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Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Hitting Mats and Putting Greens – Injury preventing – 300,000 Shot Guarantee – Honest Review and Buying Guide

Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Hitting Mats

Golf Practice Mats and Indoor Putting Greens by Fiberbuilt – Complete With A 300,000 Shot Guarantee! Do you know which golf hitting mat is being trusted by more than 5000 drive ranges and countless golfers across the world, for more than a couple decades now?

Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Hitting Mats

It’s, definitely, the FiberBuilt Golf Mats. This commercial-grade mat has become one of the most used golf mats among the simulation players since 1995.

The main advantage for which these mats are bought is for its shock-absorbing technology and reduction of terrible club bounce.

If you are curious about knowing FiberBuilt more, then keep down with this article as here it talks more about what Fiberbuilt is and how it enhances the game of a simulation player and how it lasts a lifetime.

But, before we move further on Fiberbuilt, you need to know what a simulation golf mat is, what types are there, and how to choose a better mat, for your simulation.

In Hurry? The Patented Design provides a much more realistic hitting experience because it allows cubhead to dig into the turf. Check this out with 4’x7′ Singled Sided Studio Mat here

What makes good golf hitting mat?

You should definitely not be practicing on your shiny wooden floor if you are about to play on simulation. By the way, you shouldn’t bring a real grass turf home from any golf course. That does look insane. But what can you do is to invest in good golf hitting the mat. In this case, the word better meant for hitting a mat that feels so real. This article doesn’t mind if you are a back yard player. Big thumbs up for you backyard players- you got a lot of grass back there.

Apart from a real feel, the mat should qualify to take all of your hardest shots. Sometimes, a hardest hit could tear a low-quality turf and leave you running to buy a patch for it.

That’s why you need to find a better hitting mat for your simulation. Literally, it needs to take the hit and lie, “I don’t care if you hit me again.” Many hitting mats are built for such a phenomenon.

But, everything doesn’t do the roll for a long period. So, you need a strong mat that lasts an eternity! Wait, that’s not what I meant, it won’t last that long to let your grandkids play on it.

Have you ever injured your wrist or your joint after a bad swing? That’s a terrible thing your club could do to you. A professional swing speed calculated by the USGA is 109 mph.

Just imagine your club striking a low-quality mat surface at that speed. The recoil shock will go up through your elbow and give a kick on the shoulder. That’s it, you’ll then throw off your club and probably looking for a physiotherapist.

A hitting mat that gives way to your club pass through it is advisably the better mat here. They are not hard to find these days.

The play area is the next requirement for a golf mat. A golf mat would look better if it allows you to stand on it and hit the ball.

You’ll get more balance while you’re hitting a ball standing on the same mat where the ball lies. Such character of a hitting mat will prevent you from developing bad swing habits.

After all, you are playing on a simulation only to improve your game.

Injury prevention should be the next level of consideration while buying a golf hitting mat. If you are taking a stance on the mat, it should provide you enough traction for you to do that.

Less traction between your shoes and the synthetic material, that is used on the mat, will sometime result in you slipping out of the mat. Yeah! That’s bad.

There are many brands of golf hitting the mat in the market. Every single mat has its different characteristics from others. However, we are only discussing Fiberbuilt hitting mats here.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – an Overview

  • There is a reason that this brand is constantly in the market since 1995.
  • The grip that gives a golfer standing on it will outlive every other brand in seconds.
  • These Fiberbuilt mats come in various sizes and use without compromising the players’ game quality.
  • Fiberbuilt is the most commonly used indoor simulation golf mats as it gives more accurate ball data for any launch monitor and any other golf simulation cameras.
  • The Fiberbuilt mats are also used on practice driving ranges.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – The Synthetic Grass of Fiberbuilt golf hitting Mats

  • The Fiberbuilt hitting mat’s synthetic grass is the most loved because of its realism to real grass.
  • The grass is made of monofilaments with some special blends to offer strength and durability to it.
  • This also reduces the friction on the mat to offer the club a smooth swing, which means iron or a wooden club or a wedge would sweep down through the grass without any recoil.
  • That’s how it replicates the real fairway inside your home.

While playing on a simulation with a launch monitor beside the ball club bounce is the one that spoils the sport. The bounce will manipulate the ball flight data instantly sending a shock wave across the mat. Fiberbuilt’s synthetic grass eliminates the situation of totally.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – A strong base underneath the turf:

CENTER HITTING Fiberbuilt Golf Mat & Putting Green

A strong base is the first step towards success. That’s why Fiberbuilt mats are coming with a rubber frame base with interlocking inserts in between, thanks to its modular design. The rubber base also provides great stability and a supportive footing.

Fiberbuilt hitting mats come mostly as portable mats that can be rolled and stored. So, there is no need to be concerned about space anymore. However, there are non-portable hitting mats made by Fiberbuilt and widely used by professionals.

For more comfortable portability, Fiberbuilt also makes flight deck practice mats. Regardless of their size, every mat comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – the Sizes of Hitting Mat

While talking size, actually there are many than you expect from Fiberbuilt. You may be in a requirement of a small mat or a large mat Fiberbuilt has got you covered.

7′ x 4′ Single Sided Studio Hitting Mat

4' X 7' FIBERBUILT SINGLE SIDED Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

This mat is a combination of a stance mat, a hitting area, and an extra panel to place your launch monitor or ball tray. The total dimension of the mat is 7′ wide and 4′ deep, which is actually a small mat. The combinations are a 4’x4′ performance Turf Stance Mat1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass, and an extra panel of 2’ x 4’ performance spacer mat. Along with the turfs, there will be a modular rubber foundation, which makes the entire setup easier to install in minutes. The hitting section comes with four tee holders in parallel to each other. This mat is suitable for a home golf studio that is more ideal for launch monitors like SkyTrak, Foresight, and Ernest Sports. And ultimately, this mat has the color of on-course green.

9′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat – Center-Hitting

4' X 9' CENTER HITTING Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat

Like the 7′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat this 9′ x 4′ mat has three sections such as two 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mats either side of a 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass with four tee holders. The unique idea of this mat is to accommodate both rights and left-hand players on a single mat. This mat can be more ideal for launch monitors like TrackMan and Flightscope.

10′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat – Double Hitting

10′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat – Double Hitting

This mat is a five combination mat that can accommodate both left-hand players and right-hand players on a single performance mat. This studio mat includes a 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mat at the center and on either side of the performance mat there is a 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass where one places the ball and hits. Finally, there is a 2’ x 4’ performance spacer mat attached to each end. Every combination is installed over the modular rubber frame. This mat is a perfect blend of durability and technology.

Square Performance Turf Tee Box

Square Performance Turf Tee Box

This mat is a blend of support and performance. This is an all-nylon fiber grass turf that can support standard tees on it. This is such a cost-effective solution for simulation games. The soft underfoot rubber ensures no slipping of the mat. This mat has no specific size as you can get it in customized size from Fiberbuilt.

5′ x 4′ Single Hitting Traditional Stance Mat with Nylon Grass

5′ x 4′ Single Hitting Traditional Stance Mat with Nylon Grass

The result would be amazing when combining a traditional stance mat with Fiberbuilt’s nylon grass. This mat is a single-sided mat that can accommodate either one of the players. Fiberbuilt also produces double-side hitting mats.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – Putting Greens Overview

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – Putting Greens Overview

How could I not talk about putting green while the topic is already golf mats? Of course, Fiberbuilt is also making putting greens that count on the durability and stability of driving mats. But before, let us take a look at what makes a good Putting mat. No, don’t expect sun-burnt green and poor cut grasses of a real golf course on all brands of putting green. But, some products like Fiberbuilt can come close to offer that real feel. The real feel of an artificial putting green depends on how it resembles the true roll of real grass. On real grass, you can see your ball rolling tight over the field, so you adjust your hitting speed according to it. Bringing that same feel on to a putting green is somewhat challenging.

An excellent putting green should let you play everything in between lap puts to tap-ins. Sometimes, you only need a flight deck mat to drive games. But, for putting green you need a mat that is wide enough for you to walk on it. However, with that wide size, the putting green mat should stabilize itself with a strong base. Fiberbuilt has all of it.

Fiberbuilt have putting greens in various sizes ranging from 4′ x 10′ to 10′ x 10′. For stability, irrespective of size, they have a well-built rubber base that prevents slipping.

Also, another phenomenon that qualifies a good putting mat is the authentic sound metal cups. Fiberbuilt has them too.

The most popular model putting green is the 4′ x 10′ mat. With that 10′ length aid you with you chipping. Fiberbuilt included two authentic sound metal cups to this putting green to resemble nothing less than a fairway.

Fiberbuilt putting greens comes in various sizes such as 4’x 8′, 4′ x 10′, 4′ x 14′, 6′ x 12′ and 10′ x 10′ to enhance the realistic experience of a player.

4′ x 8′ Putting Green

4′ x 8′ FIBERBUILT Putting Green

4′ x 10′ Putting Green

4′ x 10′ FIBERBUILT Putting Green

4′ x 14′ Putting Green

4′ x 14′ FIBERBUILT Putting Green

6′ x 12′ Putting Green

6′ x 12′ FIBERBUILT Putting Green

10′ x 10′ Putting Green

10′ x 10′ FIBERBUILT Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mats:

FIBERBUILT Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat

For those who don’t want to spend more on hitting mats can opt for a smaller, portable and convenient model hitting area mats like Flight Deck Golf Hitting mats.

The flight decks are small oval-shaped hitting mats that sit on a heavy rubber base. Flight Decks are perfect hitting mats to preserve your space for other uses. However, that small hitting deck will not hinder any of your hitting habits.

Especially, Fiberbuilt always builds this flight deck mats to resemble their other wider mats in character. Fiberbuilt flight deck mats are made of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass. They also come with a 300,000 shot guarantee.

The only drawback of this flight deck is that it cannot hold real wooden tees. However, the issue is cover by the Fiberbuilt providing adjustable tee. These mats are tested to feel like real fairways and avoid turf shocks. Moreover, these mats won’t break your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens

What is the difference between a Golf Hitting Mat and Putting Green?

The one on which you practice or play drives is golf hitting mats while the putting greens are which you play chipping and putting games.

Why Fiberbuiult is better than other Golf Hitting Mat Brands?

Fiberbuilt is better than the other mats because of its performance, durability, and injury prevention abilities. Around 90% of fiber built users felt the comfort and realism offered by the mat.

Do the Fiberbuilt mats come in customizable size?

Yes, you can order and get your unique size golf hitting mat other than their existing size mats.

How long it’ll take for the golf mat to show the wear off signs?

As stated above, every mat comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee. It’ll start to show wear out sign passing than 300,000 limits.

Should I need to swap the whole mat if the mat gets damaged?

No, the mat is built by the component bases system. Hence, you can swap only the damaged part for a new one and leave the rest as it is.

Does Fiberbuilt have Combo Mats?

Yes, Fiberbuilt also has combo mats (Hitting mat and Putting Green Combined) that starts in the size range of 10’x 10′.

What size Fiberbuilt Putting Green is Best Suitable for a simulation player?

It depends on your mindset. Fiberbuilt putting greens start from the size range 4′ x 8′, which is already a great choice for both the indoor and outdoor players. However, if you felt you’re in need of a big mat, you can opt for other size mats whose size is greater than the 4′ x 8′.

Can I stand on the Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat?

No, you should not. Flight Deck mats are to hold your golf ball not you. However, if you wanted to make a stance beside the flight deck, there are rubber stance mats you can buy along with this oval-shaped hitting mat.

What type of clubs do the flight decks are designed for?

The flight decks can assist all types of clubs, like wooden and wedges like the rest of the Fiberbuilt mats.

Does Flight Deck Hitting Mat Support Launch Monitors?

Yes, like the other mats, you can use this flight deck with a launch monitor.

What material do the Fiberbuilt grasses are made of?

The Fiburbuilt hitting area grass turf is made of nylon.

How long it will take to assemble the mat?

Not more than a couple of minutes. The rubber foundation enables a fast installation without any tools. You can set it up in no time and start swinging.

What makes the Fiberbuilt mats to reduce the club recoil?

The grass turf which is dense and supportive enables the club to pass through it and reduces the recoil rate of the golf club.

Can this Fiberbuilt hitting mats support accurate launch monitor results?

Yes, the Fiberbuilt mats are tested beside the Phantom High-Speed Ballistic Camera, which is a high-end sports cam that can go off at 22,000 FPs when triggered. The results are unbelievably accurate.

How long it will take for the Fiburbuilt turf to become worn off?

The mat will start showing wear off signs after passing 300,000 shots. However, these numbers are subjective to the hitting spots. The mat will go completely worn off after 500,000 shots.

Why the Flight Deck golf Hitting Mats are in Oval shape?

The oval shape gives the mat more hitting area space rather than a round shape.

Do Fiberbuilt mats come in different colors?

Yes, Fiberbuilt offers their mats in two color variations,

  1. On course Green
  2. Stadium Green
What is the green speed of Fiberbuilt’s putting green?

The rate falls to 9 in the Stimpmeter, which is certainly close to most of the real golf courses.

Which is best, the Flight Deck Golf Practice Station or the regular Fiberbuilt golf hitting mat?

In a general view, both are good in many ways and fall flat in a few ways. The Flight Deck is cost-friendly and doesn’t offer the realistic experience of a golf course that is obtained from the regular Fiberbuilt mats. On the other side, the regular Fiberbuilt mats are costlier than the Flight Decks.

Where to buy these Fiberbuilt products?

You can directly purchase it from Fiberbuilt’s website. If you wish for more offers on the Fiberbuilt products, then a couple of stores in the US could cover you up. Rain or Shine Golf in North Carolina and Shop Indoor Golf in Texas are the two indoor golf enchanters you can choose to spend on.

What do you get from Rain or Shine Golf?

Rain or Shine Golf is a pack of a small team with great vision. They share the love of golf game as much as you. That’s why they offer free door delivery across the United States and with a nominal charge to Canada. The transaction is ensured by Norton. Rain or Shine Golf also offers finance to any product that you purchase from them apart from Fiberbuilt.

What do you get from Shop Indoor Golf?

The team at Shop Indoor Golf is honest to be Texans. They literally breathe golf. Hence they offer Finance to those who want to own any indoor golf simulation equipment. With their lowest price guarantee, it also has an easy No-Hassle return policy. All the transaction with Shop Indoor Golf is ensured by Norton and all the shipping commence with insurance coverage.


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