TruGolf Apogee SwingBay Golf Simulator Package


The TruGolf Apogee Retractable Golf Simulator Package is a top-tier golf simulation system designed for those who want an immersive golfing experience without compromising on space. Its retractable feature ensures that you can enjoy a full-scale golf simulation and then conveniently stow it away.


The TruGolf Apogee SwingBay Golf Simulator Package is a premium golf simulation setup that combines TruGolf’s advanced technology with the convenience and versatility of the SwingBay design. This package is tailored for golf enthusiasts who want a comprehensive indoor golfing experience. 

Key Components

TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor

This advanced launch monitor captures a wide range of data points, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rates, and more. The precision and accuracy of the Apogee ensure that each shot in the simulation mirrors real-life performance.

SwingBay Impact Screen

The SwingBay design features a high-quality impact screen that displays the virtual golf course in stunning detail. It’s built to withstand the force of real golf balls, ensuring durability and longevity.

Enclosure & Netting

The SwingBay setup includes a protective enclosure and netting system. This ensures that errant shots are safely contained, preventing potential damage to surroundings or injury.

TruGolf E6 Connect Software

This state-of-the-art software provides users with a vast selection of virtual golf courses, practice modes, and interactive games. The realism and detail of the courses enhance the overall golfing experience.

Turf Mat

A premium-quality turf mat is included, replicating the feel of a real golf course. This allows for an authentic stance and ball placement during play.


A high-definition projector ensures that the virtual courses and simulations are displayed in crisp, clear detail on the impact screen.

Computer System

A dedicated computer system optimized for the TruGolf E6 Connect software ensures smooth and realistic gameplay.


Versatile Gameplay

Whether you’re looking to play a full 18-hole round, practice specific shots, or engage in mini-games, the TruGolf Apogee SwingBay package offers a wide range of options.

Space Efficiency

The SwingBay design is tailored for indoor settings, ensuring that users get a full-scale simulation experience without requiring an expansive space.

Realistic Feedback

The combination of the Apogee launch monitor and E6 Connect software provides real-time feedback on shots, aiding in skill improvement.


The robust enclosure and netting system ensure that balls remain within the designated area, ensuring safety for users and their surroundings.





Being a premium package, the TruGolf Apogee SwingBay comes with a significant investment. It’s essential to weigh the features and benefits against the cost.

Setup Space

While the SwingBay design is space-efficient, users still need to ensure they have adequate room for a safe and comfortable swing.

If you’re considering investing in the TruGolf Apogee SwingBay Golf Simulator Package, it’s advisable to check out user reviews, watch demonstration videos, and possibly test it at a local dealer to ensure it aligns with your expectations and requirements.

TruGolf’s Newest Tech x All-Inclusive Turnkey Package

The all-new TruGolf APOGEE overhead launch monitor, powered by onboard processors and a brand new array of vision algorithms called INSTANT IMPACT, APOGEE provides a lag-free gameplay experience and extremely accurate ball flight and club data.

Get instant feedback from ball-strike to simulated flight with APOGEE. Review slow motion video of the impact between the golf club and golf ball after each shot to fine tune your game.

APOGEE comes included with a basic lifetime license for E6 Connect (27 courses) and a 1-year expanded license (100+ courses)!

An Enclosure Built To Last

The SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen is a high-quality, impact-resistant screen that provides a clear, crisp image of your virtual golf course. This enclosure offers plenty of space to work on your swing and play full rounds of golf with your friends and family.

Realistic Fairway-Feel Golf Mat

To complete the package, we include a high-performance golf mat that provides a realistic feel for your shots. Keep your wrists and elbows happy with a premium strike turf since you will not be able to stop playing golf on this sim package!

All Inclusive, Turn-Key Experience

With the TruGolf Apogee SwingBay Golf Simulator Package, you’ll have everything you need to take your golf game to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to work on your swing mechanics, practice specific shots, or simply enjoy a fun and immersive golf experience with friends and family, this package delivers unparalleled performance and value.



Shot Data – What’s Measured

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin Rate
  • Side Spin Rate
  • Smash Factor
  • Shot Direction
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Path

Looking for an explanation of what this all means? Check out our brand new Launch Monitor Data Glossary to learn more!



What’s Included

  • TruGolf Apogee Launch Monitor
  • Bridgestone Golf Balls
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Calibration Board
  • Power Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • E6 Connect Basic – 27 Course Lifetime License
  • 1 Year Expanded E6 Connect Software

SwingBay Package Components

  • SwingBay Hitting Enclosure, Impact Screen, & Side Netting
  • SwingTurf Golf Mat
  • (Optional) Landing Pad Turf for full turf coverage
  • Full HD High Lumen Short Throw Projector
  • Choice of Ceiling Mount or Floor Projector Enclosure
  • 25′ HDMI Cable
  • (Optional) Golf Simulation PC Kit (w/ Gaming Laptop, Stand, Sleeve, and Mousepad)


Indoor Space Requirements

Minimum Room Size: 9′ H x 12′ W x 16′ D

Note that you may increase the minimum room size by including landing pads in your purchase

**Although this product may fit in your space, please make sure to take some practice swings to make sure you are comfortable swinging in your designated space.



Product Specifications

Tech Specs

  • Data Capture Technology: High Speed Cameras / Infrared Sensors
  • Device Compatibility: PC
  • Software Compatibility: E6 Connect
  • Projector: HD Short Throw, 4200 lumens, high contrast, 25′ HDMI connectivity
  • Projector Mount: Choice of floor enclosure or ceiling mount

Enclosure Specs

  • Full SwingBay Enclosure: 8’H x 4’2″D x 10’5″W
  • Impact Screen: Ballistics grade woven polyester impact and projection screen
  • Framing: 1.5″ extruded aluminum, steel bracket hardware (all tools included)
  • Curtains: Blackout ripstop nylon material, 10′ side netting with 1″ velcro
  • Assembly: 6″ ball bungees (included)

Turf Specs

  • SwingTurf: 5×5 or 4×9 size option, 5/8″ foam backing, 1″ pile height lifelike nylon turf
  • Landing Pad: 10′ x 10′ coverage with 1″ putting green turf material (optional)
  • Warranty: 18-Month Warranty


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