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What is Foresight Sports’ GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package? Is it worth buying for $13799? Review and Buying guide

GC2 SwingBay is Sold. You may try this GCQuad SwingBay Golf Simulator Package Here.

If you are a golf game lover, you might probably have come across many golf simulators because you know practicing golf every day at the golf course is definitely impossible. You may have visited simulation studios and overwhelmed by the setup. Impressed with simulators, you might have thought setting up one at your home.

There are various simulators in the market and different sets of simulation equipment that can confuse you to the core. But, what about buying a complete golf simulation package and set your personal golf simulation studio. You might probably be thinking about the benefit of a package like what launch monitor to use at home, what screen will suit the simulator, what type of hitting mat you need for the setup, and what other items you need to complete the studio? A package will eliminate all the above doubts.

If you are still confused about going for a package, here is America’s famous RainorShineGolf, offering a complete simulation package to change your mind. RainorShineGolf is in North Carolina. It deals with golf simulation launch monitors and equipment to help people built personalized golf studios.

The GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio is a complete golf simulation package introduced by RainorShineGolf following many such golf packages. This package is powered by Foresight Sports’ GC2 launch monitor and RainorShineGolf’s SwingBay impact screen.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – The Package Include

Certified Pre-Owned GC2 Launch Monito

FSX Golf Simulator Software by Foresight Sports

SwingBay Simulator Screen and Enclosure

Choice of Hitting Mat

Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector

Ceiling Projector Mount

25’L 1080p HDMI Cable

Side Barrier Netting

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – Certified Pre-owned GC2 Launch Monitor

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

GC2 Launch Monitors are professional-grade camera-based launch monitors. This device is rechargeable and portable. So, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor games. GC2 is a compact launch monitor that has two high-end sports cams to record the ball’s flight data. Once triggered, the cameras can snap in 10,000 fps to analyze the ball’s characters like launch angle, speed, spin, and trajectory. With the analyzed results, GC2 shows the distance traveled by the ball in its LCD screen, which is a part of the device. So, one needs no PCs to get his/her shot results.

While the GC2 collects only the ball data, adding an HMT (Head Measurement Device) to the GC2 launch monitor will let the player collect his/her club data. An HMT will collect club data like clubhead speed, dynamic loft, smash factor, horizontal club path, and impact location. Such data will be helpful for the player to improve the game seamlessly.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

However, in the package, you only get a pre-owned GC2 which certified by Foresight Sports itself. One can completely rely on its data to improve the game.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – FSX Software

The FSX software is a golf simulation software made by Foresight Sports. This includes five famous real golf courses and vast environmental settings that can challenge a player. This software is particularly for GC2, which combined to give a stunning simulation experience. While the software helps players to get great game experience, it also throws many challenges at them to enhance the entertainment. Such is the longest drive challenge, closest to the pin contest and target practice. Other than the above, there are various skill assessments, like progress tracking and bag mapping. With the software, a player can assess his/her shot data through award-winning shot data analysis that reports the player’s shot in 3D images.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – SwingBay Simulator Screen and Enclosure

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The SwingBay impact screen was designed by an expert team at RainorShineGolf. It was made to withstand the strongest hits in history. The screen is made up of heavy-duty polyester material, which can screen 1080p ultra-quality videos with utmost clarity and brightness.

The entire screen is supported by a light-weight and tubular metal frame. It was an easy-to-assemble framing system that can be set in minutes and start the game.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – Side Barrier Netting

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

The side barrier nets are important parts of an indoor golf simulation studio. It gives the setup a complete view and protects the walls and other areas in the room from ball strikes.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw got its name from its excellent throw ratio and right aspect ratio while screening a video. Its built-in 4000 lumens can give you maximum brightness even you play in broad daylight. The projector can screen high-quality 1080p videos without latency to give you the real feel of a golf course.

A universal mount is included inside the package to hang the projector to your ceiling. The ceiling mount can hold up your projector to your ceiling and keep you play area clutter-free. Its extending arm will help you adjust the projector and positioning it.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – Choice of Hitting Mat

A 4′ Wide x 5′ Deep SwingTruf hitting mat is added to the package. However, you can still opt for 9′ Wide x 4′ Deep SwingTurf mat, if you are looking for a larger hitting mat.

SwingTurf hitting mats are designed to go easy on your joints. Your hit will go through the turf and leave you no recoil of the club. SwingTruf is a realistic turf that was engineered to give you a real fairway experience. A real wooden tee can be used on it.

Though the package doesn’t have a landing pad turf, you can add one through the add on option. Landing pads can save your floor from golf balls.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – Price

The GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulation Package with FSX software can be bought at the price of $13799. But the materials are worth the money you pay. You can add an HMT to the package at the cost of $4900.00. While the default hitting mat is a smaller one, you can exclude that in the package and add a larger one at the cost of $380.

GC2 Swingbay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package – FAQ

Can the GC2 works without a PC?

Yes, it has an inbuilt LCD screen that’ll show your shot results in numbers.

How can GC2 be connected to a PC that has FSX software?

GC2 connects with a PC through USB cable and Bluetooth and works well with the FSX software.

How many golf courses does the FSX software have?

Five world-famous golf courses.

Does the GC2 calculate both the club data and ball data?

No, the GC2 can only show the ball data, while the HMT can show the club data.

Do an HMT come along the package?

No, you need to add them to the package, if you need it.

How FSX stores my progress records?

You will get prompted to create cloud storage when you are starting with the FSX 2018. Your progress will automatically be uploaded to your cloud storage offered by Foresight. You can access them with your password.

What is the light source for the GC2 camera?

A replaceable flash.