Golf Simulator Impact Screen – SIGPRO™ Premium


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Golf Simulator Impact Screen – SIGPRO™ Premium


Shop Indoor Golf introduces standalone golf impact screens as the newest addition to the SIGPRO™ family of products.

These golf screens are designed and manufactured in house, and are ideal for those looking to create a DIY golf simulator.

Finished with double stitched black vinyl edges and grommets, mounting is a breeze and can be done using ball bungees, zip ties, shock cord, etc.

SIG™ Premium is our top of the line golf hitting screen and was specifically engineered to outperform in 4 areas: image quality, longevity, bounce back, and noise.

Also available in our more affordable SIG™ Preferred screen.

SIG™ Premium fabric is exclusive to Shop Indoor Golf – you won’t find it anywhere else. It took us several months of development working with one of the leading mills in the world, but the end result is premium impact screen material that we’re proud to call our own. But don’t just take our word for it…


Thick, multilayer, and smooth spacer mesh fabric allows for:
Clear & crisp image (up to 4K quality)
Minimal bleed-through
No grain effect or pixelation (common with non-smooth surfaces)


golf impact screen


SIG™ Premium fabric is the thickest and smoothest within the golf simulation space. It’s made up of two heavy duty, tight knit impact resistant polyester surfaces that sandwich vertical spacer yarns, creating a unique three layer surface.


Quiet – vertical spacers acts as “cushion” and dampen the noise emitted by the golf ball impacting the screen
Longer Lifespan – smooth surface decreases amount of time golf ball spins on the surface, reducing wear and extending the life of the screen
Low bounce back – the interior surface containing the spacer yarns absorbs much of the impact, resulting in lower ball bounce back



Heavy duty hook and loop velcro (hook side) is sewn into the perimeter of the finished edges and provides customers the flexibility to attach add-ons to the screen such as:


Blackout material for an enclosure

Foam bumper border to protect the gap between the screen and your frame
Several of our screens are also compatible with our line of golf simulator enclosures, allowing you to upgrade to a full size enclosure when the time is right.

*For additional information regarding exact screen sizes and dimensions please visit our Golf Simulator Screen Specifications page.

One year warranty for residential use and covers rips and tears in screen material when subjected to golf ball strikes over a period of time. Screen must be unaltered & used as intended.

Example of improper use: memory foam behind screen – if you will be placing memory foam or weighted blankets behind the screen, you must ensure that there is sufficient gap between it and the screen. The screen is designed to take the impact of the ball and transfer it evenly across the entirety of the surface. If memory foam, weighted blankets, or any another material are touching or too close to the screen, the golf ball strike is concentrated at the point of impact and will cause the screen wear rapidly.


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