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What is Foresight Sports’ GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package? Is it worth buying for $11399? Reviews and buying guide

GC2 Homebay+FSX Golf Software is Sold. Alternatively You can Check this GC2 SIG12 Launch Monitor Here

Planning to set up a new indoor golf studio at home? Then we got a suggestion for you. Of course, setting up a golf studio in houses is not the simplest job that can be done on the go.

One simple move could derail all your investment and satisfaction. RainorShineGolf, a most loved indoor golf product retailer of Charlotte, NC, might cover your back in such a case.

RainorShine Golf has many in one package for setting up an indoor golf simulation studio. However, there are many needs and wants for different people.

RainorShineGolf has many plans and packages for different people. But today, in this article, we are about to cover a particular package called GC2 HomeBay Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software, which falls under the mid-budget category. Keep up with this article to know more about the package.

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package
Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

What do you get in the package?

  • A certified Pre-Owned GC2 Launch Monitor
  • FSX Software from Foresight Sports
  • HomeBay Golf Simulator Hitting Enclosure
  • Optoma 1080p Short Throw projector and Ceiling Projector Mount
  • A SwingTurf Golf Mat of your choice.
  • HDMI Cable (25′)

1.Certified Pre-Owned GC2 Launch Monitor

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

A few years ago, Foresight Sports introduced its GC series launch monitors only to change the entire game of Golf. GC2 was the first in the line of their advanced golf launch monitors.

It literally brought the brand a huge success and helped them move towards GC Quad and GC Hawk. However, in this package, you are about to get only the GC2 launch monitor.

GC2 is a stand-alone device. This means it doesn’t need a PC or any other mobile device to show your show results as it has an inbuilt LCD screen.

However, that’s not the specific specification of this GC2 that makes it so advanced. The thing that really matters is the pair of a high-speed and high-resolution camera.

The camera system is called a stereoscopic camera system which helps the launch monitor to capture the ball at 10000 frames per second and render a 3D image model of the shot.

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

The GC2 can look up your shot and analyze the ball performance such as ball speed, launch angle, ball flight angle, sidespin, backspin, tilt axis, and more.

The only drawback that pushed Foresight Sports to come up with GC Quad is the GC2 lacks the inability to analyze the clubs.

However, before GC Quad, the company came up with the HMT (Head Measurement Technology), which can be attached to the GC2 to analyze the club data like club speed, angle of attack, point of impact, club path, impact loft, and more about the clubs.

GC2 can be used in both indoors and outdoors golf games and it doesn’t require any calibration, it has a self-leveling accelerometer or any marked balls. Though this GC2 has an LCD screen, it can still be connected to PCs and smartphones through Bluetooth.

The GC2 is a great option for those who are looking for an advanced golf launch monitor without breaking their wallet.

2. The FSX Software

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

FSX is a Foresight Sports-made golf simulation software specially designed for GC series launch monitors. The package includes the new generation of FSX software, which is FSX 2020.

The FSX software comes with three primary modes such as play, improve and compete. One can play on different weather and physical conditions and weather conditions by altering them virtually.

One can compete with one another in live games like longest drive contest, and closest to the pin contest. One can even play to improve their game with many skill assessment games. One can track, record, and analyze their game with the finest graphs and charts.

Other than the above features of this FSX Software, one plays on around 110 world-famous golf courses on it. The package includes around five courses as default. More courses can be purchased from Foresight Sports.

3. The HomeBay Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

The golf simulator package from RainorShineGolf includes a ballistic grade hitting screen and netting enclosure in the package to ensure the shot won’t break any other stuff in your house.

Mishits are common in golf. One needs to be prepared for any destruction when the game is played inside four walls.

The HomeBay golf screen and enclosure are designed to hold your golf ball that rams at 240 MPH. Hence, the chance of getting them torn is definitely the hardest job.

The HomeBay would fall into your minimum budget without compromising the quality you need. However, you get this one in the package.

The HomeBay Golf Simulator Hitting Enclosure is upgradable. Hence, it can be upgraded to be SwingBay golf simulator.

4. The Golf Mat

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

A forgiving hitting mat for your indoor golf game is always the hardest to find. But, this GC2 HomeBay Golf Simulator package features a SwingTurf Golf Mat in it.

SwingTurf is actually a more forgiving mat on which one can feel the loft of real grass that goes easy on a player’s joints.

The SwingTurf golf mats are 2″ think with most part of its profile covered with artificial grass fibers.

The dense installation of those fibers helps a player to swing their clubs down and through the grass and feel no tension created. Moreover, the mat can hold a real wooden tee on it.

The mat has a solid foam base of 5/8″ of its total profile, which helps in great stability when a player stands on it.

This package includes a 4′ x 5′ size golf mat by default. One can opt for a wider mat with size 4′ x 9′ while purchasing.

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

5. Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector

Foresight Sports' GC2 and HomeBay Golf Simulator + FSX Software Package

When you have a world-class launch monitor, a world-class simulation software, a world class screen, and a world-class golf mat, you should not choose a random projector to complete the setup.

That’s why this package includes a world-class Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Projector which ultimately has 15000 hours of lamp life.

The EH412ST has a perfect contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and 4000 ANSI Lumens to project clear and sharp 4K images to the screens.

It has inbuilt speakers in it and supports HDR. This Optoma projector would be the completion of your home golf studio setup.

Another question lingers. Where you gonna lay that projector without affecting your play area? Don’t worry, you can hang it to the ceiling with projector ceiling mount provide with this package.


Owning a new GC2 might cost you more out of your budget, but this package offers you a certified pre-owned GC2 launch monitor, approved by Foresight Sports.

That’s how this package costs only $11199.00.

However, if you choose to add a 4′ x 9′ SwingTurf mat instead of 4′ x 5′, the cost of the package would be $11,279.00.

Adding an HMT Device to the package can cost another $4900.