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Introducing SkyTrak monitor and the golf club simulation software package

Introducing SkyTrak Launch Monitor + TGC Simulation Software

  • Launch monitor and golf simulator combination designed to act as a game improvement tool
  • Simulator wirelessly connects to compatible device and displays data as soon as you hit the ball
  • High-speed photography measures the golf ball and provides an accurate reading of your ball with a robust assortment of parameters
  • Measurable parameters include ball speed, distance (carry and total), launch angle, club speed, spin rates and more
  • Receiving your order requires a signature, someone needs to be home to sign for the package

Are you a regular Golf player who finds difficulty in analyzing your shots? SkyTrak has come up with the solution with the launch of its new product called Monitor and golf simulator. So it’s time for the golfers to take a deep breath and enjoy their game. The product is a real-time practice and play system. It is a unique product like one of its kind.

SkyTrak difference- experience like no other

The target audience of SkyTrak is a golfer. It is the most promising product and matches with the latest technology. This is an absolute development in the monitor technology which provides ultimate accuracy and a quality product with maximum value and minimum price.

What makes SkyTrak different is its convenience and you can practice like a professional which gives an absolute consumer satisfaction. It measures all the parameters and provides the ability to practice anytime and anywhere with the high-quality screen. This product once understood can become an addiction and fun.
As the product is teamed with the Leading Golf Simulator partners, it provides an authentic experience all at your door. You can play famous courses at home by combining with simulated championship golf.

There are many other products available in the market alike with less price but they do not provide the same authenticity because that needs qualities like a launch monitor to provide an accurate measure ball speed, launch angle, side and backspin and also it needs a high-quality simulation software with the most updated version. But SkyTrak advances all the features with a fraction of the cost of other launch monitors.

The Golf club game and its features

The golf club represents next generation golf simulation. It renders the high-quality display and visual presentation. It is easy to operate and gives the major satisfaction to a player with its outstanding gameplay. The updated versions and uncountable features give an edge to it. The game gives access to full editing options for courses also the option for participating in tournaments and tours. It gives the player the real environment of like playing at the course with its accuracy measuring parameters including ball speed and spins. You can play it anytime and anywhere.

– Stunning HD graphics provides pure simulation
– Thousands of predesigned courses to play
– Free online play
– Online sharing
– Edit and create your own courses
– No loading time between holes
– Real life physics
– Local multiplayer
– have your own practice range
– You can hit at simulated targets
– There are challenges to play
– You can participate in games and championships
– Learn all the do’s and dont’s

The golf club simulator SDK is to give developers and golf simulator hardware manufacturers a way to interact directly with the club simulator software. The server runs as a background process. It can be fully integrated into any 3rd party software program.

Real game with real results

The product, as the tagline says, is for real game and provides real results. It’s easily portable and very affordable. The most important feature it carries is it’s easy to operate. It is purely a wireless system which can be connected to your iPad or personal computer as the case may be. Generally, the main issue which bothers the players is about the accuracy but SkyTrak is featured with this special quality which provides professional-Grade accuracy. It has a Photometric monitor which requires that golf ball should be placed within a certain defined area on the hitting mat. SkyTrak provides a laser dot to show the precise placement to capture quality pictures with authenticity.

Practice with the package:

The SkyTrak golf simulator which itself is a package of entertainment for golfers also comes with different packages.

1. The SkyTrak launch monitor or golf simulator starts at $1,995.

2. Basic SkyTrak software-practice range package ($0/year) :
– Launch monitor
– Companion app
– USB charging cable
– 3D practice range with shot tracer
– Ball performance data
– Shot replay
– Warranty activation, registration & updates

3. Game improvement package (+$249) i.e. in addition to the basic package:
– Protective case
– First-year subscription includes:
a. Longest drive competition
b. Pin contests
c. Target practice
d. Changes to weather and course condition
e. Progress tracking, charts, and graphs via the app.
f. Skills assessment.

4. WGT (World Golf Tour) Golf tee off the package (+$349) i.e. in addition to the basic and Game improvement package:
– First-year subscription to WGT play & improve Package:
a. Full course play on 10 world class golf course
b. The hole challenges
(It is not compatible with PC window Desktop)

Packages SkyTrak Golf simulator home package SkyTrak golf simulator home course studio SkyTrak Golf simulator platinum studio
Price Starting at $2794

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Starting at $3,894

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Starting at $5,299

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eatures 1. Choice of simulation option.

2. The net return home or pro series.

3. Automatic ball return.

4. Ball speed over 200 mph.

5. Lightweight portable design.

6. One year manufacturer warranty.

7. 6’ x 10’ Pro turf golf mat which provides continuous ball return.

8. Side barrier netting-protection from mishits.

1. Choice of simulation option.

2. Home course Retractable golf simulator screen- most portable screen in the market.

3. Wireless, battery powered Design.

4. Durable ballistic- Grade Screen.

5. Sky netting and Pro-arms- full safety.

6. Projectable for a realistic on-course feel.


1. Choice of simulation option.

2. The Net return simulator series and screen.

3. Automatic ball return.

4. Ball speed 225 mph.

5. 250k shot manufacturer warranty.

6. The net return projector Mount kit.

7. No need to drill holes, it directly connects to the frame.

8. Designed to work with any ultra-short throw projector.

9. 6’ x 10’ Pro Turf Golf Mat.

10. Side barrier netting.



SkyTrak app
The product also provides a mobile app called SkyTrak app and it features:
– 3D practice range
– Numeric screen
– Shot plotting
– Shot history table
– 3 Skills Challenges


1. Completely wireless design
2. Accurate
3. Authentic
4. Compatible with iPad/PC
5. Many measured parameters
6. Revolutionary technology
7. Entertaining and fun
8. Helpful for learners
9. Photometric monitor

Measuring the data parameters:

SkyTrak provides a set of measured parameters:
– Launch angle:
When the ball leaves the club, the launch angle measures the vertical angle of the ball. What matters most is measuring the height of ball flight i.e. how high it flies and how low it goes and the launch angle helps in measuring all that.
– Backspin:
Backspin helps in measuring the vertical rotation of the ball as it leaves the club face. With the help of backspin, you can control the height of the shot and it works great under windy conditions. It also affects the ball flight efficiency.
– Ball speed:
It has the greatest effect on the ball speed as compared to all others. It is affected by the club head speed. It is the easiest one as higher the speed the longer the distance potential.
– Side Spin:
A sidespin can be done as the horizontal rotation of the ball as it leaves your club in relation to the ground. The measuring depends upon the type of shot i.e. whether it was a hook, draw, straight fade or slice. A formula is used to identify a spin number from the spin axis. The number decides the curve of the ball which means if the number is negative the ball curved left and if it was positive it curved right.
– Total spin
– Spin axis:
Spin axis is related to the back and side of the spin, representing the horizontal or vertical line through the middle of the ball. The measuring is understood by the spin axis i.e. if the spin axis is zero then the ball is going to fly in a straight line and if the ball is curves left or right, it is going to fly to the left or right along with the curved path.
– Spin angle

How does it work without WIFI connection?

Most of the products are operated through the Wi-Fi connection. But SkyTrak is unique with this special feature. It works even when there is no Wi-Fi connection. It gets connected to your iPad directly and sends all the data when you practice and the other time you open it, the data is synced to the history. This way you can operate anytime and anywhere you want without any distraction.

SkyTrak is a great invention with extremely unique and qualified features. The authenticity and accuracy of the product make it more unique. It matches to all the technical requirements a player may require. It is easy to carry because of its portability. The availability of different packages makes it more versatile as a consumer can buy according to the need. The features with advance packages are truly wonderful. Moreover, it has the most updated version which is hard to find in the market