What is RainorShineGolf’s SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $9999.00? Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the SkyTrak Swingbay Package in my home has made my commitment to practice much more convenient and productive. The Swing feedback has shown to be key to improving my game

– Kevin W | United States

What’s your Setup Look like?

golf simulator review - skytrak swingbay golf simulator package

Do you stop in the halfway remembering the cost every time you think of setting an indoor golf simulator?

Ironically, you are not alone. Actually, many people are like you. They always wanted to set a Golf Simulator at home to practice their game.

For that, they go online and kart all that need to set the simulation from different vendors. But, when they see the total value of their kart, they simply stunned and quit the purchase.

What made them quit the purchase? Is it the price that usually exceeds the five-digit figure? No, not particularly. The concern of the price is one of several reasons. Such is, people are interested in setting up an indoor golf simulator, but they don’t know which is a good simulator and simulation package.

Somehow, if they manage to land on some products, they don’t know that’ll work with their home interior. Sometimes, they don’t know which type of turf could be used, what technology, software, and gadgets they need for a simulator. All they know is to buy a simulator, and it might not end well after the purchase.

In such a situation, one can opt for golf simulator packages like SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulation Package that falls under the four-figure price tag.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Overview

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator requires minimum space for its setup at home, unlike other products that take most of your space. With its high-end technology, a golfer can get an amazing experience of an indoor golf game. There is no need to afraid of bad swing habits that could possibly reflect on the real fairway. Because SkyTrak SwingBay keeps it that way.

SkyTrak comes with a launch monitor that works by photometric technology, which helps real-time golf simulation with accurate launch data. SkyTrak launch monitor is a wireless mobile device that comes with you wherever you take it. By the way, a professional launch monitors other than SkyTrak could cost you 5-10x the price with fewer features.

It can be connected to any mobile devices like mobile phones, iPads, and laptops. Also, with your desktops, consoles, and projectors completely wireless.

Skytrak Launch Monitors collects data like ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, side spin, backspin, and flight angle to screen the result accurately and instantly on your screen.

With its advanced algorithms, SkyTrak can be more than a golf simulator that gives a golfer the real experience of a golf course. That’s why Golf Digest chose SkyTrak as the winner of the best value Golf Simulator since 2017.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – What Included in the Package

With the Skytrack SwingBay Golf Simulator package, you get

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Protective Case
  • Game Improvement Software
  • SwingBay Simulator Screen and Enclosure
  • Choice of Hitting Mat
  • Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector
  • Ceiling Projector Mount
  • 25′ 1080p HDMI Cable
  • Side Barrier Netting
golf simulator review - skytrak swingbay golf simulator package


SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – PRO Features

SkyTrack Launch Monitor helps you analyze around 11 different parameters of your golf game. Those parameters will help you to improve your game seamlessly and show off in the upcoming golf season. SkyTrak benefits newbie golfer and saves them from future embarrassments.

The Launch monitor is portable and wireless. Its fully charged battery could run for 5 hours straight and keep the fun on. SkyTrak is the best choice for practicing games, fun challenges with friends and family, and learning for newbies.

Extensively connectable with mobile devices and compete in design

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Game Improvement Software

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews.com

Subscribing to SkyTrak’s game improvement plan is worth the money you spent on it. The Game Improvement Plan includes various assessments like

Longest Drive Contest that puts the player in a driving content in which he/she can contest with fellow golfers. From this contest, golfers can evaluate their drive shot for distance and accuracy.

Closest to the Pin Contest and target practice is the other set of contests you can get to improve the swing accuracy based on the ball flight data. From the game improvement plan, a golfer can get skills assessments, bag mapping, session history, progress tracking, charts, and graphs of the player. This plan challenges the player by setting different turf conditions like soft and firm, environmental conditions like wind speed, and humidity that can help the player to master the game. It also lets the players play on many world-famous golf courses in the comfort of their homes.

From Rain or Shine golf, this SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan is coming with the package pre-installed.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Screen and Enclosure

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews.com

Though you have a simulator and connected with your mobile device, it couldn’t match the feel of playing before a screen. But, a powerful drive shot will tear off a low-quality screen. From the SwingBay package, you get a built to last, heavy-duty, high definition screen with an enclosure to give you a real studio feel.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Side Barrier Net

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews.com

The package seems to prevent you from breaking things with your mishits with a side barrier net. Do a mishit, and you understand the importance of a barrier net when playing indoor.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Choice of Hitting Mats

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews.com

Of course, you need a hitting mat for the simulation game. But, the mat you practice on, defines your result.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulation package comes with a 4′ wide x 5′ deep SwingTurf golf mat, which is spacious enough to stand on and swing the club. If you feel the size doesn’t suit you, then you can opt for a slightly bigger one with 9′ wide x 4′ deep.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Optoma 1080p HD Short-Throw Projector and Ceiling mount

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews.com

The package also includes a high-definition projector from Optoma. A right projector affixed to your ceiling will improve the simulation game. The package comes with a ceiling mount that allows tilting the projector 30 degrees up, down, right, and left for better positioning.

25′ 1080p HDMI cable comes along with the package to connect your devices with your devices.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Cons

As stated before, the SkyTrak launch monitor is extensively portable. However, the other accessories that come in the SwingBay package are not portable.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package – Shipping

Usually, the product shipped out within 1 to 3 business days. Due to the COVID-19, the delivery may take a little more time than usual.

Our final thoughts,

Rain or Shine Golf is truly enabling the beginner to learn the golf game at the comfort of their home. For that, they are offering this SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package for $9999.

The average size of the SwingBay hitting screen is 8′ tall and 10’3″ wide. Hence you don’t need a larger area to set it up. You can simply place the launch monitor in front of the ball and swing the club, and the rest will be shown up on the screen. This is what a real-time golf simulation is called.

If you wish to get this SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator, then get it from rain or Shine Golf. So you can buy a Golf simulator tech bundle that includes a gaming laptop, a SwingShield, Projector Floor Mount Enclosure, and a Turf landing pad together with the package, which will make you a simulation game experience awesome.