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What is Foresight Sports’ GC2 SIG12 Golf Simulator Package? – Is it worth buying for $15399? – Reviews and Buying guide

Why we need to talks about this now? Maybe you are stressing yourself too much in choosing the right accessories for your indoor golf studio.

Okay, that still doesn’t answer the question.

Let me make this one clear now; this article is about to talk about this specific golf simulator package because we believe this package would be the best bet to save you time and investment concurrently, that’s it.

Why Foresight Sports’ GC2 Golf Launch Monitor?

GC2 is a world-class launch monitor and yet the simplest one.

Being the first one of the GC series from Foresight Sports the GC2 is the most flexible launch monitor that works well indoors and outdoors.

The GC2 is a camera-based shot analysis device whose stereoscopic cameras can shutter at 10000 frames per second to collect data on each shot.

The GC2 has inbuilt self-leveling accelerometers to level itself to the surface. That’s how it offers accurate data on each shot, especially of the golf balls such as Ball speed, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, side spin, backspin, carry distance, and more.

The device has an LCD screen attached to eliminate the need for a separate device to view the shot results. However, the device can still be connected to PCs and mobiles through Bluetooth.

The GC2 has a hitting zone of 6.5″ x 8″ x 6.5″, fair enough to swing peacefully. The only drawback of this launch monitor is it cannot collect club data unless an HMT (Head Measurement Technology) device is attached to it.

The HMT is a stereoscopic camera shot analysis device to collect the club data such as club speed, impact speed, club angle, face angle, and more.

Why FSX Software?

Foresight Sports made this software to accompany its GC series launch monitors. The latest version of this software is FSX 2020, a package of wonderful features.

With FSX software, a player can play on the world’s famous golf courses from their home.

Though the courses are a part of the purchase plan, one can play on five top golf courses in this Shop Indoor Golf simulator package.

The FSX software is for fun and practice. With a wide variety of skill assessment options, one can play and improve their game in this FSX software. Competitions like longest drive challenge and closest to the pin contest enables a player to compete with each other on the platform.

The FSX software lets a player keep track of and analyze his/her shot results through interactive graphs and charts. All the data can be accessed only through logging in to the FSX cloud account of the player.

The 3D driving ranges and club fitting features throw the players into a whole new level of golfing.

What is GC2 SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure and Side Barrier Netting?

SIG12 is a product of ShopIndoorGolf and a kind of large one that can bring the best indoor golfing experience inside your comfort zone.

The SIG12 has 9’4″H x 12’2″W x 5′ D frame dimensions to accommodate perfect 4K images on its screen. The screen and the enclosure are made of Tight Knit Polyester to embrace all the powerful hits.

The whole set up can stand without any support from the walls with the help of powders coated steel frame. The SIG12 comes with a side barrier netting system to guard your things against getting hit by your mishits.

Optoma 1080p Short Throw projector

Optoma is an American made projector trusted by millions across the continent. It comes with 4000 ANSI lumens that offer perfect brightness based on the availability of the light in the room. It has a 50,000:1 contrast ratio to throw clear and sharp HD images to the screen. Moreover, it comes with 15000 hours of lamp life.

The package includes a steel projector floor mount enclosure. Affixing the projector to the ceiling might sometimes end up being hit by your swing. But mounting it to the floor inside a strong steel enclosure keeps it safe and aesthetic at the same time.

To connect the projector to the mobile devices, the package has also included a 15′ long HDMI cable.

The SIGPRO 4′ x 10′ Golf Mat

A golf mat is the completion of an indoor golf studio. In this package, you get the SIGPRO golf mat, a shop indoor golf product. Some mats are more forgiving and more grabby, this SIGPRO is made with proper forgiveness and grab.

The dimensions of this SIGPRO is 4′ x 10′ and 2.5″ high. It has densely covered artificial grass turf with a strong and sturdy foam base for good support.

The dense turf reduces the recoil while swinging and lets the clubs go down and through it. The mat weighs only 31lbs. The mat can be rolled and stored when not in use.

The SIGPRO is durable and economic. The mat’s specialty is it’ll let you swap the worn-out part instead of the whole mat, thanks to its modular design. Moreover, it can take a real tee on it.

The Landing Pad turf

Shop Indoor Golf made this turf especially to accompany this SIG12 golf enclosure. This landing pad turf will lie flat before the hitting bay and covers the area between you and the screen. This may look aesthetic, but the real purpose of this landing pad turf is to offer a safe landing to the ball and confine it inside the bay.


This SIG12 golf simulator package would be a great choice for those who are looking for a world-class indoor golfing experience.

The package includes all the necessary accessories in it at a reasonable price of $15,399.00. If you choose to add an HMT device to the package the cost will be $21,399.