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Exputt RG®Real-time Putting Simulator-EX500D


  • EXputt Real-Time Putting Simulator brings green life to you and feels you like a natural green.
  • You can easily use it as it has an ultra-speed camera and innovative tracking technology.
  • You can be more fun with this non-complicated putting experience from installation to putting.
  • It measures your ball as well as putter movements in a wide variety of simulator courses and green speeds.
  • It will give putting experience to the next level for sure.

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You will be in the right place if you want to know about EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator. In this guide, I will explain some details about benefits, pricing, product comparison, etc. Just read the guide below to understand EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator.

ExPutt is a good simulator where you can get a golf-playing experience. It will give a good experience by measuring your putt, including a putting Mat and tracking Camera, and train you in challenges and games.

Practicing it lowers your handicap, makes your putting more accurate, and experience the challenge you are facing. With this Big Moss Augusta 410 V2 Putting, you can easily measure you’re putting accurately.

The EXPutt EX500D includes the items below. Connect your EXPutt to a TV, Projector, or even your phone to start practicing!

  • EX Putt Camera
  • AC Adapter & HDMI Cable
  • TV Attaching Holder
  • Remote Control
  • Putter Stickers
  • EX Putt Tripod
  • Connecting Rod
  • Putting Mat

Equipped with a Ultra-High-Speed Camera, the EXPutt is able to accurately measure ball movement, club facing and much more!

  • Accurately analyze ball speed and direction in real time
  • Precisely Analyze open or closed club face angle
  • Analyze putter’s direction at the moment of impact
  • Analyze entire putting path to improve consistency


Experience a revitalizing touch of greenery right within your living room using the Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator. This innovative simulator introduces an infusion of life to your space, accompanied by its cutting-edge ultra high-speed camera and revolutionary tracking technology. Streamlining the pathway to enjoyment, Exputt ensures that the entire process, from setup to putting, remains effortlessly engaging.

Delve into an unmatched realm of putting pleasure with Exputt as it meticulously gauges the intricate movements of the ball and putter across a diverse array of simulated courses, encompassing various weather conditions and green velocities.

Elevating your putting prowess, the EX500D model boasts an assortment of practice modes and interactive games meticulously crafted to enhance your skills. These encompass exercises targeting speed control, distance precision, and accuracy refinement. Additionally, a range of games awaits, pitting you against fellow players or offering opportunities to practice on iconic courses.

Exputt prioritizes user-friendliness in both setup and operation. Its instinctive interface empowers you to tailor your experience while seamlessly tracking your developmental journey. Remarkably compact and effortlessly portable, it seamlessly transitions from your abode to the workplace, or even to a golf simulator hub.



What’s Contained in the Package:

  • Putting Mat
  • High-Speed Camera
  • Camera Stand & Mount
  • AC Adapter
  • USB to HDMI Cable
  • Remote Control


Specifications at a Glance:

Measured Data Points:

  • Putter face angle (during impact)
  • Launch trajectory
  • Distance covered

Software Game Modes:

  • Practice across varying distances
  • Engage in 9 distinct holes
  • Live online challenges against others

Camera Dimensions: 4.25″ x 1.25″ Mat Dimensions: 40″ x 12″ Cable Length: 6′, supporting 1080P HDMI output

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