, the size of the cups can be reduced with reducers for effective practice. They also have a head alignment string that can be connected to both ends. As the guiding strings go directly above the hole, it helps learners to putt perfectly. Tour Links also makes dog-bone shaped greens in sizes such as 14′ x 20′ Professional Series Putting Greens and 8′ x 12′ Premium Indoor Putting Greens, which are sort of high-end models from Tour Links.

Tour Links putting greens are a little luxurious than the other brands. Yes, hard to swallow! But that is the fact; you need more investment to have the best green in today’s market. When you compare Tour Links with other brands, it is better to invest in Tour Links rather than some random rolling mats.

What are the advantages of Artificial Putting Greens?

Artificial Putting Greens are great in means of affordability and portability. They help you train your short games from your home. There are various types of putting greens in the market in various sizes and shapes.

Difference between artificial putting green turf and real grass?

Natural greens on golf courses are real grass and the ball rolls true. On the other hand, artificial putting green grasses are made of Nylon or Polypropylene fibers. The true roll capacity on the artificial greens depends on the density and softness of the artificial fibers.

Why should I choose Tour Links Putting Greens?

Tour Links Putting Greens are used by many PGA professionals, Trainers, famous clubs, and even in USS Alabama, because of Tour Links’ realism. The surface green of Tour Links Putting green rolls the ball like real bentgrass.

What is the stimpmeter speed of Tour Links?

The turfs of Tour Links are made of Polypropylene and resemble real grass turf. The stimp speed of Tour Links is 11.5-12 in most cases. However, speed can also be increased using infills.

How can I get contours and undulations on Tour Links Putting Green?

Contours bring the fun and the challenge simultaneously to the game. While many artificial putting greens lack this contouring facility, Tour Links offers a solution for that. With every model of Tour Links putting greens there come two or three break pad packs. The break pads are also known as break snakes are rigid foam chunks or sheets that can be laid under the putting surface to create contours or different shapes and sizes.

What is unique about Tour Links Putting Green?

Tour Links Putting Greens uses a solid foundation unlike the foam-based foundations of other brands. To feel solid when standing on Tour Links’ foundation, it is built with strong Polypropylene material, which can hold a 6000 lbs truck on it.

Is Tour Green Putting Green suitable for Kids?

Yes, absolutely. The material that is used to make Tour Links’ turf and foundation are rugged and cannot be easily damaged or torn.

Do all Tour Links Putting Green models accommodate both righties and lefties?

If the context is not about “politics”, but of “hands”, then the answer is “Yes”, the Tour Link Putting Greens will accommodate both left-hand players and right-hand players.

How to install Tour Links Putting Green?

Tour Links Putting Greens’ interlocking system module, which is like a puzzle carpet, makes the installation a snap. The installation process hardly needs more than three people. However, it takes 10 – 45 minutes to install the green based on the size of the green.

What size Tour Link Putting Green will suit for me?

Various sizes and shapes of putting greens are available with Tour Links. You can choose any type of mats as per your need. But be sure you are choosing the size that fits in your room you plan to set the green down.

Does Tour Links offer custom size putting greens?

Yes, apart from the models that are mentioned above, one can order custom made greens by contacting Tour Links.

Where can I use Tour Links Putting Green?

Tour Links putting greens are perfect for both outdoor and indoor placement. You can install it on your rooftop, back yard, living room, garage, basement, or anywhere of your choice.

Where can I Buy this Tour Links Putting green?

Tour Links can be bought directly from Tour Links by checking in to their website. However, there are other options too, if you like to own a Tour Links putting green at the best value. You can also buy Tour Links from America’s best indoor golf equipment retailers RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf.

Why should I buy from RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf?

Not just behalf of Tour Links Putting Greens, RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf deal with hundreds of products that deal with indoor golf. They love the game just like you and they wanted to spread the love to more. You get more value to your product along with many benefits and support once you become the customer of RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf.

What do you get from RainorShineGolf?

RainorShineGolf is in North Carolina’s Charlotte. RainorShineGolf is an authorized dealer for many indoor golf products. They put customers before anything. They deliver for free across the United States of America. Their transaction is 100% secured. All the products they sell are tested by experts. They have discount plants. They also offer finance to all products in their inventory.

What do you get from ShopIndoorGolf?

ShopIndoorGolf is in Texas and deals with many indoor golf products with proper authorizations. They spread happiness by doing free shipping on all products. They offer the best customer support and guarantee the lowest price on all products. They also offer maximum benefit to their customers and finance.

Do RainorShinegolf and ShopIndoorgolf accept returns?

Yes, both accept returns. ShopIndoorGolf follows a 30-days No-hassle return policy and RainorShineGolf follows a 30-days return for a refund. Read the terms and conditions of RainorShineGolf, and ShopIndoorGolf for details.

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