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What are the Best Indoor golf hitting-mats? Compare top brands and buy from $299 to $3000 – Reviews and buying guide

In a golf simulator for home, you cannot use grass as an option, for that you require having a hitting mat to hit the balls. The accuracy of shots being hit depends upon the quality of the hitting mat being used. Golf mats can be a great help in swing training.

golf hitting mat - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviewsYou do not need to worry about weather or heat with the help of hitting mats. You can hit golf ball anytime and anywhere you want. If you want to buy an affordable golf mat, you should always pay close attention to quality, because if it is built poorly, then it will perform poorly. Therefore if you are looking for improving your game, then it is necessary for you to have a good quality hitting the mat. Another benefit of the hitting mat is that you will be able to swing whenever you feel like without the use of a simulator. It is just like that you wanted to perform few swings or practice long shots in between your work without having to turn on the laptop and configure the simulator.

So, here we are providing you a list of five best hitting mats which are affordable and powerful: –

1. TrueStrike Golf Mat

2. Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

3. Fairway Pro Golf Mat

4. TT3660 Monster Tee Golf Turf

5. Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat

TrueStrike Golf Mat

1. TrueStrike Golf Mat: – 48 inch X 60 inch XL SuperMat Tee Golf Turf - Holds A Wooden TeeThe biggest problem with the traditional golf mats is that they don’t calculate the shot analysis accurately. This is because of their harder hitting surface. Their harder hitting surface doesn’t allow playing fairway. The TrueStrike Golf mat is the first choice of the golf professionals and driving ranges, but if you have space then it is also good to use at home. The TrueStrike Golf Mat is strong and well-crafted mat. This mat reduces the problem of head-on. It has the softness as the fairway, which absorbs the club head as if were cutting into the real turf. This help in improving your game by replicating shots you would play on the fairway. This is result into an accurate ball flight and less strain on your body. It works by applying a layer of gel directly on the top surface. This gel reacts to the descending club head and compresses it downward like actual turf, which helps in simulating the real conditions of golf.

2. Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

fiberbuilt golf mats review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviewsAn industry leader for years. Providing the highest forgiveness, stability, and durability on the market. Trusted by 5,000 driving ranges in the world, Fiberbuilt Golf Mats provide commercial-grade that is now accessible to home golf simulator and launch monitor users. Providing the feel of real grass, Fiberbuilt Mats are the only artificial surface that allows you to hit down and through the surface.

When you want a durable, long lasting hitting mat with authentic ball flights Fiberbuilt is the brand you can trust.

3. Country Club (CC) Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat: – Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat 3inch X 5inchThe Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is made up of the long fiber system, which soaks up the club head instead of resisting it. If you hit like fat on the course, then catch the ground behind the ball, and if you want to continue the clubhead into the fiber system which imparts accurate levels of spin and compression on the ball, then you will have to catch it flush.
The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is designed to eliminate club head “bounce” and react as though you were taking a divot. Indoor and backyard golf range of 3’ * 4’ or 4’ * 4’ is sufficient. One of the best features of the Real Feel is its toughness. This heavy duty product is made up of fiber and is very durable even after sustained and prolonged use. The other best feature of the Real Feel is that it can accept a real golf tee. You can actually fix tee on an area in Real Feel Golf Mat at a specified height.

4. Fairway Pro Golf Mat

Fairway Pro Golf Mat: – FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf MatFairway Pro Golf Mat is one of the first mats that utilize sliding technology to provide a more realistic ball striking experience. Fairway Pro Golf Mat slides forward on impact, before snapping back into place ready for or next shot. It is also known as a divot simulator because it allows you to hit down and through the ball which creates compression and gains realistic analysis on the quality of your shot.

Fairway Pro Golf Mat not only enhance your practice time with added realism, but it also imparts less stress to your body, and hence greatly reduces the chances of injury. Fairway Pro Golf Mat is made up of German manufactured stainless steel springs and premium which makes it long lasting.

5. TT3660 Monster Tee Golf Turf

TT3660 Monster Tee Golf Turf: – 36inch X 60inch XL Super Tee Golf Mat - Holds A Wooden TeeThe Monster Tee Golf Turf is made up of dense fibers, known as “Spring Crimped Nylon” which creates a cushion and reduces clubhead bounce which ultimately reduces the impact stress of the body. Moreover, this mat has urethane underside which reduces its weight. This mat is dense enough and can also accept a real golf tee without affecting the construction. This is a full sized golf hitting mat which measures exactly and provides both a standing platform and a lush hitting area. The surface of this mat is very thick and made up of 100% spring crimped nylon, which gives it a real hitting sensation.

This is one of the durable mats available in the market. This mat measures 1.5 inches exactly which perfectly go with the surface of OptiShot simulator. This is a thick, quality mat which simulates realistic fairway conditions and reduces the chances of injuries with a flexible surface as it places less strain on your body than a hard surface. It provides you the feedback on the quality of your swing by adapting to your clubs head, just like a real turf can do. Monster Tee Golf Turf mat is portable and easy to pack and store, you just roll it up and store it. This mat is made up of dense fibers; therefore, it is one of the most durable mats available on the market that would not wear out quickly.

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6. Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat

Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat: – Callaway Launch Zone Hitting MatCallaway FT Launch Zone Mat is 8” * 16” and is one of the smallest hitting mats. This portable mat is the best choice for those who are looking for cheap and durable hitting surface. The main advantage of this mat is that you can focus on consistently being in a perfect impact position. The tough rubber inside the mat makes it heavy enough so that it could not slide around. This mat has integrated tee holding technology which allows it to hold any type of tree directly on the mat. This mat has a tee holder and has hole at the front to secure it to the hard surface with nail or screw.