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Eagle Stroke ES9000 Par T Golf Indoor Golf Simulator – Reviews & Buying Guide

ES9000 Par T Golf Indoor Golf Simulator New-minES9000 Par T Golf Indoor Golf Simulator is the world’s first and finest indoor High Definition golf simulator. It is the most famous golf simulator among golfers of the world. It provides an incredible golf experience by giving you the best. The ES9000 Par Golf simulator has a built-in revenue-generating feature. It has 9’ * 12’ screen and HD projection system to create amazing images that make you will feel real. It has nine of some of the most famous courses in the world.

It is designed to be so compact that you can easily set up this simulator in your garage of even at your office. Once it is set up, it will allow you to enjoy for hours even if it is raining or snowing or even day or night.
This is the most invaluable asset for an enthusiastic golfer. This golf system has a state of 3D hardware and software which gives you an amazing golfing experience. This incredible HD system has multiple camera angles of the holes and helpful grid patterns of the putting screen. You can also use the projected image as a huge computer screen with full internet access. This system also has predetermined time allotments that provide the facility of being active with your new customers, but it is also adjustable for longer games also. This is the most affordable system that is being convenient for you.

It provides guaranteed service, support and accessibility at a reasonable price. It is a great money maker for golf leagues, tournaments as well as open play. Also, you can also make money by selling onscreen advertising by the use of 9’ * 12’ screen. You can play for a longer period without considering the weather. This product is, perfect for the garage, the basement of your house, or the centre of attention of the main floor of your office and home.

The ES9000 Par T Golf Simulator incorporates the latest in golf software advancements featuring a significant number of golf courses. It allows golfers to play on one of the most famous golf courses by using their standard golfing equipment.

The main features of the ES9000 Par T Golf Simulator are: –

• It is the best golf simulator and has the world’s most advanced golf simulation.
• It is the world’s first and finest high definition indoor golf simulator.
• World’s most advanced golf simulator contains 3D graphics and groundbreaking real course photographs.

You can choose a game of yours’ from any o the popular golf games. You can select a distance for gimmies, choose the number of mulligans per round, and select the maximum score on each hole. It can allow conceded holes, progress to the next hole once the hole is won, sudden-death playoff if players are tied and quit around once a winner is decided. Because of the modular design, upgrades and new courses are easy to install. You can enjoy the library of 100 golf courses with this simulator.

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