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ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition – Reviews and Buying Guide

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Golf Simulation Experience with 150,000+ pre-designed courses and online play.

  • pro tee ultimate editions - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviewsThe most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator
  • The software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.
  • The next generaton gaming software allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole
  • High speed cameras for ball tracking and state of the art light speed infrared sensors for club behavior ensure that all details out of every swing are gathered

The most advanced and cheap 3D golf machine on the market on the market nowadays. The software package has been unambiguously designed to undergo the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, skilled golfers and business use.

Using your clubs, you prepare to hit the shot even as you’d do on the actual course. Succeeding generations gaming software system permits you to dispel the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the opening. On each shot, the machine flies, in spectacular graphics, on the ball’s flight to wherever the ball ends, prepared for ensuing shot. Elaborate swing analyzer data is provided to boost your game.

Design a brand new course with merely four clicks or use your artistic skills and imagination to make one thing from scratch with the enclosed course designer. Current technology is applied to software and hardware to give precise ball flight results.

Golf Simulator ProTee 2.0 - The Ultimate Golf Simulator

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Feature

The ProTee Golf Ultimate Edition includes two packages of software which are ProTee golf 2.0 and golf club simulator edition. The ProTee has the features like fantastic HD graphic ranging to 4K, uttermost course, three screen surround, fully featured editor for the course and zero loading time between individual holes.

Free actual time on-net play with life tours and tournaments. Real-time physics is another essential feature looked into and free remote installation not forgetting free lifetime updates.

The ProTee Golf 2.0 includes features like 3D graphic and mostly some of the features available in the golf club simulator. The additional ones are automated software update distribution, playing against the computer, green grid, and aiming poles. The advanced practicing mode is another beautiful feature with the course and hole flybys.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Include

• ProTee complete guide
• Aluminum frames
• The seamless impact screen and connectors
• ProTee n=sensor, camera, and cables
• Commercial grade mats
• block out panels for sides and top
• a desktop loaded with the programs
• rubber bases
• short throw projectors
• touchscreen monitor and cables
• ball bungees, hardware nylon ties

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Play Premium Membership

If you have compatible systems like ProTee play interface or simulation, you are ready to join the successive generation world of entertainment through cloud gaming. The ProTee Play Premium Membership will give you access to ProTee online plus features and any current game and updates for one year.

Before purchase, you need to understand that the membership does not renew automatically. You need to update it individually. Use the ProTee play premium to entertain your kids with massive games. The program runs for about $148.73.

It will run of windows 7 and processor of intel core i5, the memory of 4GM RAM and AMD7850 w/2GB graphics or better and DirectX version 10. It can also run of latest versions of google chrome or Mozilla.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Paly Diamond Membership

Just like the premium membership of the ProTee play, ProTee plays diamond membership does not auto-renew. It will help you take your golfing skills to higher levels for a duration of two years enjoying full access to ProTee game online plus to newly added games and updates to current ones.

With $249.87 you enjoy the two-year experience zombie breaking with your children accessing different games and playing golf indoors. Connectivity is just like it is in premium.

It will run of windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) and processor of intel core i5, the memory of 4GM RAM and AMD7850 w/2GB graphics or better and DirectX version 10. It can also run of latest versions of google chrome or Mozilla.

The software is compatible to systems accepting ProTee golf interface and ProTee golf simulators.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate - Play VIP Membership

With the ProTee Paly VIP Membership, you enjoy lifetime access to ProTee play online access to games and updates. $398.86 is enough to get you the life experience with the ProTee Paly VIP Membership. Compatibility is as stated on premium membership. The only thing you need to understand is that the membership is not transferable, but you can create subscriptions for children.

Does the ProTee play offer any offset?

Yes. ProTee playfully supports offset

Is the ProTee play VIP lifetime license transferable? If my kids stop playing it in the future?

No, it can’t be transferred. If you are not sure the duration your children can take to play it is advisable you create a subscription and games ProTee team will add games to you on a regular basis.

This has a camera, what does that provide that the IR sensors don't?

The camera is useful in the provision of launch angle and spin rate.

What are the actual dimensions of the ProTee ultimate edition?

The item is 15 wide, ten high and ten widths. It is customizable to fit your space.

When two players play one being left-handed and the other right-handed does ProTee ultimate edition recognize or do we need to change settings?

When you start setup, you select LH and RH for each player and the game will automatically detect that each time you come to play instead of having to change each time. Remember to set 14-15 extensive setup for right and left hand.

What is ProTee Base Pack 2 Golf Simulator? Is it worth buying for $5870? Reviews and Buying Guide

ProTee Base Pack 2 Golf Simulators!

Base Pack 2 Golf Simulators by ProTee

  • Pro tee base pack 2 golf simulatorPlay on 10000+ beautifully designed 3D golf courses, Augusta, Pebble Beach
  • Club swing analysis functions record all swings and ball trajectory flight data
  • Several game modes, including longest drive and nearest to pin contests
  • One of worlds best golf simulators with user friendly interface
  • No additional charges for additional courses or software updates, world wide support

When it comes to entertainment and indoor gaming we all look for devices that have high accuracy, are easy to use, have high entertainment degree, solve our desired problem, stable, systems with high support system operation, response and caring to our pocket. These features are salient with ProTee Base Pack2, and it is like the statement describe the service. The people who have used ProTee Base Pack2 for the past period can attest to this statement.

With this service, you don’t need to keep on wondering where to start since the platform offers full-time support to customers directing them on how to use the software successfully.

It comes with the excellent and stable sensor system. The software permanently installed, and it is highly durable meaning that once established dwell you can’t face further problems. ProTee Base Pack2 is a high handicap golfer that supports a wide range of video formats giving you extraordinary entertainment experience.

Unboxing Pro Tee Base Pack2

ProTee Base Pack2 - Features

The software design gives impressive 3D golf simulation that carries the experience of skilled, practices and commercial use. You need to use your club to hit the ball on a real course.

The swing analyzer design is always ready to help you improve your experience with the software, and with only four click activity you are done creating your golf course design.

There is high-speed photometric cameras to track the ball flight. The infrared light sensor ensures that every club’s swing is recorded. The precision works well through support by the modern technology used on the hardware and software.

The software has different features including running on different languages, amazing 3D graphics, widescreen display golf course, course and editor and sharing, real-life physics among many others. It comes in two packages ProTee Golf 2.0 and The Golf Club Simulator edition. There is free remote updating which enhances online live tours and tournaments.

Longest drive and near pin are some of the features that enhance challenge between you and the computer during times when you have no partner to play.

ProTee Base Pack2 Package - Include

• ProTee Professional Sensor System
• ProTee Putting Sensor System
• High-Speed Vertical Launch Camera
• Robust Horizontal Launch Camera (OEM edition)
• Double Halogen Light System
• Double Sided Projection Screen (stock size 169″ x Height 122″, custom size available)
• ProTee Golf 2.0 3D simulation software with 100+ golf courses
• The Golf Club Simulator edition with 100,000+ golf courses
• USB to Serial converter
• Universal power supply
• USB extension cable
• User manual (PDF)

Is ProTee Base Pack2 durable?

Yes. The item is durable and has a warranty of at least two years.

Is the product customer friendly?

Yes. ProTee Base Pack2 is customer friendly and easy to use. Besides, you will get full customer support.

Are there additional charges on updates, another course, and worldwide supports?

No. the customer support team give free services freely, and you will not be charged any additional amount for updates on software or other courses you create.

Can the app support more than one players?

Yes. You can enjoy golf with up to eight people.

If we are two people left-handed and right-handed can we play the game?

Yes. However, you need to select the LH and RH option when setting the game to avoid continuous resetting of the game every time.

IncludeBase Pack TGCBase Pack 2
Price: Starting @ $3055
Click here for the Best Price Now
Price: Starting @ $5870
Click here for the Best Price Now
ProTee Professional Sensor SystemYesYes
ProTee Putting Sensor SystemYes
High Speed Vertical Launch CameraYesYes
High Speed Horizontal Launch Camera (OEM edition)Yes
Double Halogen Light SystemYesYes
Durable Double Sided High Impact Projection ScreenYes
ProTee Golf 2.0 3D simulation software with 100+ golf coursesYes
The Golf Club Simulator edition with 100,000+ golf coursesYesYes
USB to Serial convertorYesYes
Universal power supplyYesYes
USB extension cable YesYes
User manual (PDF) Yes
1 High Priority Support Ticket (valid for 1 year after purchase)Yes

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