FlightScope MEVO Review – What do you know about FlightScope Mevo?

It’s been more than a century since the concept of Doppler radar was envisaged by an Austrian physicist. We didn’t know the concept’s gonna travel in a trouser’s pocket to monitor a golf shot then. But it does now. Modern developments in engineering and physics have made it possible. We are about to review a technologically advanced mini launch monitor, which is favored by many budget golfers, in this article.

FlightScope MEVO is a cigarette box-sized launch monitor that used the famous 3D Doppler radar technology. This launch monitor has been marked as an entry-level device that falls under $500. However, the device’s sale is on a spike in recent times. Why? The reason behind it is the device’s ability in data collection.

The MEVO is found to be collecting data such as ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, carry distance, club head speed, flight time, spin rate, and apex height from each shot.

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Learn Why Mevo is So Popular Today?

The FlightScope MEVO can be used outdoors and indoors by a golfer who is looking for affordable practicing sessions in their home. The MEVO may be a small or say tiny launch monitor available in the current market, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering its ability in obtaining accurate data of each shot. Here are some of its most outstanding features:

MEVO comes with a free mobile app:

Many launch monitors in the market require you to install different software for simulation and they make money out of it. But mevo seems to be so polite towards budget golfers in this case. That’s why it provides its own mobile app to bring the simulation experience to its user.

The real-time performance data

The Mevo launch monitor connects with your mobile devices through Bluetooth to offer real-time shot data within minutes. All you have to do is to set the device at your desired place and swing your club.

Visualizing the game

Visualizing is the most important part of a golf game played on a simulator. Though this mevo is not a studio-grade launch monitor, it can still help you understand your shot through videos. You can connect your mobile to the device and keep it focused on your shot from behind. Once you’re done with your shot the mevo app will save your shot and its data. It’ll let you access each shot anytime anywhere.

Optimizing your performance

The data offered by this FlightScope mevo can be saved along with the video capture of your shot. Each shot can be used to analyze the golfer’s swing by replaying the video with a data overlay. You can record and play your video in slow motion to analyze your shot more clearly. You can draw on your shot for deeper analysis works.

The Mevo can measure the clubhead speed too

Many camera-based launch monitors in the market require you to pay more to collect the club data from your shot. But, mevo can do it for you without any extra charges.

The Accurate spin rate

FlightScope Mevo can measure the spin rate attained by the ball after a shot. Like any other radar-based launch monitor this mevo also wants you to stick a tiny metallic dot sticker on the golf ball to improve the accuracy in calculating the spin rate.

The minimum space requirement

As suggested by the FlightScope website the minimum space required to play with this mevo is 15 feet in your indoors. Positioning the device should be behind the impact at a distance of at least 4-7 feet.

Get Readies in a minute:

Have you seen any launch monitor before that took less than 60 seconds to start its operation? This mevo is such a device that gets ready in just a minute. The mevo doesn’t need to be connected to any power cords while in operation. The device is working on a rechargeable battery and does all its connectivity wirelessly through Bluetooth. Moreover, it only took 10 seconds to connect with your mobile device and ready for monitoring your shot.

The Device is sensitive:

The mevo can work both outdoors and indoors. However, the sensitivity of this device needs a manual setting through the mobile app. If you are playing indoors, the indoor setting must be activated to enable the device to work in such parameters and vice versa for outdoor mode. The mevo can also work with pitching games.

The mevo mobile app is truly user friendly. The user has the freedom to choose what they want from the launch monitor.


As mentioned before, the FlightScope Mevo is an entry-level gadget that falls under the minimum budget range. You can either purchase this device from the FlightScope website for just $499.00.


Practicing is the most important part of the golf game.  Sometimes, launch monitors are highly-priced that could break your wallet. But this mevo would be a perfect choice for your regular practice without breaking the wallet.

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