Uneekor EYE MINI Retractable Golf Simulator Package


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The Uneekor EYE MINI Retractable Golf Simulator Package is a golf simulation system that includes the Uneekor EYE MINI launch monitor and a retractable golf simulator screen or enclosure. This package is designed to allow golfers to play and practice golf indoors with the help of advanced technology.


The Uneekor EYE MINI Retractable Golf Simulator Package is a cutting-edge golf simulation system that caters to golfers who seek a high-quality experience while also valuing space efficiency. The retractable feature of this package ensures that users can enjoy a realistic golf simulation and then conveniently stow it away when not in use. Here’s a comprehensive overview of its components and features:

Key Components

Uneekor EYE MINI Launch Monitor

This is a high-precision launch monitor that captures detailed data on each shot, such as ball speed, launch angle, spin, and more. The EYE MINI is known for its accuracy, ensuring that each shot in the simulation is a true reflection of real-life performance.

Retractable Impact Screen

A robust screen that displays the virtual golf course in high resolution. It’s designed to capture the impact of real golf balls and can be easily retracted when not in use, maximizing space.

Enclosure System

The package includes a protective enclosure that ensures that all shots, including errant ones, are safely contained. This prevents potential damage to surroundings and ensures safety.

Golf Simulation Software

Typically, the package would come with software that offers a range of virtual golf courses, practice modes, and challenges. This software provides feedback on your shots and allows you to play on famous golf courses from around the world.

Turf Mat

A high-quality mat that replicates the feel of a real golf course, allowing for a realistic stance and ball placement.


A top-quality projector ensures that the virtual courses are displayed in clear detail on the impact screen.



Space Efficiency

The retractable design is perfect for multi-purpose rooms or areas with limited space, allowing for a full-scale golf simulation experience without the need for a dedicated room.

High-Quality Feedback

The combination of the EYE MINI launch monitor and simulation software provides real-time, accurate feedback on shots, aiding in skill improvement.


The package allows users to play full rounds on virtual courses, practice specific shots, or engage in challenges and mini-games.


The enclosure system ensures that balls are safely contained within the simulation area, preventing potential damage or injury.




As a premium golf simulation package, the Uneekor EYE MINI Retractable Golf Simulator Package comes with a significant investment. It’s essential to consider the value of the features and benefits against the cost.


Proper installation is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of the retractable system and to maximize the lifespan of the components.


Uneekor’s First Portable Launch Monitor x Retractable Screen Package

The Uneekor EYE MINI utilizes Ball Optix technology in a whole new way to provide accurate and reliable club data after each shot! Using high speed cameras and infrared sensors like the overhead models, the EYE MINI provides extremely accurate ball and club data after each shot along with video feedback of the impact between your club and golf ball!

The EYE MINI comes included with Uneekor View Software that can be used on a PC or an iOS device allowing you the flexibility to run the software on your preferred device.

Uneekor EYE MINI is compatible with popular 3rd party software options such as TGC and E6 Connect along with Uneekor’s impressive course library.

Flexible Space Enclosure

In this all-in-one golf simulator package, we’ve combined the Uneekor EYE MINI launch monitor and golf simulator with the HomeCourse Retractable Simulator Enclosure system, turf landing pads and hitting mat, projector, and more!

The retractable golf simulator screen is a high quality, impact-resistant screen that provides a clear, vivid image of your virtual golf course.

This screen offers plenty of space to work on your swing and play full rounds of golf with your friends and family. When you’re done playing, simply retract the screen to save space and keep your room looking neat and tidy.

To complete the package, we include a high performance golf mat that provides a realistic feel for your shots. Your wrists and elbows will be thanking us.



Shot Data – What’s Measured

  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Attack Angle
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Side Distance
  • Side Spin
  • Side Angle

Looking for an explanation of what this all means? Check out our brand new Launch Monitor Data Glossary to learn more!



What’s Included

  • Uneekor EYE MINI Launch Monitor
  • Uneekor EYE MINI Carrying Case w/ Carrying Strap
  • Power Cable and Adapter
  • CAT6 Ethernet Cable
  • Uneekor EYE MINI Club Stickers
  • Uneekor View Software for PC
  • Uneekor View iPad app

Retractable Package Components

  • HomeCourse Retractable Enclosure
  • SwingTurf Golf Mat
  • (Optional) Landing Pad Turf for full turf coverage
  • Full HD High Lumen Short Throw Projector
  • Choice of Ceiling Mount or Floor Projector Enclosure
  • 25′ HDMI Cable
  • (Optional) Golf Simulation PC Kit (w/ Gaming Laptop, Stand, Sleeve, and Mousepad)



Indoor Space Requirements

Minimum Room Size: 8′ 6″ H x 11′ W x 15′ D

Note that you may increase the minimum room size by including landing pads in your purchase

**Although this product may fit in your space, please make sure to take some practice swings to make sure you are comfortable swinging in your designated space.


Product Specifications

Tech Specs

  • Data Capture Technology: Dual Cameras (Photometric) and Infrared Sensors
  • Device Compatibility: PC and iOS
  • Software Compatibility: TGC, E6 Connect, GSPro, Uneekor Player Package (included), Uneekor Player Package, Uneekor Champion Package, Uneekor Legend Package
  • Projector: HD Short Throw, 3k lumens, high contrast, 25′ HDMI connectivity
  • Projector Mount: Choice of floor enclosure or ceiling mount

Enclosure Specs

  • HomeCourse Retractable Enclosure (when opened): 8′ 6″H x 3’D x 8′ – 10.5’W
  • Impact Screen: Ballistics grade woven polyester impact and projection screen
  • Assembly: Steel mounting plates and instructions provided

Turf Specs

  • SwingTurf: 5×5 or 4×9 size option, 5/8″ foam backing, 1″ pile height lifelike nylon turf
  • Landing Pad: 10′ x 10′ coverage with 1″ putting green turf material (optional)
  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty


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