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The size may not always matter. But, when it comes to the context of golf mats, yes, of course, the size does matter.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Is your love for the golf game extends all the way from earth to the moon and then to Mars?

Then you might have already known how rigorous practicing would enhance your game.

But, another thing you are aware of is, you cannot always practice on golf courses.

But, practicing is crucial. A golf mat can solve that issue along with a simulation enabled launch monitor.

Simulators are the best-known alternatives for playing golf other than courses. But they need proper equipment and a good golf mat.

In simulation games, golf mats dominate the efficiency of every shot. Choosing them is always challenging, even for pro players.

Sometime, you might be stuck in halfway choosing a golf mat.

The size might be the first reason you coin for stepping back. Here, this article will help you how to choose a good golf mat that suits you in the best way.

A good golf mat should assist you in all possible manners; it should not care when and where.

If you are buying a mat, then you might have already decided which space of your house should be turned to be a play area.

But, a mat should go beyond and can fit in any place, such as the garage, basement, back yard, rooftop, or portico. For that, you don’t need to measure your house again.

Method one:

All you need to do is to take your club out and swing it as you do on the course, but slowly for the first time.

Observe how much space your swing requires and does the swing has any potential to break any stuff around the play area.

Look like all things good? Then, now swing your club again, but this time faster as you do a powerful drive.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Now, you may have the conclusion that a mat size should be directly proportional to your height. See, there is no need for calculation!

Method two:

Map your space using sticky tapes on the floor to draw a rectangle. Now stand inside it and swing the club.

You can clearly see the results that, how much space you are taking from the rectangle.

Remap the rectangle to find the exact size for you and your club.

Such experiments would help you in choosing the correct size of mats.


How big of a golf mat do I need

Now, you know the size that you need.

There are three different sizes of mats in the market, which are common across the United States of America and the rest of the world.

You can select one from those existing sizes, so you can save a lot of time from ordering a custom made golf mat.

Standard Size Golf Mats

Standard size golf mats are great for simulation games. Their size range in width, from 3′-4′, and in length, from 4′-8′. Some examples are Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat – 4′ x 7′ and TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Standard size mats always come with a stance area, a hitting area, and space to place any launch monitors like SkyTrak and OptiShot.

However, if you are playing on a simulator, the mat won’t cover your entire bay area.

So, your ball lands roughly after hitting the hitting screen, unless you have a carpet covering your floor or a landing turf.

These mats are comfortable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

So, you can use them in your home, garage, basement, or backyard.

These standard mats will always fall in the minimum space requirement category.

So, they can fit in minimum space and are extremely portable.

Also, they are affordable.

Oversize Golf Mats

The oversized golf mats are usually longer and wider than the standard size mats.

Their size varies in length from 8′-12′ and in width from 6′-10′.

Some examples are the Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green and the Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat.

How big of a golf mat do I need

These mats mostly come with a centered hitting area and stance area on each side of the hitting area.

Sometimes, the mats are accompanied by putting greens.

These mats are designed to cover the entire simulation bay area between the screen and you.

So, your ball lands like a feather.

Like the standard mats, these oversize mats can also be ported from place to place.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor games, and subtle for games that include launch monitors.

These mats can accommodate both righties and lefties.

The Complete Cover Golf Mats

These complete cover golf mats are not just mats, they are luxury, in most cases, and they are the envy of your friends.

If you love to assign a complete room in your house for a simulation studio, you can definitely opt for these complete cover golf mats.

How big of a golf mat do I need

These mats could cover the entire area of a room with its green turf to turn you indoor into a golf course.

You can play drive games and shot games like putting and chipping.

Installing these mats with a best in class simulators will offer any player an out-of-the-world experience of a simulation game.

Where to find a good golf mats?

The size of mats that you need depends on the space you assign for them in your house.

There are many brands that are making great golf mats, but, you need to find a better retailer who can offer a guarantee and warranty.

In this case, America’s top-rated retailers named RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf are the best choice, where one can get various offers and financial aids on any purchase.

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