BIG MOSS Competitor Pro TW V2 Putting Green


  • The Big Moss Competitor Pro Series Putting Green allows you to challenge yourself with progressively smaller holes while building confidence in your stroke and aim.
  • The TW Series Competitor model comes with 3 holes on each side, allowing you to putt and chip both ways.
  • No more bunching or bubbling with the new wrinkle-free rubber backed surface. The heavier mat now lays flat even over carpet.


BIG MOSS Competitor Pro TW V2 Putting Green

You have probably heard of Michael Breed, if you have been into the Golf Game for a long time. Michale Breed, is a popular instructor on Golf Channel, had his expert hands in creating several products of Big Moss, and he himself uses a Big Moss Competitor V2.

Big Moss Competitor V2 is an all in one putting green. Though it is designed to play putting you can play the other short game, “the chipping”. All you need to do is to add the chipping mat when you need it. This Competitor V2 has a dimension of 3′ W x 9′ L. This may look small until you stand on its edge and start putting.

This model includes three different size holes, a regular size cup, a 3″ cup, and a smaller 2″ cup. The 3″ and 2″ cups are to increase the player’s accuracy of putting. It is a proven methodology; when you practice on a smaller hole and master it, the holes on the real green will look like a pothole to you.


Big Moss is built by durable material to last longer than your existing putting green. Also, its rubber-backed green surface ensures a wrinkle-free putting surface, even when it is placed on an uneven surface.

The rubber-backed green lays on a firm foam-based foundation, which is designed with a slight inclination. However, the green surface can be removed off from the foundation and layer on any other surfaces, such as concrete, grass, backyard, or carpet, to add more versatility to the putting game.

As aforementioned, bent grass on most of the real courses rolls the ball in 8-14 in the stimpmeter. Ultimately, all the Big Moss greens fall on 11 in the stimpmeter, of course, the Competitor V2 too. So you get the true-roll in the comfort of your home.

Only a few models of Big Moss have blunt edges while the rest of the models have round edges, which gives a real-golf course feel. With the competitor V2, there comes a foam-based backstop that can be attached to the foundation behind the cup side. The backstop is Velcro based and can be attached and removed whenever a player wants it to.

The Break Snake is another attachment to the model. The break snake is a foam piece or chunk that can be used under the green to create terrains of different types. Break Snake bring fun and challenge to your practice game instantly.

With the Competitor V2, there comes a chipping mat, which can be attached or removed anytime. You can play average distance chipping with this chipping mat either kept intact or away from the green.