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What is Foresight Sports’ GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software? Is it worth buying for $12999? Reviews and Buyingguide

GC2 Compact is sold. Try this GC2 Golf Launch Monitor here

The GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package from RainorShineGolf is definitely made for those who are looking to bring their love of Golf inside their home. The ironic part about the GC2 is one should love playing on this simulator more than on the real golf course.

One of the most compact golf simulators one can buy from the RainorShineGolf is this GC2 simulator package. The package is ultimately powered by the GC2 launch monitor and FSX golf simulation software by Foresight sports. The package is extremely portable and requires less space to set this up.

RainorShineGolf is an exclusive store that deals with indoor golf simulators and equipment.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software Package

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Include

Certified Pre-Owned GC2 launch Monitor

FSX Golf Simulation Software by Foresight Sports

Net Return Simulator Series and Enclosure

Choice of Hitting Mat

Optoma HD Short Throw Projector

Ceiling Projector Mount

25′ HDMI Cable

Landing Pad Turf

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Certified Pre-Owned GC2 launch Monitor

GC2 Launch Monitors are already famous for their extraordinary performance in collecting ball data unlike any other launch monitors in the market. The GC2 launch monitors have an LCD screen to update the shot results instantly. However, it can be connected to a computer to project the output on a projector.

The GC2 launch monitors use a couple of stereoscopic cameras that are capable of capturing the movement of a ball at 10,000 FPS. This much speed is more than enough to analyze the ball’s launch angle, speed, the direction of spin to simulate the accurate distance the ball travelled. The launch monitor needs no calibration, no marked balls, and can be set in minutes.

The GC2 can be used both indoors and outdoors. While the new launch monitor would cost more, RainOrShine has brought a certified pre-owned GC2 launch monitor for the package.

One can add an HMT unit with the launch monitor. Head Measurement Technology is special equipment that can be attached to the launch monitor to improve the data collection. HMT will collect the data of club head, like club speed, club angle, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, and impact location to improve the hitting style of a player.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – FSX Golf simulation software

When combining GC2 launch Monitor with the Foresight Sport made FSX Golf Simulation software, the most realistic experience a player can get on the simulation gameplay. This software has many award-winning features that can improve a player’s gameplay to a whole new level.

One can play on the most famous and exclusive courses through the FSX software. While giving a realistic feel for the player, the software supports the player to improve his/her game. With customizable settings, players can participate in challenges like the longest drive challenge, closest to the pin challenge, and easy club fitting. The software pin-point a player wherein the game he/she needs a change.

The result of the hit data will be shown through different 3D imaging technology. A player can upload the player’s data to the unique cloud space of FSX 2018.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – The Simulator Series Screen and Enclosure

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software Package

One should not have the feel of simulation unless there is a great screen to take the impact of your hardest hit. The package is all about the GC2 and this simulator series screen, which are compact and efficient. This simulator series screen is built from heavyweight polyester. It floating design will enhance the impact of the screen and reduce the ball bouncing off the screen and break thing around.

The entire screen is enclosed by a rugged lightweight tubular metal frame to support the screen and give a studio-like feel to the player.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – The Landing Pad Turf

A landing pad turf is usually laid before the impact screen to complete the look of your simulation studio. While it looks aesthetic, its actual job is to protect your floor from ball strikes by giving the ball a smooth landing.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Choice of Hitting Mat

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software Package

You need a better hitting mat to bring the real feel of a fairway. Hence a SwingTurf 4′ Wide x 5′ Deep fairway series hitting mat has been included in the package. In case you feel the size of that mat won’t suit you, you can still opt for a larger one 9′ Wide x 4′ Deep.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Optoma EH200 Short Throw Projector and Ceiling Mount

A projector with quality and affordability has been added to the package. Optoma EH200ST is built with high lumens for better brightness. it provides a clear and crisp video through its right throw ratio of 50,000:1. This project will definitely bring you the real experience of a real-life golf course.

A ceiling mount is also added to the package to suspend the projector from your ceiling and keep you play area clutter-free. To connect the projector with your PCs, there included 25’long HDMI cable in the package.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Price

For the fair price of $12999.00 the GC2 Compact Golf Simulator package can be purchased with no HMT device and SwingTurf 4′ Wide x 5′ Deep fairway series hitting mat. The Head Measurement Technology device can be added to the package by paying another $4900. However, if you choose a larger SwingTurf 9′ Wide x 4′ Deep hitting mat for $380 and exclude the smaller one.

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software Package

GC2 Compact Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the GC2 Works on Wi-Fi?

No, you can connect the device with your PC either through the Bluetooth or the USB cable. However, other products like GC Quad from Foresight sport can work on Wi-Fi.

Does the GC2 give Club Data?

No, the GC2 only gives the ball data. One needs to included the HMT to collect the club data.

What is the light source for the GC2 cameras?

A replaceable flash is attached to the device.

Can GC2’s battery be removed?

No, the battery is non-removable.

What material is used as the frame for GC2?

Diecast Aluminium is used as the frame for this GC2 and it will last longer than you expect.

Who certified the Pre-Owned GC2 to be sold on Rain or Shine Golf?

Foresight Sports has certified and gave a ‘Go’ to this product.

How many real courses are added to the FSX software?

Five real courses are coming with the software.

Does the package include barrier netting?

yes, with the enclosure there comes barrier nettings.

What is the minimum room dimension to set this simulation package at home?

The minimum space requirement is  9″ Height x 10′ Width x 12′ Feet Deep. However, the requirement of space may change according to your swinging style.

What is Shopindoorgolf’s SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $8,199.99? Reviews and Buying guide

For the people who are looking forward to setting up a premium level golf simulation at home, ShopIndoorGolf has hundreds of products at a way amazing price. ShopIndoorGolf is America’s most popular residential and indoor golf equipment vendor.

SkyTrak SIG12 Package is the most premium golf simulation package one can get from ShopIndoorGolf, in which they paired SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor with a 12’W SIG12 screen.


SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Overview

Possibly, anyone who is searching for indoor golf simulators might have come across SkyTrak Launch Monitor, which is the high end yet affordable golf launch monitor. Here, when it is paired with ShopIndoorGolf’s SIG12 12’w screen, one thing that can possibly be imagined is an extraordinary indoor experience.

ShopIndoorGolf has earned customer satisfaction across the United States from Dallas, Texas. With no doubt, the Texans earned trust through their quality products and esteemed services. More so, one can easily be offered quality products at the lowest price in all of America from ShopIndoorGolf.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – What is SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor?

Golf-Simulator-SkyTrak-SIG12-review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

This section is for those who haven’t heard of SkyTrak, though it is being the winner of Golf Digest’s Best Value Golf Simulator for the past three years. SkyTrak Golf Simulator Launch Monitor uses high-end photometric technology to give a user a real-time result. SkyTrak is a portable professional-grade launch monitor, from which a golfer can practice, play, and improve his/her game.

SkyTrak is molded by modern technology. It is completely wireless as it uses wi-fi and connects with all mobile devices, PCs, and Consoles in a fraction of time. With its high-speed sports cameras and algorithms, SkyTrak launch monitors display the real-time projection of ball flight data and distance. It also calculates parameters like ball launch angle, ball speed, sidespin, backspin, side angle, and more to redefine the performance of a golfer.

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitors are completely customizable and simulation enabled. Players can even customize environmental factors like wind speed and humidity in the game they wanted to play in. SkyTrak also allows players to play on many world-famous golf courses from the comfort of their homes.

SkyTrak is entertaining and a great time killer for your family and friends, that can be bought at a truly affordable price.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Include

  • SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor and metal protective case for it
  • SkyTrak Play and Improve Software,
  • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure, and Side Barrier Netting,
  • Landing pad Turf,
  • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat,
  • Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Projector,
  • Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure,
  • 25′ HDMI Cable and HDMI to Lightning Cable,
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable for SkyTrak,
  • SkyTrak User Manual and Quick Start guide.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – SkyTrak Metal Protective Case

Golf-Simulator-SkyTrak-SIG12-review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

As we already discussed SkyTrak and its pro features, you might be interested in that now. From ShopIndoorGolf’s SIG12 Golf Simulator Package, one can get the 13-gauge steel protective case for SkyTrak Launch Monitor. The protective case could save the launch monitor from potential mishits of golf clubs. However, the metal case is not going to obstruct your easy access to the device because it’s designed that way.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – SkyTrak Play and Improve Software

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package - SkyTrak Play and Improve Software

This play and improve software come with the SIG12 package. The software is enabled with a 3D Driving range with short tracing technology, and instant ball performance date and replay. Contests like closest to the pin contest, longest drive challenge, target practice are also offered by this software. To boost up the game of a golfer, the software has plans like skills assessment feature, bag mapping, progress tracking, custom environmental setting, and 5 different camera view to enhancing the gaming experience of the user. If the SkyTrak launch monitor is bought separately, one should have to subscribe to the play and improvement plan after the purchase, but ShopIndoorGolf has added it to the SIG12 package.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Enclosure and Side Barrier Netting

SIG12 golf impact screen is the hardest built of ShopIndoorGolf. This made in USA golf impact screen is 9’4″ high, 12’2″ wide, and 5′ Deep. The screen is enclosed inside a barrier enclosure to prevent the ball from hitting other areas. Framed with a powder-coated stainless-steel frame keep the screen and enclosure attached for all your powerful shots.

The SIG12 impact screen comes with side barrier netting that prevents you from breaking your stuff in the room.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Projector

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package - Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Projector

Optoma EH412ST Short Throw Projector comes with the package. This projector is the premium option for every simulation player out there. It has 4000 lumens for maximum brightness and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio. With the projector, a 25′ HDMI cable comes along to connect the projector with your mobile devices.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Landing Pad Turf

landing pad turf - skytrak sig12 golf simulator review

Golf balls can break your wooden floor with utmost responsibility. With the SIG12 package, a landing pad turf is offered to prevent the ball from striking the surface and damaging it. It covers the area between your hitting mat and the impact screen.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Projector Shield Enclosure

A lightweight yet strong projector shield enclosure is coming with this package to place your projector to the ground safely. So, you don’t want to put holes in your ceiling to suspend the projector. The enclosure doesn’t need any bolts to affix on the ground, but it can lay perfectly at ease.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Choice of Golf Mats

choice of golf mats- skytrak sig12 golf simulator review

You need a golf mat to play on the simulation. For that ShopIndoorGolf gives you three options to select your perfect golf mat.

Fairway series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat which is roughly 2 inches thick and can hold a real tee on it. It greatly resembles the fairway to give you a realistic experience.

Fiberbuilt 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat which goes easier on your joints. It has enough space to place your SkyTrak Launch Monitor. However, that doesn’t accommodate both lefties and righties. But, there is an alternate choice.

Fiberbuilt 4′ x 9′ Double Golf Mat could be a better choice if you need to accommodate your lefty friend. There is more than enough space on both sides of the mat excluding the hitting area.

Micro USB cable and Skytrak user manual and quick start guide are attached to the package.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Price

Now that’s the best part. As stated before, ShopIndoorGolf offers its product at the lowest cost that could be possible that fall in the four-digit price tag. All the above-mentioned equipment, which enhances a golfer’s game, can be bought for the price of $8,599.00 only.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – FREE Shipping and Return Policy

If you place an order today, ShopIndoorGolf is not going to charge any shipping fee to deliver your item on time. The Shipping starts within 24 hours of the order placement. In some rare cases, if you do want to return any item, you can just return within 30-days. No questions will be asked.

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Our Final thoughts

As a surprise, you’ll get 12 months subscription to the Popular Golf magazine!

Though this offer is for short time, you’ll better be getting ready to place the order today.  ShopIndoorGolf will add you to the Golf Magazine subscriber lists for free if you purchase this SIG12 Golf Simulator. Dashing, isn’t it?

If you still feel like going for a much cost-effective purchase, check out this. ShopIndoorGolf has other cost-effective packages like SkyTrak SIG10, SkyTrack Training, and SkyTrak Bronze packages to make you smile.

What is an indoor golf simulator or golf simulator for home / residential usage?

what is golf simulator-min

Golf simulator for home is an indoor setup which allows you to play golf on a graphically or photographically simulated with a wide range of golf courses. It is a technical term used by golfers to play golf regardless to weather and time of the day. You can play on a rainy day or even during the night in converted premises. Simulators are being in trend since the 1970s. Its cost ranges from $200 to approximately $ 65,000. Golf simulator for a home requires a dedicated room, hitting screen, a projector and other equipment.

It is best for all those people who wanted to play golf and want to be good at that because they really do not need to worry about weather and time of the day. They can play for several hours of the day. There is a wide range of simulators on the market that fit in your budget or space limitations. You can choose your golf simulator according to your budget and space.

best indoor golf simulators review

An indoor golf simulator is much more than an ordinary virtual golf simulator. You will have an immersive experience with ultra-realistic graphics and precise analytics which are designed to make lasting improvements to your game. You can easily install and set up a golf simulator for a home in your home, office, in the basement, or in the garage. Golf simulators are quite portable. You can easily carry golf simulators with you in bags.

Many professional organizations use golf simulators for home. Golf simulators for a home are also used by the persons wanted to play in the comfort of their home. Golf simulator for a home requires a dedicated room, a net for hitting the balls, a bucket full of balls, a projector or PC, and a hitting mat.

Simpler simulators do not have built-in software; they measure the movement of the hand-held sensor that feeds the information. This information is then translated into an action of some sort, usually after hitting the ball. Advanced simulators comprise of their own software that allows the users to use the system. It uses a projected landscape of some golf courses. A computer calculates the expected trajectory of the golf ball from the collected data. With the help of these simulators, the golfers can get the detailed analysis of the entire flight of the ball. Golf simulators need to present club speed, club path, club face angle at impact, ball speed, ball path horizontal and vertical launch angle and spin. There are several types of equipment used in golf simulation such as simulator mats, sonic sound systems, radar systems, optical sensor systems and camera systems which measure the data.

The main advantage of the golf simulator is that it can be easily played and practiced in controlled premises. We didn’t need to worry about weather conditions and time of the day. The another advantage of the golf simulator is that the player can see each facet of their swing. Golf simulator helps in measuring the angle of attack, the angle of face club, club head speed, spin, club path and more.

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