FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package


  • Package is perfect for golfers on a budget looking to improve any aspect of their game.
  • E6 simulation Software Package (5 Courses, 17 Practice Ranges)
  • Save, Upload, and Share Each Practice Station
  • The net and screen can handle golf ball speeds of up to 225 MPH and are built for years of use.


What is FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo Plus) Bronze Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $5100?

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Perhaps you are looking forward to owning a golf simulator in few days? We are not here to change your already taken decision.

However, we are here to show you, you can still save some bucks if you choose to be wise enough to buy a golf simulator package.

In this article, we are to see FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package, which is an exclusive package from Texas’s famous indoor golf product retailer ShopIndoorGolf.

Keep on with this article to know who you should invest in this package instead of something that is out of the economical range.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – What do you get in this package?

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor and Practice App
  • E6 Connect Simulation Software (5 Courses, 17 Practice Ranges)
  • Net Return Pro Series V2 Net and Frame, Golf Simulator Screen, and Side Barriers
  • Optoma HD Projector and Projector Shield
  • 15′ HDMI Cable
  • A Pair of Rubber Tee. 1.75″ and 2.25″
  • 50 Metallic Stickers

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Mevo+ launch Monitor

flightscope mevo plus retractable golf simulator reviews - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Mevo+ is a Doppler radar-based launch monitor introduced by Flightscope as a successor to its Mevo launch monitor. This is only the second in the Mevo series but it can do more than what you need.

The Mevo+ is capable of collecting around 15 crucial shot data such as carry distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, horizontal and vertical launch angle, angle of attack, ball spin, ball spin axis, total distance, ball roll, rolling distance and shot shape.

The Mevo+ is just the size of an iPad and works with a rechargeable battery. Unlike its predecessor, Mevo+ is simulation enabled and comes with pre-installed simulated golf courses, practice ranges, and Darts Mini games.

The Mevo+ connects to mobile devices through Wi-Fi for safe and fast data transfer. It needs no internet to operate and can work it best in both outdoors and indoors.

Not only the Mevo+ can sense its target, but it can also see it with its internal camera for target alignment.

The Mevo+ connects with your mobile and delivers your data on the FlightScope practice app.

The Flightscope mobile application is an efficient, user-friendly app in which a player can record his/her shots and save with the shot data collected by the launch monitor.

With this app, one can save all his/her practice shots and play them back in slow motion to get a deeper insight into each shot.

The Mevo+ needs marked balls to calculate the ball spin. That’s why this package comes with 50 metallic stickers to stick them on your golf balls.

Moreover, one needs to place this Mevo+ 8′ behind the ball to get the best accuracy level out of this device.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – E6 Simulation Software

flightscope mevo plus retractable golf simulator reviews - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Though the practice ranges, simulated golf courses, and mini-games are enough for a player to get enough practice, this ShopIndoorGolf package adds E6 connect just to enhance the experience of a player.

E6 Connect is a product of E6 Golf which is famous among budget golfers. The E6 Connect enables its subscribers to enjoy around five simulated golf courses and practice ranges.


With E6 connect, a player can analyze each of his/her shots with interactive graphs and charts to know what needs more in a shot.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Net Return Pro Series Golf Screen, and netting


It is absolutely unnecessary to spend thousands of dollars on screens when your goal is only to set up a golf simulator for practicing.

But that’s doesn’t mean you should invest in something that is not the worth of the money you spent. You need to maintain the quality within your budget.

Net Return Pro series golf screens and the net would be a great choice in such a situation.

Net Return Pro Golf net and screen are capable of returning the golf balls to the player automatically.

These nets are already famous among budget golfers and are known for their durability. They can even handle balls that hit them at the speed of 225 MPH. They can be assembled easily and dismantled and stored when not in use.

The Net Return Pro golf screen comes with side barriers to prevent the rest of the things from your mishits. The entire setup is supported by a 1.5′ tubular Aluminium frame, which is a rugged yet lightweight material that can be handled easily.

The complete dimension of this Net Return Pro-Net and Screen are 7’6″H x 8’W x 3’6″ D.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package - SIGPRO Turf Golf Mat


The SIGPRO Turf Mat is made specifically for Bronze, Training, and Flex Space Packages. Unlike other mats that are smaller, the SIG Pro Turf mat is 6′ Wide and 10′ Long and fits perfectly within the Home Series Net. 

The mat’s length allows for continuous ball return, and can even be used as a putting green.

The SIGPRO Turf has a 42 oz. nylon face-weight with a 5mm foam backing, allowing it to be rolled up and stored like a carpet. It weighs 50 lbs. and is roughly 3/4″ thick.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Optoma HD Projector


This simulator package from Shop Indoor Golf comes with an Optoma EH200st projector which a compact and affordable unit for a golfer under a tight budget.

The EH200st is an American-made projector that has around 4000 lumens for great brightness and an extraordinary contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

Moreover, this projector has MHL enabled HDMI port, so you can just connect your mobile device directly to it and start streaming your game.

A 15′ long 1080p HDMI cable and Lightning to HDMI adaptor have been added to the package to connect the projector to your mobile devices It has the lowest latency rate of just 2 milliseconds and fast response capability. And finally, it operates quite at 26 dB.

Instead of suspending this projector from the ceiling, it’s possible to floor mount this projector with the help of a projector floor mount enclosure made up of steel.

A steel projector floor mount enclosure has been added to the package to assist you to keep your projector safe from your golf ball and add more beauty to your simulator setup.

FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Price

The total cost of this FlightScope Mevo+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package with Net Return home Series V2 Golf Net is $5,089.99.

If you choose to include the PRO Series V2 Golf Net, then the cost of this package would be $5,229.99