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What is FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $7399.99? Reviews and Buying guide

Setting a golf simulator at home doesn’t require a fortune. Here, in this article, we are to discuss a peculiar golf simulator package from ShopIndoorGolf of Texas.

The name of the package is FlightScope Mevo+ SIG8 Golf Simulator Package, which is affordable and efficient for golfers who are under a tight budget and yet want a simulator for practice sessions.

flightscope mevo plus and sig8 package review

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – What do you get from this package?

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor
  • FlightScope Mobile Application
  • E6 Simulation Software Package (5 courses, 17 Practice Range)
  • SIG8 Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Golf Mat of your choice
  • Landing Pad Turf
  • Optoma HD Projector and Projector Mount Enclosure
  • USB Charging cable, Carrying pouch and 50 Metallic stickers

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Mevo+ Golf Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

Movo+ is the next in line of Mevo launch monitor produced by FlightScope. Like the previous model Mevo, this Mevo+ also works on the concept of Doppler radar.

However, this one can do more than its predecessor. Flightscope Mevo+ is a mini launch monitor that is extremely friendly to portability. It’ can work great both outdoors and indoors.

The device comes with 17 pre-installed practice ranges and dart mini-games. Moreover, it also has five pre-installed simulated golf courses, which means this device is simulation enabled.

The Mevo+ can collect around 15 necessary parameters of a golf shot, such as ball speed, clubhead speed, carry distance, spin rate, angle of attack, smash factor, spin loft, and axis, horizontal and vertical launch angle, total distance, lateral landing, roll distance, apex height, flight time, and shot shape. The device can connect with mobile devices through Wi-Fi.

As the device works on a rechargeable battery. The Mevo+ uses a camera for proper target alignment. It can overlay the data collected from the shot instantly on the mobile device through the FlightScope Mobile application.

FlightScope Mobile Application

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

The FlightScop Mevo+ launch monitor works in coordination with FlightScope mobile app which is all smartphone friendly. With the mobile app, one can record, save and share all the practice sessions.

One can replay their shot video with a data overlay in this FlighScoip mobile app. The app is completely customizable and user-friendly. Most importantly, it won’t take much space in your device.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

The E6 connect golf simulator software is already a famous simulator software in the industry. The E6 Connect is from E6 Golf and it has the most stunning 4K compatibility in the market.

Moreover, the E6 Connect comes with five pre-installed golf courses such as Aviara, Stone Canyon, Sanctuary, Belfy, and Wade Hampton.

The E6 Connect offers easy access to new courses, skill challenges, training aids, mini-games, and around seventeen practice ranges.

The E6 Connect is both PC and iOS friendly. It can offer real-time peer-to-peer data overlay and live static tracking.

It enables a player to compete in local multiplayer games and many other cross-platform competitions.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – SIG8 Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

This Shop indoor Golf golf simulator package got its name after the inclusion of this SIG8 simulator enclosure. The SIG8 is an 9″ wide squared simulator screen.

That’s why 80% of the screen is easily covered with images from any projector. The impact screen is made from Tight-Knit Polyester, which makes it the hardest impact screen in the market.

The screen is cover by sheets that are made up of the same polyester material. The whole setup is supported by a powder-coated steel frame to stand straight.

The total dimension of this SIG8 screen and enclosure is 8’4″H x 8’4″W x 5′ D. So, it can easily within a 9′ wide room.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Side barrier netting

Shank in golf is common. That’s why a pair of strong side barrier netting are provided in this package. The barrier netting can cover the hitting area and prevent the ball from jumping out of the bay.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector and Projector Mount

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

This SIG10 golf simulator package includes an Optoma 1080p HD short-throw projector. The Projector is the most common option among people when it comes to choosing something between affordability and quality.

With 4000 lumens this projector can offer the required brightness even in broad daylight. It has the perfect contrast ratio, which is 20,000:1.

So, it can produce clear and sharp 1080p HD quality videos. The projector has the lowest latency time (2 milliseconds).

The package also comes with a floor projector mount that is made in steel. The floor mount turns your play area aesthetic and clutter-free.

You don’t want to suspend the projector to the ceiling and mess with it so frequently. The floor mount is steel-made and doesn’t require you to drill or glue it to the ground.

The mount is completely portable and weighs less. You can store it somewhere in the storeroom when not in use.

To connect the projector to the mobile devices, there comes a 15′ long HDMI cable along with lightning to HDMI Adapter.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Fairway Series Golf Mat

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

Fairway series golf mats are known for their specialty to make you indoors feel like a real fairway. It’s a 1.75-inch golf mat with densely packed turf. So, golfers can swing their club down and through the mat and feel no tension generated on their club.

The mat is just 5’W x 5’L, which is a pretty flexible size. The mat is durable and comfortable for all-day use. It weighs only 41lbs, so it can be carried around easily.

The package comes with this mat by default. However, one can choose to add the SIGPRO 4’x10′ golf mat instead of the fairway series. SIGPRO is a 2″ golf mat with a feature similar to the fairway series mats. This can be a good option if you want to go for a bigger mat.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Landing pad turf

Landing pad turfs are nothing but carpets that looks similar to golf mats. The primary use of these turfs is to prevent the ball from hitting the ground hard and bound even harder.

The next goal of this landing pad turf is to cover the play area complete with green and make it look beautiful.

FlightScope Mevo plus (Mevo+) SIG8 Golf Simulator Package – Price

The price of this package is $7,399 with a fairway series golf mat. With the SIGPRO mat, the price would be $8,649.99.

Why this package can be bought from ShopIndoorGolf?

Your investment is completely guaranteed with an easy no hassle returns policy. This package is solely developed by Shop Indoor Golf, hence the lowest price can be guaranteed.

Though the accessories are delivered as different shipments at different times, free and safe shipment is guaranteed.