P3ProSwing Grasstop Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer, Green, One Size


  • Direct from the Manufacturer (P3ProSwing)
  • Full swing analytics
  • Durable design built with steel and made to last
  • 20 virtual golf courses, driving range and skill challenges
  • Most accurate golf swing analyzer


P3proswing Golf Simulator and Swing Analyser for your home practice – Upto 99.9% accurate club data – Review

P3 ProSwing is perfect for installing in your home because they carry an best price tag. The availability of the P3 ProSwing packages for clubs is one of its advantages.

A P3 ProSwing is an outstanding teaching tool and a way to relieve some stress after a long day of work.

The Golf Swing Analyzer is built to last with steel bases and has strongly resistant to being hit by golf repeatedly. It helps you in setting up your Golf Swing Analyzer with a number of accessories you would like to have which further helps you in creating your golf simulation studio.

You can create the sort of environment where you can truly focus on improving your golf game with the help of P3 ProSwing Golf Simulator. P3 ProSwing is the only company that has patented club taping system.

There are specially engineered layers built into every P3 ProSwing Golf Analyzer which protect the circuit board from any sort of strike or vibration which could cause damage.

What your setup will look like?

P3ProSwing Grasstop Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer, Green, One Size
P3ProSwing Grasstop Golf Simulator & Swing Analyzer, Green, One Size

The main features of the P3 ProSwing Golf Simulators are:

  • You can track your golf swing, club path before, at and after impact is broken down inside-out to a square to outside-in within 1 degree.
  • You can track your clubface angle to within 1/10th of 1 degree.
  • The Clubhead speed is measured at the entrance and exit of all swings with accurate accuracy.
  • Attack angle is measured about the horizon at the up or down movement of the clubhead at the time of maximum compression.
  • It is durable and it supports the golf game as it has experience of 15 years in the simulated golf game. It is newly designed simulator as well as support staff to have you maximize your indoor golf experience for upcoming years.
  • It has over 140 virtual courses to play from Tee to green.

You can play virtual golf from home by using these products but, the really useful feature is to work on your golf swing with real-time feedback. Setting up of P3 ProSwing is very easy. You should have sufficient room to cater for a full golf swing.

P3 ProSwing box comes up with:

  • P3 ProSwing sensor Device which senses the motion of the golf
  • Analyzer software for your PC
  • Software for video capturing
  • Practice range software
  • Putting Game and Putting Practice Green
  • 2 Virtual Golf Courses Desert Dunes and Highlands National
  • Premium Collection of Courses
  • P3 ProSwing Versa hitting mat with two different cutouts
  • P3 ProSwing Golf Ball Catch Net which is designed to catch the ball
  • Tape and Tees


The overall ProSwing simulator has an affordable price and is highly recommended. ProSwing is an excellent product with the ability to play on golf swing from the comfort of your home.


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