SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

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SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

SIG12 Enclosure Review

Introducing a Highlight from The Indoor Golf Shop’s Signature Series – the SIG12 Enclosure. This remarkable system seamlessly merges our cutting-edge SIGPRO Premium Screen with a user-friendly frame and enclosure setup.

The SIG12 was meticulously designed to achieve a 100% screen coverage, eliminating the common issue of blank space at the screen’s top and bottom. Crafted from top-tier materials, the SIG12 golf simulator screen exhibits stunning HD quality and robustness, capable of withstanding golf ball impacts up to 250 MPH.

Within our Signature Series, we proudly present the SIG8 and SIG10 Enclosures as well.

SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure


Experience the Unrivaled SIG™ PREMIUM IMPACT SCREEN

In a rigorous head-to-head evaluation conducted by the MyGolfSpy team, the SIGPRO Premium Screen emerged triumphant over the industry’s most prevalent impact screen. This attests to the superior durability of the new SIGPRO screen, accompanied by reduced sound and bounce-back effects. Enhanced with double-stitched black vinyl edges and grommets, screen mounting becomes a breeze using the included ball bungees.

Embrace the SIG Surround & Ball Bungees

Our SIG Surround elegantly wraps around your enclosure, presenting a polished appearance to your SIG12 setup. This resilient vinyl-based SIG Surround perfectly complements your enclosure’s aesthetics. Additionally, the package includes 6″ Ball Bungees, which securely fasten your screen and nylon surround to the enclosure frame.


Maximum Protection with Protective Foam Padding & Side Barrier Netting

Our Enclosure Kits now incorporate protective foam padding, safeguarding the screen’s sides, top, bottom, and the surrounding framework from rogue shots. For those who’d rather not create golf-ball-induced holes in their walls, our side barrier netting is here to provide a protective perimeter. The sandbags ensure a firm net setup, efficiently capturing stray golf balls – not that we anticipate any errant shots from your end.

SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure Review


Effortless Frame Assembly with Push Pin Poles & Connectors

Say goodbye to assembly challenges with our color-coded push pin poles and connectors. This innovation simplifies frame setup, rendering the enclosure assembly process smoother than ever before.


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5 reviews for SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

  1. Smith


    I originally had issues on my order shipping late and received one damaged piece in the shipment.
    I was able to fix the damaged piece myself and customer service handle the delay very professionally.

    The SIG 12 is simple to put together and overall I am very happy with the quality of the product. I would recommend this

  2. Williams


    Easy to assemble and first-rate in appearance and function. Doubles as a home theatre screen.

  3. Oliver


    The indoor Golf Shop had been AWESOME !! Thank. All you guys so much for all the help !!

  4. Henry


    Great kit and love the steel corners and quality. Bought off Amazon and I got the 9×12 DIY Kit. I bought the 1′ EMT steel piping($200) and a cutter off amazon ($30) and had the pipes cut in less than 30 mins. With 2 of my sons, it took about an hour to get it up and ready. Screen quality is awesome and minimal bounceback. Quiet, smooth and great enclosure! Highly recommended.

  5. Liam


    For me it was confusing with all of the golf simulator stuff, different set ups and at different price points. I can say someone that’s wants something easy to put together and amazing looking this is a great buy! The pictures don’t do it justice for how big this thing is and the project mats everything is great.

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