• Attaches to your own golf clubs – play real rounds of golf with your friends!
  • Includes The Golf Club game for stunning simulation of 15 top courses
  • Runs on your PC – no launch monitor or projector required
  • Includes club swing and ball launch data for every shot – analyze your game!
  • Extremely easy to use – just provide your own mat and net and start playing!

Rapsodo R-Motion Swing Analyzer

What if someone tells you that you will get excellent results from a gadget which is less expensive but giving quality?

Rapsodo has been working hard to provide superior products to support athletics in their field through cheap entertainment and training products.

The same grace has been transited to the golfing ground with SkyTrak with TGC Rapsodo which is an excellent golfing product with high levels of accuracy.

Being affordable and portable golf launch monitor, SkyTrak with TGC Rapsodo gives precise real-time shot data analysis and statistics and displays them on your wireless device or tablets.

Rapsodo R-Motion and TGC - Features

The photometric parametric technology makes TGC by Rapsodo usable both indoors and outdoors giving accurate real-time results. Unlike most monitors using radar technology to trackball landing, SkyTrak with TGC Rapsodo uses photometric technology which measures reactions between awing and ball.

The fact makes it fit and precise indoors and outdoors making it stand among the professional golfing devices.

The accuracy is superb. Accuracy is influenced by; selectable units of carrying distance, recorded ball speed with low precision which results in high efficiency of +/- 1mph. +/- 2 degrees of horizontal launch angle and +/-1 degree. +/-250rpm vertical axis ball spin. There is shot and shape analysis of the swing.

High-speed camera. SkyTrak with TGC Rhapsody has super speed digital cameras that monitor use photometric to track the ball spin.

SkyTrak with TGC Rhapsody has an inbuilt pointer to direct on ball placement. The pointer ensures that you place the ball in the right place for precision and smooth swing. The corrector control works with the help of accelerometer-based correction.

There is 3D golf range that shows ball flight and path. The golf range works with WIFI connection to display the results and ball flight on mobile devices connected.

The outdoor experience is not affected by charge since SkyTrak with TGC Rapsodo has a rechargeable battery that can run for four hours continuously.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You need the right software. You cannot buy either SkyTrak or R-Motion and use the limited version of R-motion TSC software.

Yes. SkyTrak with TGC Rapsodo uses photometric parametric technology that unlike doping and radar technology is not affected by elements of weather like wind. The photometric measurement tech uses impact between single swing and ball to analyze results of ball flight but not landing point impact.

The other point on this is that it is portable and can deliver results through a wireless connection on any device either PC or iPad that the golfer connects.

Its affordable or fraction price compared to the most commendable professional monitors but delivers comparable or equal results with the most expensive monitors.

Produces precise results even when placed outdoors since it is not affected by weather elements. It is sufficient for practice for anyone interested in boosting scorecard and reducing handicap.

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