BIG MOSS Michael Breed’s “Let’s Do This!” Training Green


  • The green is set up for both a right & left handed putting stations
  • The unique upgraded backstops on the “Let’s Do This” Green allow for use of The String Drill. This drill allows you to align a string above the intended path of the ball to use for guidance and reference
  • As well as targeting and guiding the putting stroke itself. The string drill can be used for both straight and breaking putts.


Big Moss Michael Breed Let's Do This! Training Green

Michael Breed personally designed this training green and named it Let’s Do This! This model uses a string drill to level the putter. This training green has three holes, two regular-sized and one small size 2″ holes. A string is connected to the backstops at either end of the green.

The string runs directly over the hole gives a perfect alignment to the ball and hole. Thus, made the putting simple. Place the ball under the string, and do the put. Once you are done, try the smaller hole, which lies between the two regular-sized holes. Once you mastered the string hole and the small hole, the other one without the string is just a piece of cake for you.

BIG MOSS Michael Breeds Lets Do This Training Green

3′ x 10′ is the dimension of this training green.