Exputt RG®Real-time Putting Simulator-EX500D-Game Changer-Guaranteed to lower Your Putts


  • EXputt Real-Time Putting Simulator brings green life to you and feels you like a natural green.
  • You can easily use it as it has an ultra-speed camera and innovative tracking technology.
  • You can be more fun with this non-complicated putting experience from installation to putting.
  • It measures your ball as well as putter movements in a wide variety of simulator courses and green speeds.
  • It will give putting experience to the next level for sure.


You will be in the right place if you want to know about EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator. In this guide, I will explain some details about benefits, pricing, product comparison, etc. Just read the guide below to understand EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator.

ExPutt is a good simulator where you can get a golf-playing experience. It will give a good experience by measuring your putt, including a putting Mat and tracking Camera, and train you in challenges and games.

Practicing it lowers your handicap, makes your putting more accurate, and experience the challenge you are facing. With this Big Moss Augusta 410 V2 Putting, you can easily measure you’re putting accurately.

What's included?

  • EX Putt Putting Mat
  • EX Putt Tracking Camera
  • Camera Stand + Camera Rod Holder
  • Tracking Stickers
  • HDMI to Mini HDMI Cable
  • Remote Control
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator

Key Features:

  • This EXPutt is a FunFun, hassle-free simulator with various modes and greens.
  • You can practice distance control with these varied modes.
  • It has various green and slopes which you feel like natural green
  • It is hassle-free, and you can easily set it up, and storage is well.
  • It has tour-level green speed and conditions.
  • You will get an Ultra speed camera and measure your ball movement.
  • It has a low plastic stopper, which brings the ball back and cancels noise for putts up to 20 yards.
  • You can play the game in any season, like spring, summer, and even winter modes.
  • You can use this putter like a mouse cursor, navigate the software, and use a remote to give more Control.
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator

What IT Tracks:

This is equipped with Ultra Speed Camera, the Big Moss Country Club 612 V2 Putting Green can accurately measure your ball and club facing.

EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator


  • It will accurately measure and analyze ball speed and direction in real time.
  • You can quickly diagnose the open or closed club face angle.
  • It also analyses your putter direction at the moment of impact.
  • You can soon analyze putting the path to improve your consistency.
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator
EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator

Exputt Camera's Installation height:


ExPutt is an online golf simulator that allows golfers to practice their putting from the comfort of their homes. It uses augmented reality technology and a cutting mat to accurately replicate the conditions of a real-life putting green. To use ExPutt, golfers place the putting MatMat on the floor, switch on the virtual reality headset, and start playing.

ExPutt can track a player’s strokes and provide feedback on accuracy and power. It also features a range of FunFun and interactive mini-games to help players hone their skills. With ExPutt, golfers can improve their putting game without ever having to set foot on the green.

Generally, it costs $469.00, bringing green to life in your living room. It can be easy to set up and simple to use. It uses a high-speed camera and innovative software to trackball movements. Buy Here

Putting with simulators is becoming increasingly popular for golfers looking to improve their game. These simulator machines use advanced technologies to track a golfer’s swing and provide detailed feedback on their performance. Golfers can practice and refine their putting stroke using a simulator in a controlled environment.

Simulators can also help golfers identify areas of improvement in their putting, such as tempo, alignment, and backswing length. Additionally, many simulators have a variety of courses and practice settings, allowing golfers to practice their putting game in various conditions. In short, placing with a simulator can be an effective and efficient way for golfers to refine their skills and improve their overall game.

PuttView cost ranges from $23,000 to $33,000 for the Professional Series and $12,000 for the P7 Home Series.

Longer putting contests are easy to pull off at any golf tournament. Select a hole and display a proximity marker on the green.

The short answer here is quite simple. The simulator tracks the ball using a sensor on the ball and a high-tech camera. It’s like a TrackMan for your putter. Having gone through a putter fit with a putting simulator, it’s much more FunFun than you might imagine.

Golf simulators are about 90% accurate on average. However, some golf simulators have precise measurements that will be over 95% accurate. An authentic golf simulator would fall in most recreational golfers’ 94-98% accuracy range.

You will need a green moss putting MatMat to make it a more accurate and realistic experience for top-rated results.

Yes, EXPutt can be set up quickly and requires no technical expertise. All you need to do is connect the Camera with the HDMI cable and roll out the green moss mat to get started.

EXPutt offers high accuracy as compared to other real-time putting simulators. It can provide accurate ball speed, swing path, direction, and trajectory data.

EXPutt allows you to play in seasons, including spring, summer, and winter modes, to make your experience more realistic and fun.

EXPutt simulator includes a cutting mat, a high-speed camera with stand and mount, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter.

Yes, you can be as experimental with EXPutt as you want. It works smoothly on both short and long distances and simulates different modes.

Yes, the EXPutt simulator is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

EXPutt is a highly innovative simulator based on advanced technology to analyze your ball and putter movement at every step with deep accuracy. You can make every stroke consistent with innovative features.

The EXPutt putting simulator offers three modes: classic, multi, and explorer.

Yes, you can choose the multiplayer options for a real-time putting experience.

EXPutt is one of the top simulator games available to provide various slopes and greens for an enhanced real-time experience. You can enjoy the rich features to have FunFun while playing.

Yes, you can use EXPutt to practice specific shots, such as uphill putts, downhill putts, and breaking putts.

EXPutt provides instant and detailed feedback on your putting stroke, including clubhead speed, ball speed, and direction.

EXPutt has an ultra-speed camera and Big Moss Country Club 612 V2 Putting Green to track every movement accurately.

Yes, EXPutt can be used to improve your putting speed. You can practice on EXPutt to get accurate feedback on your putts’ speed by practicing at different rates and distances.

EXPutt offers multiple courses for users with unique features and difficulty levels.

Yes, EXPutt is a wifi-enabled real-time simulator game to help receive automatic software updates for the best performance.

Several options are available online for real-time simulators. However, EXPutt is known for its accuracy and user-friendly Control to provide optimum results. It comes with advanced functionalities to make your putting experience more FunFun.

No, the simulator doesn’t offer any guidelines for beginners. However, you can use instant feedback to improve your putting game.

You can get EXPutt real-time putting simulators at the best prices by visiting the official website.

You can use the feedback and data to work on your weak areas to improve your consistency.

Simulations can be designed as games, but it doesn’t have to be. A simulation is a recreation of a situation you might encounter that requires you to solve problems and make decisions that mimic what you would have to do in the game.

Real-time simulation and testing encompass rapid control prototyping, DSP and vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

Realism can make a simulation more FunFun, straightforward, and educational. A realistic simulation can be more FunFun because it feels familiar and relevant. Authenticity also makes it clear to users what they are supposed to do.

The result of a simulation is precise but only sometimes exact. Often, however, the reasoner can handle the level of precision that a simulation provides. Consider, for example, a child who has built a tower of blocks and plans on knocking it down by hitting it with another block.

A simulation is used in many contexts, such as simulating performance tuning or optimization technology, security engineering, testing, training, education, and video games. Simulation is also used with the scientific modeling of natural or human systems to understand better how they work, such as in economics.

Simulations and games are more effective in transferring learning to students than case studies. Young managers who have used video games since childhood appreciate simulations and games more than case studies; they also learn more through simulations and games.

Cost-effectiveness: Teams can perform mobile testing cheaply with simulators and emulators since some are free to download from the internet.
Debugging adequacy: While testers may find capturing errors on real devices complex, virtual devices make it easier with the debugging features available.

The difference, respectively, is that one emulates (replicates or reproduces) the software, hardware, and operating system of the actual mobile device to test and debug applications within another platform. Software/hardware, while the other simulates (mimics or mimics) the internal behavior.