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What is Flightscope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $7799.99? Reviews and buying guide

You might have already heard about the Mevo+ launch monitor from FlightScope if you are searching for launch monitors on the internet for some time.

I bet that one is sure a budget device, owning it wouldn’t be hard as owning a Trackman. However, what about the rest of the accessories you need to build a golf simulator at home? Such things could cost your wallet unless you prefer this golf simulator package from Shop Indoor Golf of Texas.

This article talks about one particular simulator package from the above-mentioned famous indoor golf retailer of Austin and why a budget golfer should bet on it.

flightscope mevo plus and sig10 golf simulator package - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – What comes in this package?

  • FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor and FlightScope Mobile App.
  • E6 Connect Simulation Software Package (5 Courses, 17 Practice Range)
  • SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure, and Side Barrier Netting.
  • A golf Hitting Mat of your choice.
  • A landing Pad Turf.
  • An Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector and Projector Floor Mount Shield.
  • A 15′ long HDMI Cable.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

FlightScope Mevo was the first launch monitor produced by FlightScope. The Mevo made a great impact in the market because of its tiny structure and Doppler radar-based operation.

However, it too has some downfalls. Mevo+ was introduced back in 2020 by FlightScope in order to overcome the downfall of Mevo.

Like Mevo this Mevo+ also works on the Doppler radar concept. However, the size of the device has been increased slightly to the size of an iPad.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The Mevo+ is a simulation-enabled launch monitor which has seventeen practice ranges and Darts Mini Games.

The Mevo+ works on a rechargeable battery, which can work up to 2 hours. It connects with mobile devices through Wi-Fi. Unlike the Mevo, this Mevo+ has an internal camera to enhance the target alignment.

While the mevo can only collect eight parameters of a golf shot, this Mevo+ can collect around 16 from ball speed to shape shots.

In correlation with Flightscope mobile app, this launch monitor can offer instant shot results as data overlays on your shot video captured by the app.

Each shot can be recorded along with shot data, uploaded, and shared upon the user’s wish.

The Device weighs only 1 lb, which makes it super easy to carry around. Positioning the Mevo+ 8′ behind the ball results in great efficiency of this device.

The only downfall of this device is it uses marked balls to measure the spin rate. That’s why the device comes with some silver stickers to stick them on the balls.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – The E6 Connect

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The E6 Connect is famous golf simulator software from E6 Golf. Shop Indoor Golf Package comes with this E6 Connect which gives access to five simulated golf courses, such as Aviara, Belfy, Sanctuary, Wade Hampton, and Stone Canyon.

Apart from the simulated courses, this E6 Connect offers you complete access to analyze, sort, and compile your shot records through graphs and charts.

E6 Connect also enables a player to compete with other players through local multiplayer mode and online mode.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – Screen and Enclosure

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package
Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

SIG10 is a special golf screen that comes with an enclosure which will be a perfect option for those who love to play on a studio grade simulator in their home.

The SIG10 is 10’10” wide and 8’4″ high. So any image from a good projector would cover the screen 100%, which hard to find these days.

SIG10’s screen is made with ballistic grade Tight-Knit polyester material that makes it strong enough to withstand a 250 MPH shot at a point-blank range.

The screen is enclosed with black nylon material and side barrier netting. The entire setup is supported by a powder-coated steel frame that connects via quick connectors. The screen is kept in position by weight strips at its bottom.

The minimum space required to set this SIG10 golf simulator screen is 12′ in width,  18′ in length, and 9′ in height.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – The Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The package has been included with this American-made Optoma HD Shot Throw projector.

This Optoma has around 4000 lumens, which enabled it to project brighter videos even in daylight. The contrast ratio of 20,000:1 enables it to project clear and sharp videos.

This Optoma projector can project 100″ diagonal images from only 3-5 feet of the screen. It has the faster response time and lowest latency (2 milliseconds) in the market.

This Optoma can project 3D videos with 1080p high definition quality. It has MHL-enabled HDMI ports, so one can connect their mobile and project images directly.

This Optoma is an efficient projector that can work at just 10 watts of power. Also, this one is so quiet in operation, which is less than 26 dB.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – HDMI Cable

To connect the projector to your mobile devices, the package is included with a 15″ foot long HDMI cable and a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – A 5′ x 5′ Fairway Series Golf Mat

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

This Fairway series golf mat is one of the choices provided by the Shop indoor golf simulator package. The Fairway series golf mats are actually a blend of quality and affordability.

These are 1.75″ thick golf mats whose top layer is mostly covered with dense artificial turf. The dense turf of Fairway series golf mats helps a player to swing his/her club down and through the turf.

This way they reduce the club recoil and generation of tension in the joints and wrists of the player.

These Fairway series mats are made out of many customer feedback. Hence they are strong, reliable, and durable.

Particularly, this 5′ x 5′ Fairway series golf mat weighs only 41 lbs, which makes it easier to carry around.

It allows the players to use a real tee on it just to make them feel like they are on a real golf course.


Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The SIGPRO is the second option provided by Shop Indoor Golf to add to this package. The SIGPRO golf mats are kind of similar to the Fairway series.

However, the thickness would be around 2.5 inches. Like the Fairway, these SIGPRO mats are also portable, reliable, and durable.

Shop Indoor Golf left the size preference totally in your hands. The two size options available in SIGPRO are SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ SIGPRO 4′ x 10′.

This SIGPRO would be a good option for those who love to play on a bigger mat.

The Landing Pad Turf

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The SIG10 golf simulator package comes with a landing pad turf that looks like a golf mat in most ways; however, it’s not. A landing pad turf is a turf mat that can be laid before the hitting screen to cover the entire play area. The primary role of a landing pad turf in a simulator setup is offering a safe landing to the golf ball that comes of the screen. Golf balls are famous for their bounce. So there are many chances for it to break something you like in your house. A landing pad turf breaks the bouncing character of a golf ball and keeps it inside the simulator bay.

Mevo Plus (Mevo+) SIG10 Golf Simulator Package – Price

The price of this package with a 5′ x 5′ Fairway series golf mat is $7,999.99. The same package with the SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ mat costs $8,499.99, and with SIGPRO 4′ x 10′ costs $8,699.99.