TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat


  • This mat from TrueStrike is truly portable, convenient, comfortable, cost-effective, and of course the smallest.
  • It is a golf mat that comprises only of a hitting surface and gel foam underneath it.
  • This golf mat includes two edge trims, one gel section and that’s it. See that’s simple. So the dimensions are 2″ height, 21″ wide, and 52″ length and weigh just 32 lbs.


TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

The Portable Golf Mat is the smallest, most portable and least expensive way to enjoy the TrueStrike™ experience. Ideal for golfers who like to practice on the go.

Not only will you love the realism that the Portable Golf Mat’s “fairway forgiveness” effect produces. You will see real benefits, in playing shots with confidence rather than with lack of commitment found with old style mats.

TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

What's Included:

  • 2 X Edge Trim
  • 1 X Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
  • 1 X Tee Receiver
  • 25 X Long Tees
  • 25 X Short Tees


  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2″H x 21″W x 52″L