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Home Golf Simulator – SkyTrak is officially the Most Wanted Golf Launch Monitor by GolfSpy

It’s been more than five years since the famous SkyTrak golf launch monitor made its way into the market.

But still today, it’s being acclaimed for its performance and efficiency with awards.

With so many awards including Golf Digest’s prestigious “Best Value Golf Launch Monitor Award”, Editor’s Choice Best in Golf award, SkyTrak has received another award recently.

MyGolfSpy, the famous online magazine dedicated to Golf has recently awarded SkyTrak its “MOST WANTED PERSONAL LAUNCH MONITOR”. SkyTrak deserves it just for the trust it created among its users.

SkyTrak is an ultra-portable launch monitor that is being trusted and majorly used by many PGA professionals, golf teachers, and club-fitters across the country. It might sound expensive but it’s not. You can buy a SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor for just under $2000 bucks.

Its portable weightless design, OS-friendly connectivity, and wireless operation enhance its user to carry the device anywhere from indoors to outdoors, from the basement to course effortlessly.

More than its portability, SkyTrak is trusted for its accuracy in analyzing a swing. The SkyTrak uses photometric technology, which involves high-speed cameras, to record a golf shot. The accuracy is nothing less than a professional grade which helps you pinpoint what is missing in your shot and what has gone wrong. It would be easy for you to correct the errant after you know what you just missed in your last shot.

SkyTrak is officially the Most Wanted Golf Launch Monitor by GolfSpy

From SkyTrak a player is offered with over 16 shot metrics all about the ball that is extremely crucial for a player who wanted to improve his/her game within the upcoming tournament.

SkyTrak is not only for practicing the game but it is for fun too. It is a simulation-enabled launch monitor that has features like driving range simulation, and course simulation. With its Game Improvement Plan, one can do more like participating in online challenges, target practice, challenging customized in-game environmental conditions, bag mapping, and also experience a shot from five different perspectives with a 5-camera view feature.

Another good thing about SkyTrak is it can coordinate with third-party golf simulation software such as TGC, and WGT where you can play on some world-famous course virtually.

SkyTrak would give you the feel of “Every Shot Matters” while practicing the game. Also, you can have fun with your family and friends with a fun game on SkyTrak on weekends.

SkyTrak made record-breaking sales in 2020, and it’s continuing. You may think it’s because of the pandemic lockdown across the country, but people could have bought any other launch monitor; there are plenty of choices.

Why SkyTrak?

The reason: SkyTrak understands you irrespective of your skill in the game of golf. Whatever you are, either an amateur or a pro, SkyTrak can help you lower your score, and it will never break your bank. Moreover, there are plenty of simulation packages that fit perfectly with SkyTrak. You may need to take a look at them too, here.

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