Uneekor Launch Monitors are considered some of the most accurate in the industry. The EYE XO2 predecessor, the EYE XO, is equipped with 2 Hyper Speed Cameras capable of capturing over 3000 frames per second, the new improved EYE XO2 comes equipped with 3 Super Speed Cameras that provide instant shot feedback and the most accurate, in-depth data on the market!

Important Metrics such as Backspin are within +/- 100 RPMs, Launch Angle within +/- 0.5 degrees, Ball Speed within +/- 0.3 MPH, Clubhead Speed within +/- 0.5 MPH. The Uneekor EYE XO2 also provides a slow motion video replay of the impact between your club and golf ball so you can view your swing plane, impact location and more!

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