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What is SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $2999? Reviews and Buying guide

Would you believe it if I said one can set up a great indoor golf simulator under $3000 bucks?

It may sound absurd as I used the word ‘great’ and $3000 in one sentence.

But technically one can offer a great golf simulator for $3000 from RainorShineGolf of Austin, Texas.

Considering the people with a lot of responsibilities and only less time to contribute to their most loved game, RainorShine Golf came up with this low-cost golf simulator package called SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator package.

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

Here I talk a lot about his package and why a golfer should invest in it.

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package – SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

SkyTrak is a young and dynamic brand among famous golf launch monitors currently in the market.

SkyTrak with its efficiency in shot measurements made it all the way from a freshman to a legend launch monitor within few years and become a part of many professional golfers.

SkyTrak is a compact golf launch monitor with a sleek design and less weight compared to the other brands.

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

The SkyTrak uses high-end photometric technology that captures and renders you shot in a matter of seconds with incredible efficiency.

The Device can go from indoor to outdoor and works well with every terrain. The device is truly wireless as it connects with your mobile devices, either Android or iOS, through Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you don’t need to be connected to a power source as it’s powered by a rechargeable battery source.

The device is also simulation enables, which brings world-class entertainment to your game.

It can track the most important data of your shot like ball speed, ball spin, launch angle, carry distance, side spin, side angle, and other major ball flight data at a verifiable accuracy.

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package – The Game Improvement Software

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor is already a powerful device. But, when it is connected with the SkyTrak game improvement software, its power only gets doubled.

The game improvement software from SkyTrak can improve and engage you with your game simultaneously.

The Software enables a player to analyze their records with interactive charts and graphs.

Moreover, the software enables a player to participate in challenges like Longest Drive Challenge, Closest to the pin contest, target practice, and many other skill contests from the comfort of their home.

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

The Game Improvement Software from SkyTrak will help a player to see their shot from five different perspectives and help him rectify their inaccuracy shot to shot.

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package – SwingNet Golf Hitting Net

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

You might be thinking of a hitting screen that could also handle projections. But you don’t need it for practice gameplay.

All you need is a thing that can stop your ball from breaking things at your home. A simple golf net could do that in a cost-effective manner.

In the package from RainorShineGolf, you get SwingNet golf hitting net which is easy to assemble, disassemble and store.

The net is made of high-quality material and has the capacity to hold even the hardest shots in history.

The net can fit in your room, basement, backyard, and more. The only mission of this net is to serve you and your game. You can easily store this net in a duffle bag when it is not in use.

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package – SwingTurf Hitting Mat of your choice

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package

SwingTurf is a product of Rain or Shine Golf, which is also a result of thousands of feedback from thousands of golfers about their golf mat.

The Swing Turf is designed with 13/8 inches of artificial grass backed with 5/8″ of the thick foam base.

The 13/8″ of artificial grass fiber allows one to drive down and through without feeling any recoil and pain in the joints.

Moreover, the grass is more realistic and more forgiving than many top brands in the market.

This SwingTurf mat has the least weight and can be carried anywhere and store back when there is no need for it. Also, this mat can hold a real tee on it.

In this package, you get a 4′ x 5′ SwingTurf mat. However, you can still opt for a bigger one with the size of 4′ x 9′ SwingTurf Mat.

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package – Price

Unlike the other golf simulator packages from Rain or Shine Golf, this package lets you stay with your minimum budget without compromising the quality of your product and space in your home.

The minimum space required for this golf simulator package to fit in your room is just 8’ high x 8’ wide x 3’ deep.

The package has four necessary items to built an indoor golf simulator for a regular practice session at a reasonable cost of $2,999.00.

However, the price would be $3,379.00 if you choose to add a 4′ x 9′ SwingTurf Mat to the package.

SkyTrak Golf SwingNet Golf-Simulator Package