The SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package is a popular choice among golf enthusiasts looking to practice and play golf in the comfort of their homes. SkyTrak is known for its accurate and reliable launch monitor, which serves as the foundation for the simulator package.

The Indoor Golf Shop is based in Celina, Texas, (45 minutes north of Dallas) and ships to the lower 48 states. More information is available at SkyTrak is golf’s

Dual Doppler Radar for Club Data Measurement The new Doppler Radar System delivers useful club data, including: Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path and Face Angle.

In order to play full courses you will need to purchase additional simulator software unless you upgrade to a Play & Improve Plan which includes WGT by TopGolf and TruGolf

Play and Improve Plan: Special bundle for our iOS and PC users that includes everything in our Game Improvement Plan as well as: WGT by TopGolf Full Course Play on

The SkyTrak + PerfectBay™ Golf Simulator Package is a combination of the SkyTrak launch monitor and the PerfectBay™ golf simulator setup. This package is designed to provide golf enthusiasts with a realistic and immersive golfing experience from the comfort of their own home or indoor space.

2023 FlightScope Mevo+ and SkyTrak+ Comparison And both offer data points. However, the SkyTrak+ may may have the edge on indoor data, thanks to its use of photometric technology. While

How much does SkyTrak golf cost? The SkyTrak Launch Monitor with a basic practice plan is $1,995 with free shipping. With the game improvement plan and metal case, it’s $2,224.