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Should you carry a 5 wood or 3 hybrid golf club?

Should you carry a 5 wood or 3 hybrid golf club
The great thing about technology today is that the golfer has plenty of options, but it can be a tough decision on which route to go. The standard golf bag used to be Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and then a 3-PW with a SW and a putter. Now golfers have so many options between hybrids and the plenty of options available in the wedges between the 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degree wedges that golfers can plug and play with. The majority of golfers should select the 3 hybrid. It provides great versatility both off the tee, out of the fairway and out of the rough. However, some golfers may still prefer the 5 wood for several reasons.  There are pros and cons to both clubs and the decision is ultimately based on the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

Top 3 Reasons to carry a 5 wood:

  • Easier to hit off of the tee.
  • May have a bigger yardage advantage.
  • Won’t hook as easy as the 3 hybrid.

Top 3 Reasons to carry a 3 hybrid:

  • Greater versatility out of the fairway and rough.
  • Potentially provides a higher lofted option.
  • Will be easier to hit a draw with.

Go Out and Test It Out:

Still undecided or even leaning towards a certain club. I would recommend to go out and test both clubs. Head to your local golf store that has a simulator or if you own a golf simulator studio and test both out. Items to watch for include club speed, ball speed, curve and spin rate. Be careful the spin rate isn’t too high.  The range should be between 3500 and 5500 on spin rate.  Anything more and you are losing distance and have too much on the spin rate for a club in this category. The most ideal is to find a friend that has a 3 hybrid or a quality 5 wood and test the different.  Try to hit at least 5-10 shots to get comfortable to see what is best for your game.

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