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Flightscope (Mevo, Mevo+, X3) Golf launch monitor and Golf Simulator – Which is the best? Read this before buying a Flightscope launch monitor now

flightscope mevo mevo plus x3 golf launch monitors

Flightscope (Mevo, Mevo+, and X3) - Which is the best?

There was a time when only people with good fortune could purchase indoor golf equipment like golf launch monitors. Not that time has long gone and died in halfway.

The reason, the indoor golf market has evolved to host various private players, like FlightScope.

Should a golf simulator set up cost 49,999 American Dollars? Certainly, it shouldn’t, denies Flightscope with its new low cost golf launch monitor some years ago. And that totally changed the way of indoor golf market since then.

  • EDH Doppler is the parent company of FlightScope. EDH Doppler was started in 1989, and it produced world-class quality Doppler radar instruments for short-range ballistic and muzzle velocity measurements for defence purposes. EDH Doppler radars applications are being widely used in around 30 countries.
  • FlightScope has been EDH’s reasonable startup venture as the company already had vast experience in dealing with radar technology. They found sports would be an astounding place to apply their knowledge of Doppler radar technology other than defence. Not the EDH doppler is using the tech in games like Golf, Cricket, Baseball and Tennis.
  • Apart from the other games, FlightScope has a special recognization in golf. Its launch monitors are being used widely by top golf instructors, tour players, equipment manufacturers, and even club fitters.

Here we talks about the FlightScope Golf launch monitors, its models, and their efficiency in shaping indoor golf. Also, this article combines a shot buying guide to help you choose the right golf launch monitor for your practice session.

In Hurry?

  • X3 Launch Monitor
  • Complete Simulator studio
  • SIGPRO premium screen
  • Projector and cables
  • E6 Special license with 5 courses

What do you know about Flightscope Golf Launch Monitors & Golf Simulator ?

flightscope mevo mevo plus x3 golf launch monitors

Almost every golf launch monitor from FlightScope are based on Doppler radar technology. There are three models of golf simulators produced by FlightScope so far that have impacted the industry. They are

Flightscope - Mevo Golf Launch Monitor

Meet the most portable (tiny) golf Launch monitor under $500

The FlightScopeMevo uses radar to track a ball. So it needs enough space to set up tracking. The unit should be placed behind the hitting zone about 4-7 feet. This amount of space requirement makes this FlightScopeMevo an outdoor compatible launch monitor rather than the indoors. But it is possible to use this in your living room or basement if you had enough space for it.

flightscope mevo launch monitor review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

As it uses 3D Doppler radar-based technology, it can be used for simulation too.

SkyTrak launch monitor has been mostly acclaimed for its accuracy in collecting shot metrics close to professional-grade launch monitors. But this Mevo’s accuracy is almost close to SkyTrak’s.

It can connect with smartphones through FlightScope mobile app, which helps record your swing to replay it with the stats.

This one can be best used for practice outdoors.

It works on a battery that stands for about 8 hours on a single charge.

For the price of just $499, the FlightScopeMevo can offer you the most out of it for the price you’re paid for it.

What I Like?

You don’t have to spend $10,000 to get a good launch monitor anymore.

Why I don't

Only marked balls should be used with FlightScopeMevo.

Where to Buy Flightscope Mevo Golf Launch Monitor?

Flightscope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Golf Launch Monitor

Meet the industry-leading game improvement feature launch monitor for $1999
flightscope mevo plus retractable golf simulator reviews - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Maybe FlightScopeMevo has been too much entry-level; that’s why FlightScope came up with an upgrade called Mevo+.

The Mevo+ is a slightly bigger launch monitor than the Mevo. However, it has a size that is similar to an iPad.

Everything is a Plus about this Mevo+ when it is compared to the Mevo. Though this Mevo+ is working by the same 3D Doppler radar concept, it comes with an internal camera for easy target alignment.

Key Features:

Like the Mevo, this Mevo+ should also be positioned about 4-7 feet behind the hitting zone square to the ball.

Though this upgraded model is closely related to the entry-level, it can garner about 16 shot metrics close to some professional-grade launch monitors that cost around $5000.

The shot parameters Mevo+ collects are,

  • Carry distance
  • Clubhead speed
  • Smash factor
  • Apex height
  • Ball speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Vertical launch angle
  • Horizontal launch angle
  • Angle of attack
  • Lateral landing
  • Total distance
  • Roll distance
  • Spin loft
  • Spin Axis
  • Shot Shape

Along with FlightScope made mobile applications, this Mevo+ can coordinate with the famous E6 Connect golf simulation tool because it’s a simulation ready launch monitor.

It has different traits for iOS. For example, it comes with five simulated golf courses.

Also, it includes 17 pre-installed driving ranges.

Its reliable wi-fi connection ensures its portability. It’s truly wireless.

It comes with a kickstand for easy positioning.

It’s a bit overpriced. It cost $1,999.

Where to Buy Flightscope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Golf Launch Monitor?

Flightscope X3 Golf Launch Monitor

Meet the Fusion Tracking technology with extensive data analysis under $15000

FlightScope X3 Golf launch monitor is the newest addition to the launch monitors series of FlightScope. It’s being acclaimed as the best by professionals and PGA instructors recently. It is also being used by some professionals, says some authentic reports.

It is said that this X3 is the most sophisticated system from FlightScope. It evaluates almost every part of a golf swing and offers complete analysis to a golfer.

Key Features:

  • X3 track the ball with a patented technology called “Fusion Tracking” that combines 3D tracking radar and image processing cameras for the finest data accuracy.
  • It records your shot video and plays it with data overlay. It gives you the perfect perspective of your shot that will help you improve it.

Worrying about playing on a windy course? Worry no more. With X3, you can optimize your environmental conditions with its EO feature. Environmental factors you can change are altitude, humidity, relative landing height, wind direction, wind speed, and air temperature. It lets you prepare for all weather conditions.

Unlike its predecessors, this X3 can collect more than 50 shot metrics that include Full Swing, Putting, and Chipping parameters.

Do you have a problem with your wedge shots? That’s why the X3 launch monitor comes with a Wedge D-Plane data feature to offer the most accurate wedge D-Plane data.

You can set data margins with the help of the FlightScope X3 Phone App to improve your consistency.

The FlightScope X3 golf launch monitor accompanies an E6 Connect golf simulation software package that includes five famous golf courses and 17 driving ranges.

flightscope x3 golf launch monitor review bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews6 min

X3 connects with smartphones and tablets through a 5GHz wi-fi band.

The X3 also allows you to add more cameras to create different views to understand your shot.

What are the best Golf Simulator Packages for flightscope launch monitor?

Though it seems easy and affordable to buy a FlightScope launch monitor except for X3, setting up a complete golf simulation set up at home might cost you some unexpected “large”. May spending too much on building a golf simulator is because of purchasing the accessories separately each time. But, the cost can be cut off efficiently if you choose to go with pre-built packages.

Though FlightScope has three different models, Mevo+ has been used widely, and it has more golf simulator packages in its name.

Flightscope Mevo+ and Training Golf Simulator Package – $3549.99

It’s a golf simulator package specially designed for practicing.

The Package includes,

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor,
  • USB Charging Cable,
  • Carrying Pouch and Free App for Mobile Device
  • 50 Metallic Stickers
  • E6 simulation Software Package (5 Courses, 17 Practice Ranges)
  • Choice of Golf Net Side Barrier Netting 
  • Net Return 6′ x 10′ Pro Turf Mat
  • Two Rubber Tee’s – 1.75″ and 2.25″
  • Duffle Bag (For storing and transporting net)

Flightscope Mevo+ and Flex Space Golf Simulator Package – $6174.99

Perfect for those want a golf simulator at home but don’t have a dedicated space for it.

The Package includes,

  • Mevo+ Launch Monitor, USB Charging Cable, Carrying Pouch and Free App for Mobile Device
  • 50 Metallic Stickers*
  • E6 simulation Software Package (5 Courses, 17 Practice Ranges)
  • HomeCourse Pro Retractable Screen
  • Pro Turf Mat
  • Optoma 1080p HD ST Golf Simulator Projector
  • Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure
  • 15’L HDMI Cable & Lightning to HDMI Adapter
  • HomeCourse Accessories Included: Ceiling Mount Kit, Wireless Remote, Easy Reach Pole, Charging Cables
flightscope-mevo-plus-and-flex-space-golf-simulator-package-bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereview-610x610 (1)

Flightscope Mevo, Mevo+, X3 Golf Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Buying Guide

We have seen a lot about FlightScope launch monitors and golf simulator packages that works fine with the brand. However, I should enlighten you with some general information to help you buy the right golf simulator at the best price.

Let us start from scratch.

The Basics of a Golf Simulator:

Setting up a golf simulator starts with knowing the necessary accessories to set up a golf simulator. The price and luxury come next. As a matter of fact, there are numerous budget golfers across the nation. Hence, luxury may not be an option for them. But, it is possible to find the right accessories to build a perfect golf simulation set up under any budget.

Basic Accessories of a golf Simulator?

Golf launch monitor: Of course, a golf launch monitor is the heart of a golf simulator set up. A launch monitor is a device that records a shot and analyzes it with mathematical algorithms to provide data on how you performed the shot. Some golf simulators are enabled to simulate.

A golf mat: Of course, you cannot grow grass on your house’s concrete floor just to play golf on it. However, you can invest in artificial grass that becomes the tee box of your indoor golf sessions.

A hitting net or screen: You cannot hit the ball onto a bare wall; it’ll repel the shot and let the ball break your favourite stuff in your house. So, you need something to stop the ball, which may be a multisport net or impact screen.

A golf projector: For a complete studio-type golf simulator set up, a projector is an inevitable part. The projector helps project the simulation on the impact screen and creates a golf course like feel at home.

A landing pad turf: There are golf mats that are large enough to cover the whole play area. However, some branded golf mats are often smaller and unable to cover the space between you and the screen, leaving an open space where the ball drops and bounces off. This issue can be solved with a landing pad turf that looks exactly like a golf mat.

Side barrier netting: A side barrier netting system helps you keep the ball in the bay, which can be retrieved in much less effort.

A PC or a Smartphone: A PC or a smartphone that connects with a projector plays an important role in building a golf simulator.

So, these are the basic accessories to build a golf simulator set up at home.

Now let us look at how to choose them in brief.

The Golf Launch Monitor:

Modern golf launch monitors are of two types, camera-based and radar-based. Though there are other types of launch monitors, the above two are being widely used.

Though camera-based launch monitors are found to be the best in accuracy, the accuracy and efficiency vary from brand to brand along with their price, which is usually higher than radar-based launch monitors.

However, many radar-based launch monitors in the market resemble a similar accuracy level to a photometric launch monitor. Moreover, except for a few, most of the radar-based launch monitors are portable and affordable.

The best photometric (Camera-based) launch monitors are SkyTrak golf launch monitor and Foresight Sports GC series. The best radar-based launch monitors are TrackMan, FlightScope, and Swing Caddie.

A Golf hitting Mat:

golf hitting mats min 300x150 1

A golf mat is the most important accessory if you plan to set up a golf simulator in your basement or living room. Golf mats come in different sizes and qualities. However, the basic lookout while buying a golf mat is its density. You cannot expect the divot your club leaves on soft grass to resemble a golf mat. But you need to expect a faking divot. The best golf mat will prevent club recoil and wrist injury in the best way possible. Hence, whatever the size of a golf mat you choose, always keep an eye on its density and depth.

The Golf Hitting Impact Screens:

golf impact screen min

The impact screen is another crucial accessory for building a golf simulator. The impact screen serves as an object for projecting simulation video and prevents the ball from bouncing off the play area.

Impact screens with enclosures are sometimes costly, but if you are looking for a budget golfing experience, you can choose a multisport netting system that works just fine for indoor golfing. The downside is, you cannot project videos on it.

The Golf Projectors:


A projector has no place in a golf simulation set up built for practice alone. The reason, the practice package always accompanies a multisports net rather than a complete impact screen. But in any case, you will buy a complete studio-grade simulation package, then never miss the projector.

There are shot throw projector and standard throw projectors. Though the standard throw sounds like the best fit, a short-throw projector would do better by creating no shadow and keeping the play area clutter-free.

A Side barrier Netting

Screenshot 2022 02 03 at 17 26 06 the net return universal side barriers pro series v2 and home series v2 and classic the n... min

A side barrier netting system may come with a golf simulator package. But it would be helpful if you add one if there isn’t one in the Package you purchased. Side barrier netting system helps you keep the ball in the bay. And if you are an avid Shaker, you would be glad to add aside barrier netting to your simulation setup.

A landing pad turf:

Some golf balls are really hard enough to break stuff. So eliminating the chances for it to bounce off the play area is necessary. A landing pad turf, which looks just like the golf mat but thinner, would be your best chance to keep the ball from bouncing. A landing pad turf offers the ball a safe landing and enhances the look of the entire setup.


The term, Budget Golfing, is becoming the talk of the town. The days the emphasized golf is for elites had long gone now. Technological development from a brand like FlightScope has shaped the indoor golf industry and help reach the game to everyone.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get a golf simulation package today and start improving the swings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the data parameters provided by Mevo+ Launch Monitor?

FlightScopeMevo+ is just an upgraded mevo. The upgrade helps the launch monitor to collect more than 14 shot metrics such as,

Carry distance

Club Head Speed

Smash factor

Apex height

Flight time

Vertical launch angle

Horizontal launch angle

Ball speed

Angle of attack

Lateral landing

Total distance

Roll distance

Spin rate

Spin Axis

Spin loft

Shot shapes

2. Why do I need to use metallic stickers on the golf ball with Mevo+?

The Mevo+ launch monitor is capable of collecting ball spin and shot shape parameters. Unlike photometric technology, which uses a camera to see the ball, Mevo+ uses radar that lets it feel the ball and better. The metallic sticker will help the launch monitor feel the spin and shape of the ball better. However, metallic stickers are not necessary when the device is used for an on-course session.

3. What is the purposes of the Mevo+ launch monitor’s in-built camera?

FlightScope is famous for its world-class implementation of Doppler radar in its launch monitors. But as a recent addition, FlightScopeMevo+ launch monitors bear an in-built camera, leaving many FlightScope users sceptical. It’s easy to think that the camera involves in ball tracking along with the radar. But the purpose of having a camera in Mevo+ launch monitors is only for sensor alignment. The camera helps the launch monitor sensors to properly align with the ball to be hit.

4. How do flightscope Mevo+ record Shot Videos?

Though an in-built camera comes with the Mevo+ launch monitors, it has nothing to do with recording your shot. The best the Mevo+ can do to record your shot is to combine it with a smartphone. It does that through the FlightScope Golf Application for both iOS and Android.

The Mevo+ synchronizes its radar with the smartphone through the FS Golf App. Then it automatically records each shot by taping the smartphone’s camera and replay the shot with shot metrics overlay.

5. How the Mevo+ recorded shot video helps your game?

Mevo+ is not a single place launch monitor. The unit is extremely portable and works well both outdoors and indoors. If you have a simulation set up at home, you can connect the device to your PC and projector and simulate your game on a large screen. But there is another way to efficiently use this device: connecting the Mevo+ with your smartphone and recording a video of your shot on the course.

The shot video can be replayed with shot metrics overlay. The video will be your asset for a complete shot analysis to help you understand what is missing in your shot.

Moreover, you can save the shot video along with the data overlay for future reference.

6. How Mevo+ becomes extremely portable?

Mevo+ is the most portable-friendly launch monitor in today’s indoor golf market that houses countless brands of golf launch monitors. Unfortunately, only a few among the vast collection of launch monitors become extremely portable; Mevo+ is one among them.

Its dimensions are 6.8″ x 1.2″ x 4.6″, which is technically closer to the dimension of an iPad. And, it weighs only 1 lb. It sits tight and unfelt in your backpack or golf bag. It comes along with you wherever you go.

7. Why should I place the Mevo+ launch Monitor 8 feet behind the ball?

Almost every radar-based launch monitors need a lot of space between them and the ball to analyze a shot; the Mevo+ is not an exception.

The Mevo+ launch monitor needs to be placed 8 feet behind the tee location in an indoor setup. The same should be placed 7-9 feet behind the tee location in the outdoor setup. However, 7 feet behind the tee location is enough for the simulation setup.

The reason that Mevo+ needs this much space is to properly feel the ball and render accurate results.

8. What is the power source of FlightScopeMevo+ Golf Launch Monitor?

The major power source of FlightScopeMevo Golf Launch Monitor is its Li-ion battery that can work for more than 2 hours on a full charge. However, the same is decreased to 1.5 hours on simulation mode.

9. Does mevo+ integrate with third-party simulation software?

Yes, FlightScopeMevo+ can integrate with third-party simulation software. As mevo+ is already a simulation enabled launch monitor, it can integrate easily with third-party simulation software. However, TruGolf E6 Connect is the best tool to integrate with Mevo+.

The E6 Connect is the most affordable golf simulation software that features splendid graphics and course simulation.

The E6 connect five pre-installed golf courses that are famous such as Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, Aviara, and Belfry.

The E6 Connect comes with 17 driving ranges for practice and mini-games for fun, along with the courses.

The sad thing is, this E6 connect for Mevo+ is only for iOS users.

For PC users, tools like TGC (The Golf Club) and Creative Golf 3D can be integrated with Mevo+.

10. Should I buy a subscription to use FlightScopeMevo?

No, there is no subscription required to use the Mevo+ launch monitor. However, you may be required to buy a cloud storage space if your wish to. FlightScope provides cloud storage for everyone through, where the users are allowed to store their shot videos and access them wherever and whenever they want. FlightScope allows users to upload three videos per month. But, you may need to purchase more cloud space if you are planning to upload more videos.

11. How FlightScopeMevo+ differs from another radar-based launch monitor?

FlightScopeMevo is a unique launch monitor with enhanced radar technology, unlike the array technology commonly found in many radar-based launch monitors.

Unlike the other radar-based launch monitors, Mevo+ shows ultimate accuracy that can be compared to professional-grade launch monitors.

Almost every launch monitor from FlightScope is capable of establishing a connection with a smartphone or a PC for simulation. Such characteristics are uncommon in other radar-based launch monitors.

12. What is the difference between Trackman and FlightScopeMevo?

The TrackMan launch monitor is a famous radar-based launch monitor whose price spans over $25,000. It is said to be the most accurate radar-based launch monitor in the market. But the downside is, it is out of the price league of many enthusiastic golfers.

On the other side, there is FlightScopeMevo and Mevo+. Both mevo and mevo+ are radar-based launch monitors like the Trackman but at an affordable range. Though their accuracy isn’t matching the TrackMan, it is still the best for a professional golfer. They are smaller and portable, unlike the Trackman. They use Doppler radar to track the ball. In addition, they can connect with your smartphone to record short videos.

13. Where is the headquarters of FlightScope?

FlightScope is located in Orlando, Florida, which is considered crucial for the golf industry with many premium golf courses and spectacular places to spend quality time.

14. Which is the best FlightScope Launch Monitor?

FlightScope has three different launch monitors, mevo, mevo+ and X3. Here, the mevo is an entry-level launch monitor in a size that fits in your palm. The mevo+ is an upgraded version of mevo. It can do more than its predecessor and collect more data. In addition, it has an internal camera for alignment. The best thing about the mevos are they are affordable and can be afforded just under $1000.

The X3 is the latest addition of FlightScope, which is also radar-based. It has the accuracy level and price that is equal to TrackMan.

15. how does FlightScope Measures Ball Speed?

The FlightScopeMevo and Mevo+ is capable of measuring the ball speed by measuring the launch speed of the ball after the club gets in contact with the sweet spot on the ball.

16. Does FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ show Shot Shape?

Though the mevo+ and mevo are fairly good launch monitors, they are too basic to collect shot shape data which are highly available in high-end launch monitors.

17. Does flightscope mevo and flightscope Mevo+ collect total distance?

Mevo launch monitors of FlightScope track the ball performance only at the initial stage and mathematically derive the result. Hence, the mevo launch monitors can derive the carry distance of the ball based on the ball speed measured during the impact but not the total distance as the device doesn’t track the ball all the way to the hole.

18. How long does the flightscope mevo launch monitor work on a single charge?

On complete charging, the flightscope mevo launch monitor has the capacity to run for 4 hours but not the flightscope mevo+. The best thing about mevo launch monitors is they are energy conserving. The device will go to complete shutdown if there is no activity for five minutes straight.

19. How to use a flightscope mevo launch monitor?

There are many ways to use a FlightScope Mevo and flightscope Mevo+ launch monitor. flightscope Mevo launch monitors are made for both practice and play. You can take it to a course or driving range and record your on-course shots, or you can drill in your living room by setting the device 8 feet behind the hitting area.

20. Do I need the internet to record shot video with the flightscope Mevo launch monitor?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to record your shot video on flightscope mevo and flightscope mevo plus. All you need to do is sync the device with your smartphone and give camera access to the device.

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