What is CountryClub Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat? Is it worth buying for $299.00 to $997.00? – Reviews and Buying Guide

Improve your game by practicing on your New Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat® All year long – at home, in your own backyard, garage, shed, or basement.

I know you read the title and that’s why you’re here looking you may find what you are looking for. Believe me, you are at the right place to know all you need to know about the country club elite golf mats.

Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review

There is no way you are here unless you are already hunting for a good golf mat for your indoor gold simulation studio or for any outdoor practice session. That’s why we have covered a little bit about how to choose a goof hitting mat and a lot about Country Club Elite Golf Mat in this article. Keep up with us, please.

How to choose a good hitting mat?

Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review

Golf is a game that builds character and style more than anything. That’s why golfers practice every day at least in the backyard when time prevents them from making to the courses. The hardest part is the backyard is not a golf course and damaging the turf will land you in trouble. That’s why you need golf hitting mats to over come this issue. However, you need to be more cautious as the golf mats itself could bring bad swing habits to your game. A good golf mat should enhance your game and give you the real fairway experience.

The material

Sometime, some big retail stores will pass off scraped materials in the name of golf mats tagging a hefty price. They will become worn off or tear off within weeks. A good golf mat should last a lifetime with you or at least a 50,000 powerful shots. In this case, densely packed artificial nylon grass is a good option to invest in. Mats like Real Feel Country Club Elite, Fiberbuilt, and TrueStrike are using such grasses on their mats.

The Base

Without a strong base, you cannot make a good stance on the mat. Without making a good stance, you cannot swing a god shot. You get much support from the mat only when the mat has a great base. Or, you will fall to your face and so you practice session

The Real Tee

A true good golf mat should hold a real tee on it. Golf mats that have a strong base and dense fibers are the better choice in this case.

The Recoil

Club bounce or club recoil is the first and foremost evidence that will show you how good is a golf mat. A good mat should let you swing down and through the surface. It should reduce the recoil and let the club go easy on your wrists, shoulders, elbows, and joints every time you swing a fat shot.

Divot Action

You’ll be proud to see a divot on a real golf course and that doesn’t apply to mats. A divot on golf mats means you have torn the hell out of the mat with your shot. Though divot you good for your game, you hardly get it on golf mats unless you have a mat that has dense fibers. As dense fibers allow you to swing through the surface you get the real feel of divot like you are on fairway

What is Real Feel Golf Mat’s “The Country Club Elite Golf Mat”?

The country club mats were introduced back in 2006. Since then they have become the widely used golf mats across the world. Country club elite mats are designed to offer the utmost comfort for any golfer which is also tough enough to last longer than other mats.

Specialties of Country Club Elite:

No Bounce and True Divot

Country Club Elite is a product of Real Feel Golf Mats who made this mats with 100% spring crimped heavy denier nylon fibers. The dense packaging manner of these fibers enables clubs to pass down and through it, thus reducing club recoil. The fibers also enable the real feel of a divot on it.

Real Feel Golf Mat also added UV stabilizers to the fibers to prevent it from fading. So Country Club Elite can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The materials

Country Club Elite uses long and dense fiber grass on a strong base. The depth of the mat is almost 2″, thus eliminates the fear of tearing and wearing. The nylon fiber is sturdy and strong that can take all the powerful hits and last longer.

The Real Fairway Feel

The country club elite mats are available in various sizes and regarded as similar to the fairway. Their long and dense fibers supported by a strong base enables the feel of a real golf course by offering similar reward and penalty for accurate ball/turf contact.

It takes a real tee

This Country Club Elite mats can hold a real tee anywhere on their surface, thanks to its thickness. Only a few mats in the market allow real tee like a country club


Country Club Elite golf hitting mats comes in various size. So the price depends on its size. Real Feel Golf Mats produces Country Club Elite Mats is the sizes of 4′ x 5′, 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 8′, and 5′ x 10′. Also, there are customizable options. The price ranges between $299.00 – $997.00.

Are there any other buying options?

Yes, there are many other buying options when it comes to Country Club Elite. because of the mat’s popularity, most of the retailers across the US prefer to sell it from their shops. Among them, RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf are the personal suggestion from us.

RainorShineGolf is an indigenous indoor golf equipment retailer in North Carolina. They live to spread the game. They have a lot of products including the country club elite which can be bought at great prices and offers. RainorShineGolf also delivers its products without delivery charges across America and with legal charges to Canada. They also offer finance to their customers.

ShopIndoorGolf is in Texas. Like RainorShineGolf, they are dealing with indoor golf simulation equipment which can be bought at a great price, offers, and finance.

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Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review
Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review
Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review
Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review

Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat


It really does eliminate the problems common with most mats


You'll get the realistic feedback even on a fat shot


Help you to lower your score


Swing down and through - Without the bounce other mats have


Good for price



  • Improve your golf swing in your own backyard
  • Hit-down on the golf ball for a true feel and realistic practice
  • It help reduce your risk of golf range practice mat
  • Commercial grade revolutionary CC elite golf mat
  • good for price


  • No cons found for product