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What is GC2 Retractable(Flex Space) Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package? – Is it worth buying for $12799.00 ? – Reviews & Buying guide

GC2 With flex are sold now. Alternatively You can Check this GCQuad with Flex Space Golf Simulator Package Here.

It’s cold outside; if you hadn’t participated in the Capitol Hill storming, you might possibly be planning to set up a golf simulator in your home. Because we golfers love our game more than anything.

Okay, how about me suggesting a nice product without anymore dilly-dally? Would be nice, isn’t it? Without stretching further, let me put this so bold as possible that we are about to detail the GC2 Retractable Home golf Studio package.

Some say one needs to go for extensive research to set up a home golf studio. But, I say, you don’t need to go that far.

This GC2 Retractable Golf Simulator is one such package from that vendor. What is so special about the package? Go on with this article to know that.

What is in the box of GC2 Flex Space Golf Simulator Package?

  • A certified Pre-owned GC2 Launch Monitor
  • HomeCourse Retractable Screen
  • HomeCourse Ceiling and Wall Mount Kits
  • A hitting mat of your choice
  • An Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector, and Ceiling Mount.
  • 25′ 1080p HDMI Cable
  • FSX Golf Simulator Software from world-renowned Foresight Sports

Literally, a package with everything you need for a golf studio.

Let us take some more moments to look briefly into the contents of the package.

1.The GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

The GC2 is the all-time best-selling high-end launch monitor under $10000. GC2 is from Foresight Sports, which is one of the leading golf launch monitor makers pioneered in the industry. Whether it’s a practice or a real play, GC2 with its Stereoscopic high-speed camera system will capture the ball performance by 10000 fps. The stereoscopic lens is more like the human eye, it locates and locks the ball.

GC2 can be easily ported from indoor to outdoor. It has internal accelerometers, which can also be known as self-leveling technology. Hence, there is no need for calibration, it can adjust itself to various platforms. Moreover, this GC2 will deliver accurate data on every surface. For that, the device needs no marked balls.

It doesn’t need an external mobile device to show your shot results. All the GC2 are equipped with LCD monitors. But, you can still connect this device to your laptops, mobiles, or iPads through Bluetooth and USB Mini B.

Made with a diecast aluminum casing, this GC2 is a rugged launch monitor that can protect itself from unexpected shock. This device can run up to 8 hours straight, which is longer than most of the launch monitors in the market.

This GC2 launch monitor can only collect the ball data such as ball flight, angle, carry distance, and ball spin. But it can be equipped with HMT (Head Measurement Technology) device to collect the club data.

All the refurbished launch monitors are certified by Foresight sports and work just out of the store.

2. The HomeCourse Simulator Screen and Enclosure

HomeCourse simulators screens are on top of the current market. The best thing about this HomeCourse retractable simulator screen is you can get back to your room whenever you need it.

You need not dedicate an entire room for this screen, with one click of a button, the screen will roll back and you can keep it locked in your cupboard. The entire screen is battery-powered and wireless, which makes it simple yet powerful.

The screen comes with a complete enclosure to guard your interiors at home from your mishits. Moreover, the screen is built to last for a long time taking your hardest hits.

You can mount this screen either to the walls or to the ceilings with ceiling and wall mount kits that are included in this package.

3. The Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector and Ceiling Projector mount

Optoma projectors are already the famous projector among the golfers’ community. The reason behind this is simple, Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projectors are excellent in projecting crispy-clear images at high-resolution at a right throw ratio and high lumens. An undeniable fact about this projector is it has in-built speakers in it.

In the box, you get ceiling projector mounting arms and kits, which can be used to fix the Optoma projector to your ceiling, thus making your play area clutter-free.

4. Hitting mat

The GC2 Retractable Golf Simulator Package includes a 4’W x 5’D Swingturf hitting the mat in the package. Yet, you can opt for a larger 9’W x 4’D mat before purchasing the package.

SwingTurf golf hitting mats have a more forgiving hitting surface than any other brands. It offers less tension on your joints by allowing you to hit down through the mat.

This mat is just like the real grass; you can feel it right on top of it. To boot that feel up, you can insert a real tee in it.

5. FSX Software-Version 2.3

FSX is an award-winning simulator software for golf featured from Foresight Sports. The software will go well with GC2 launch monitors and help players to play on the five best real golf courses virtually from the comfort of their home.

With FSX, a player can go on with many skill assessments and challenges like the longest drive contest, closest to the pin contest, and more. It will also help in bag mapping. All you shot data can be seen in one place with attractive and understandable charts and graphics. The FSX software will also help a player in shot analysis, and track the growth of the player’s skill level.

A player can save all his games to his cloud-based profile provided by this FSX software.


The total cost of this GC2 Retractable Golf Simulator Package+FSX Software is $12799, which includes a 4’W x 5’D SwingTurf hitting mat.

The total cost will change to $13179 if the 9’W x 4’D mat is added to the package instead of the previous one.

Adding an HMT device might add $4900 more to the package.