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What is FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $6199? Reviews and Buying guide

Ever heard of a golf simulator package that can be purchased for under $7000? If you haven’t yet, here we are about to show you one that comes from RainorShineGolf of North Carolina is a famous indoor golf product retailer.

The name of the package is FlightScope Mevo+ Retractable Golf Simulator Package. Here, we are to see what comes with that package and why is it worth buying?

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – What do you get in this package?

  • FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor
  • FlightScope Practice App
  • HomeCourse Retractable Screen, Ceiling, and Wall Mount Kit
  • A Hitting Mat of your choice
  • Optoma 1080p HD Projector and Ceiling Projector Mount Kit
  • 25′ HDMI Cable

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo+ is one affordable low-budget range golf launch monitor that works based on the Doppler radar concept.

It is the second launch monitor from FlightScope and the successor of FlightScope Mevo, a tiny doppler radar-based launch monitor.

Though this Mevo+ is tinier than an iPad, it has the ability to calculate around 15 most crucial parameters of a golf shot such as ball and clubhead speed, smash factor, carry distance, ball spin rate, vertical and horizontal launch angle, total roll distance, angle of attack, shot shape, and spin axis at a verifiable accuracy.

The Mevo+ comes with an internal camera to get aligned with the target. It can work great both inside your house and out at the course.

It is not clumsy; it can connect with your mobile devices through Wi-Fi, which makes its operations truly wireless. This Mevo+ works on a rechargeable battery which makes it easier to carry around in the golf bag.

Moreover, unlike the Mevo original this Mevo+ is simulation enabled. It works in correlation with FlightScope Practice app to offer the exact simulator feel at a low cost as possible.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – FlightScope Practice App

FlightScope Practice app is a mobile, iOS-friendly application that is free to use with FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor. This app is capable of providing real-time shot data in an instance.

With access to your mobile camera, this app can automatically record video of your every shot for swing analysis purpose and let your play it in slow motion with data overlay.

This is a fully customizable app with a user-friendly user interface and design. One can participate in skill challenges like target practice and more on this application.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – The Golf Club 2019

The Mevo+ is simulation enabled; hence it can connect with your PCs too. That’s why we here mention “The Golf Club 2019” as a fantastic add-on to this Mevo+ launch monitor.

The Golf Club 2019, also be known as TGC 2019, has more than 100,000 virtual golf courses in UHD character.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – SwingTurf Golf Mat

So, you have a launch monitor. I guess you already have your own golf clubs. The next in line to set your home golf simulation studio is a golf mat.

This RainorShineGolf package includes a 4′ Wide x 5′ Deep SwingTurf golf mat. It is a 2″ thick realistic golf mat. 1.375″ of its 2″ thickness profile is filled with dense artificial nylon grass that makes the turf.

The Turf is backed with 5/8″ of foam base to offer ample support in the indoors. This SwingTurf takes a real tee anytime anywhere. The dense turf reduces the club recoil and helps each swing to go down and through the grass. Hence, it generates less tension on joints and muscles.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – Optoma 1080p HD Short Throw Projector

The next in the line is a projector that keeps up with your game anytime. For that, the package has been included with an Optoma EH200ST short throw projector.

This projector, which is completely American-made, is capable of projecting 100″ diagonal images just from 3.5 feet away from the screen. It has the lowest latency and 20,000:1 contrast ratio. It has more than 3000 lumens and faster response timing (2 Milliseconds).

This projector has MHL enabled HDMI port which makes it easier for your to connect your mobile phone to it. Moreover, it can project clear and sharp 1080p HD videos at its best.

The package also includes ceiling projector mounting kits for affixing the projector to the ceiling. Affixing the projector to the ceiling makes the play area clutter-free.

The universal ceiling mount comes in this package has options to tilt the projector 30 degrees, up, down, left, and right to help you set the projector at the right position. To get the best out of your projector the mounting kit is enabled with an adjustable extension arm too.

The package also includes a 25′ long 1080p HDMI cable to connect the projector to a PC.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – HomeCourse Simulator Screen and Enclosure

It’s a premier indoor golf enclosure specially designed for simulators. Made out of ballistic grade material this HomeCourse simulator screen can withstand a shot that comes in 250mph even from a point-blank range.

More than that, this one is retractable. Want to roll it back and store it aside? All you need to do is to push a button that switches on a motor that works on the battery.

The screen is completely enclosed by the same ballistic grade material sheets to keep the ball within the bay. The screen can also handle HD videos which brings the real simulation to feel on it.

The minimum space required to set this HomeCourse Retractable Simulator Screen and Enclosure is just 8’6″ high x 10’6″ wide x 16’ deep.

FlightScope Mevo+ (Mevo plus) Retractable Golf Simulator Package – Price

Technically the launch monitor itself has lowered a lot of cost in this package. With a 4′ Wide x 5′ Deep SwingTurf golf mat in the package, the price would be $6199.00.

The same package with a 9′ Wide x 4′ Deep Swing Turf Golf mat is priced as $6859.00.

What is Skytrak golf GS13 Studio? Is it worth buying for $15399? Reviews and Buying guide

Skytrak TGC GS13 Studio Review

  • skytrak g13 studio reviews and buying gudieTool Free Assembly
  • Photometric Ball Tracking
  • Driving Range
  • Multiple Software Options For Simulated Play Sold Separately
  • 1080 Hd Projector
  • This is Universal Golf Studio Concept.  You Can Switch Between Simulators By Changing The Center Section Of The Mat.
  • Uses Aluminum Push Button Frame System
  • The Fabric Attaches To The Aluminum Frame With Straps And D-Rings And Velcro
  • This Amazing Studio Can Be Used To Watch Tv, Movies And Gaming And More
  • This Studio Can Be Used Outdoors As An Outdoor Movie Theater Or Even To Watch Youtube Videos At Birthday Parties.
  • Extended Canopy And Light Bar

Video courtesy:Golf Simulator Guys

Amazing Studio Experience

Are you a citizen of the US or Canada and wonder the best indoor sporting product to help you? SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio is the solution to your problem. SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio is the best portable golf studio you can currently get in the market due to its unique feature.

The SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio will take your gaming experience to extra higher levels with its more than 150,000 golf courses. It is highly accurate when it comes to parameters of measurement and will give you precise results during your indoor gaming.

Salient features of SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio

Portability stands out as the primary feature. It has a toll free assembly. SkyTrak monitor and GIP packages are included in SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio.

Get 150000 golf club simulator and golf course with SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio. Above the courses and golf clubs, it has 1080 UHD short throw projector and projector ramp connected. The projector ramp will do the task of tilting the projector to direct the image to the floor.

If you thought of side panel extension, then SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio might be the best studio for you. The mat and screen have a Turf sandwich. No need to hard wire the projector since you will get SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio with projector box.

You will get HDMI included in the SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio and long extension cord. There are HD impact screens measuring 7’6” by 13’4” by four as height, width and length successfully. You only need to change the matted centre to interchange simulators using the universal golf studio concept.

SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio has aluminium push frame system whereby fabric attaches using straps and D-ring and Velcro.

It has extended canopy, and above all, it is versatile enough such that it will help you watch your favourite movie and acts like gaming machine and can as well be used to watch TV. The feature makes the SkyTrak TGC 13 Studio fit to be used in indoor and outdoor recreation theatres and also during birthday parties.

Most importantly note that computer system isn’t inclusive.

SkyTrak TGC GS13 Studio - Include

  • Wired package kit with active HDMI, AC extension cable, raceway cable covers
  • True feet stance mat
  • Excellent speed vertical launch camera
  • The golf club simulator edition
  • USB to serial converter
  • Sideways barriers

How do I take screenshots of the game?

We have a screenshot tool that can help you get beautiful shots. You need to press the F12 key to open the screenshot tool then click enter to take the short. You may fail to know when the shot is made because there is no audible sound. To exit the screenshot using the Esc key by double-clicking it and clicking the F12 key again.

Can the keyboard work in gameplay?

Yes. To use the keyboard to play the game, visit settings, controls, and then change it default controller to KB/Mouse.

How do I select brushes?

Use enter key to select brushes, use shift and arrow keys to resize, shift +up/down key will result to increase or decrease size. Spacebar is used to undo.

Which the commonly used shortcuts

P – play menu

L- layout

G – Terrain

E – appearance

M – return to the main menu

T – Theme

W – Create a hole

B- create a bunker

N – Create green

O – Place objects

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition – Reviews and Buying Guide

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Golf Simulation Experience with 150,000+ pre-designed courses and online play.

  • pro tee ultimate editions - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviewsThe most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator
  • The software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.
  • The next generaton gaming software allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole
  • High speed cameras for ball tracking and state of the art light speed infrared sensors for club behavior ensure that all details out of every swing are gathered

The most advanced and cheap 3D golf machine on the market on the market nowadays. The software package has been unambiguously designed to undergo the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, skilled golfers and business use.

Using your clubs, you prepare to hit the shot even as you’d do on the actual course. Succeeding generations gaming software system permits you to dispel the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the opening. On each shot, the machine flies, in spectacular graphics, on the ball’s flight to wherever the ball ends, prepared for ensuing shot. Elaborate swing analyzer data is provided to boost your game.

Design a brand new course with merely four clicks or use your artistic skills and imagination to make one thing from scratch with the enclosed course designer. Current technology is applied to software and hardware to give precise ball flight results.

Golf Simulator ProTee 2.0 - The Ultimate Golf Simulator

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Feature

The ProTee Golf Ultimate Edition includes two packages of software which are ProTee golf 2.0 and golf club simulator edition. The ProTee has the features like fantastic HD graphic ranging to 4K, uttermost course, three screen surround, fully featured editor for the course and zero loading time between individual holes.

Free actual time on-net play with life tours and tournaments. Real-time physics is another essential feature looked into and free remote installation not forgetting free lifetime updates.

The ProTee Golf 2.0 includes features like 3D graphic and mostly some of the features available in the golf club simulator. The additional ones are automated software update distribution, playing against the computer, green grid, and aiming poles. The advanced practicing mode is another beautiful feature with the course and hole flybys.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Include

• ProTee complete guide
• Aluminum frames
• The seamless impact screen and connectors
• ProTee n=sensor, camera, and cables
• Commercial grade mats
• block out panels for sides and top
• a desktop loaded with the programs
• rubber bases
• short throw projectors
• touchscreen monitor and cables
• ball bungees, hardware nylon ties

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Play Premium Membership

If you have compatible systems like ProTee play interface or simulation, you are ready to join the successive generation world of entertainment through cloud gaming. The ProTee Play Premium Membership will give you access to ProTee online plus features and any current game and updates for one year.

Before purchase, you need to understand that the membership does not renew automatically. You need to update it individually. Use the ProTee play premium to entertain your kids with massive games. The program runs for about $148.73.

It will run of windows 7 and processor of intel core i5, the memory of 4GM RAM and AMD7850 w/2GB graphics or better and DirectX version 10. It can also run of latest versions of google chrome or Mozilla.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition - Paly Diamond Membership

Just like the premium membership of the ProTee play, ProTee plays diamond membership does not auto-renew. It will help you take your golfing skills to higher levels for a duration of two years enjoying full access to ProTee game online plus to newly added games and updates to current ones.

With $249.87 you enjoy the two-year experience zombie breaking with your children accessing different games and playing golf indoors. Connectivity is just like it is in premium.

It will run of windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) and processor of intel core i5, the memory of 4GM RAM and AMD7850 w/2GB graphics or better and DirectX version 10. It can also run of latest versions of google chrome or Mozilla.

The software is compatible to systems accepting ProTee golf interface and ProTee golf simulators.

ProTee Golf Simulator Ultimate - Play VIP Membership

With the ProTee Paly VIP Membership, you enjoy lifetime access to ProTee play online access to games and updates. $398.86 is enough to get you the life experience with the ProTee Paly VIP Membership. Compatibility is as stated on premium membership. The only thing you need to understand is that the membership is not transferable, but you can create subscriptions for children.

Does the ProTee play offer any offset?

Yes. ProTee playfully supports offset

Is the ProTee play VIP lifetime license transferable? If my kids stop playing it in the future?

No, it can’t be transferred. If you are not sure the duration your children can take to play it is advisable you create a subscription and games ProTee team will add games to you on a regular basis.

This has a camera, what does that provide that the IR sensors don't?

The camera is useful in the provision of launch angle and spin rate.

What are the actual dimensions of the ProTee ultimate edition?

The item is 15 wide, ten high and ten widths. It is customizable to fit your space.

When two players play one being left-handed and the other right-handed does ProTee ultimate edition recognize or do we need to change settings?

When you start setup, you select LH and RH for each player and the game will automatically detect that each time you come to play instead of having to change each time. Remember to set 14-15 extensive setup for right and left hand.

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