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What is Skytrak golf GS13 Studio? Is it worth buying for $15399? Reviews and Buying guide

Skytrak TGC GS13 Studio Review

  • skytrak g13 studio reviews and buying gudieTool Free Assembly
  • Photometric Ball Tracking
  • Driving Range
  • Multiple Software Options For Simulated Play Sold Separately
  • 1080 Hd Projector
  • This is Universal Golf Studio Concept.  You Can Switch Between Simulators By Changing The Center Section Of The Mat.
  • Uses Aluminum Push Button Frame System
  • The Fabric Attaches To The Aluminum Frame With Straps And D-Rings And Velcro
  • This Amazing Studio Can Be Used To Watch Tv, Movies And Gaming And More
  • This Studio Can Be Used Outdoors As An Outdoor Movie Theater Or Even To Watch Youtube Videos At Birthday Parties.
  • Extended Canopy And Light Bar

Video courtesy:Golf Simulator Guys

Amazing Studio Experience

Are you a citizen of the US or Canada and wonder the best indoor sporting product to help you? SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio is the solution to your problem. SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio is the best portable golf studio you can currently get in the market due to its unique feature.

The SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio will take your gaming experience to extra higher levels with its more than 150,000 golf courses. It is highly accurate when it comes to parameters of measurement and will give you precise results during your indoor gaming.

Salient features of SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio

Portability stands out as the primary feature. It has a toll free assembly. SkyTrak monitor and GIP packages are included in SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio.

Get 150000 golf club simulator and golf course with SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio. Above the courses and golf clubs, it has 1080 UHD short throw projector and projector ramp connected. The projector ramp will do the task of tilting the projector to direct the image to the floor.

If you thought of side panel extension, then SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio might be the best studio for you. The mat and screen have a Turf sandwich. No need to hard wire the projector since you will get SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio with projector box.

You will get HDMI included in the SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio and long extension cord. There are HD impact screens measuring 7’6” by 13’4” by four as height, width and length successfully. You only need to change the matted centre to interchange simulators using the universal golf studio concept.

SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio has aluminium push frame system whereby fabric attaches using straps and D-ring and Velcro.

It has extended canopy, and above all, it is versatile enough such that it will help you watch your favourite movie and acts like gaming machine and can as well be used to watch TV. The feature makes the SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio fit to be used in indoor and outdoor recreation theatres and also during birthday parties.

Most importantly note that computer system isn’t inclusive.

SkyTrak TGC GS13 Studio - Include

  • Wired package kit with active HDMI, AC extension cable, raceway cable covers
  • True feet stance mat
  • Excellent speed vertical launch camera
  • The golf club simulator edition
  • USB to serial converter
  • Sideways barriers

How do I take screenshots of the game?

We have a screenshot tool that can help you get beautiful shots. You need to press the F12 key to open the screenshot tool then click enter to take the short. You may fail to know when the shot is made because there is no audible sound. To exit the screenshot using the Esc key by double-clicking it and clicking the F12 key again.

Can the keyboard work in gameplay?

Yes. To use the keyboard to play the game, visit settings, controls, and then change it default controller to KB/Mouse.

How do I select brushes?

Use enter key to select brushes, use shift and arrow keys to resize, shift +up/down key will result to increase or decrease size. Spacebar is used to undo.

Which the commonly used shortcuts

P – play menu

L- layout

G – Terrain

E – appearance

M – return to the main menu

T – Theme

W – Create a hole

B- create a bunker

N – Create green

O – Place objects