HACKMOTION – Swing Analyzer


  • Hackmotion is a high-tech golf swing analyzer that uses a device that you attach to your wrist to measure/improve wrist angle and clubface motion.
  • Wrist movement is the most critical piece of your swing and this product will give you data and actions to improve.
  • Hackmotion is all about the data. It will provide you with tons of details for you to analyze and incorporate into your practice sessions.


HACKMOTION - Swing Analyzer

  • IMPROVE CLUBFACE CONTROL AND BALL FLIGHT: Fix common golf swing faults with the help of the HackMotion Player sensor that measures real-time wrist data (flexion and extension). Our golf training equipment provides feedback and helps to fix common swing faults like flipping and slicing so that you can improve your game.
  • GOLF SWING ANALYZER: Review your swing at address, top and impact positions with a free HackMotion iOS and Android app. You can also view a 3D replay of your wrist movement throughout the swing and use detailed flexion/extension graphs for more detailed analysis.
  • REAL-TIME GOLF SWING TRAINING AID: The sensor also provides real-time audio feedback during the swing so you can get a feel for the correct motion with precise data throughout the full swing.
  • EASY TO USE: The calibration takes just 30 seconds. The user interface is simple and intuitive and provides valuable feedback so you can correct your swing faults. Compare your wrist angles with suggested Tour player ranges to optimise your clubface control and ball flight, and track your progress.
  • VERSATILE GOLF EQUIPMENT: You can use it to practice indoors or outdoors, at home or on the golf course, to improve your swing. Your session data will be stored in cloud storage so you can track your progress over time and do an in-depth analysis of your session.
HACKMOTION - Swing Analyzer