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What is SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $5400? Reviews and Buying guide


Are you looking for a professional-looking golf simulator for your regular practice at home? Many like you are searching for a compact golf simulator because you’re limited by space and budget like them.

You may have visited your nearest vendor and returned empty-handed because none of the items there had satisfied you. Okay, that looks like a poor guess. But, if you are searching for a compact yet amazing golf simulator, a package from Shopindoorgolf store might impress you.

SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator Package is one of their most purchased products. As it goes by the saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” the comforts one can get from this compact simulator is ultimately sophisticated, which one can hardly get from some costly golf simulators. let us look into the package.

Your Setup Look like,


SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - Include

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Protective case
  • Game Improvement Software
  • Net Return Simulator Series and Enclosure
  • Choice of Hitting Mat
  • Optoma HD Short Throw Projector
  • Ceiling Projector Mount
  • 25′ HDMI Cable
  • Landing Pad Turf

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Protective Case

If you are looking for golf simulators for some time, you may probably read about SkyTrak Golf Simulators. Believe me, when I say, Skytrak is the best value simulator in the market, it’s true to my best knowledge. Or else, believe Golf Digest, because they are saying the same since 2017.

skytrak golf launch monitor reviews - bestgolflaunchmonitorsforhomereviews

Using photometric technology and complex physics algorithms, the SkyTrak launch monitor will give you the best feedback of your game instantly on the screen. It would’ve measured the most important parameters of a distant drive before the ball leaves the hitting mat after you hit it. It measures the golf ball’s launch angle, speed, carry distance, sidespin, backspin, and more to simulate the exact result of a real golf course game.

The SkyTrak device is simulation enabled and can connect with all your mobile devices without any wires. Moreso, it is rechargeable and easily portable. With the Rain or Shine Golf’s compact package, you get this SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor and a full metal protective jacket for it.

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - 1 year Game Improvement Plan and Software

You’ll automatically be subscribed to the Game Improvement Software of SkyTrak. This software is designed to go easy on all operating systems like Android, PC operating systems, and iOS. It enables a player to beat his own records through skill assessments, target practice, bag mapping, along with competitions like the longest drive competition and closest to the pin contest.

This software tracks the progress of a player and makes charts out of it to help the player for game improvement. It also enables a player to play on world-famous golf courses.

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - Net Return Series and Enclosure

The net return simulator series’ impact screen was dedicated to calm down the golf balls with its floating design. It can handle the impact created by the force of the ball strike with utmost pleasure and wave in style, like “yeah, I’m good, go for another shot.” This screen is made out of heavyweight polyester material, which is super bright, just to screen clear-cut high definition images and videos.


The screen is covered by high-density netting, which is supported by a lightweight tubular metal frame. Apart from the above, it gets its name Net return from the way it stops the ball bouncing.

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - The Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat

The Net Return Pro turf golf mat engineered to offer a realistic experience of the golf course. It is more forgiving and can hold a real wooden tee. It’ll go easy on your joints and wrists as the club will pass through the turf without obstruction every time you swing it.


SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - Optoma HD Short Throw Projector and Projector Shield Enclosure

One of the common choices of most of the simulation players is the Optoma projector. It’s 4000 lumens for maximum brightness, and the perfect ratio of image throw has made the projector a frequently bought with golf simulators. It can stream videos at 1080p quality to give the most comfortable feel for a player. Along with the projector, 25′ HDMI cable is included in the package to connect the projector mobile devices and PCs.

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - Price

The SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator package’s price is also compact, as the package says. shopindoorgolf ships this package for $5499.00 without any shipping charge. However, if your option is The Net Return Pro Series then the cost of the package will be $5499.99.

SKYTRAK Compact Golf Simulator Package - Our Final Conclusion

We recommend 9″ Height x 10′ Width x 12′ Feet Deep as the minimum room dimensions to set this simulator up at your home. It is compact and quite affordable for those who love the golf game more than life.


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