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What is FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package? Is it worth buying for $5000? Reviews and buying guide

Why should setting up a golf simulator be costly all the time? Is there a golf simulator in the world that can be purchased under my low-cost budget?

Yes, there is one at RainorShineGolf, the famous indoor golf product retailer of North Carolina.

Here, we are about to discuss a golf simulator package that falls under $5000 that is FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package,

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – What do you get in this package?

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package
  • FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor
  • FlightScope Practice App
  • The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net
  • Pro-Series Side Barrier Netting
  • Pro Turf Golf Mat

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – FlightScope Mevo+ launch Monitor:

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package

What is the use of Doppler radar in real life? If someone asks you that question you would probably say navigation or weather monitoring.

However, there is another useful thing one can make from the concept of Doppler radar, which is nothing but a golf launch monitor.

FlightScope Mevo+ is such a launch monitor that uses Doppler radar. It’s a small launch monitor; even your iPod would feel shy standing beside it. However, looks may sometimes be deceiving and it’s true in the case of this FlightScope Mevo+.

Unlike the professional launch monitors for golf in the market which are usually heavily prices.

The Mevo+ can collect up to 15 performance parameters of your golf shot, such as ball speed, clubhead speed, angle of attack, carry distance, spin rate, vertical and horizontal launch angle, apex height, flight time, roll distance, total distance, lateral spin, smash factor and shot shape.

The FlightScope Mevo+ has an internal camera along with a radar system for perfecting the target alignment.

Unlike the Mevo original this Mevo+ is simulation enabled so it can connect with your mobile devices and PCs through Wi-Fi.

The FlightScope Mevo+ works on a rechargeable battery, so it can be carried along wherever you like it to; it works great indoors and outdoors.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – FlightScope Practice App:

The FlightScope Mevo and Mevo+ come with a free mobile app from FlightScope. With the FS practice app, one can both practice and play for fun and game improvement.

It’s a user-friendly app with a great interface and features. The FS mobile app will provide you with real-time performance data for each shot.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package

It has a video recording feature with a data overlay, which can be customized at free will. Each shot can be analyzed with 3D trajectories from different angles.

Each of your shots can be saved with or without video for future performance analysis. This is free software your can avail of in this package.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – Simulator Connectivity

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package

As is already mentioned, this FlightScope Mevo+ is a simulation that enables a radar-based launch monitor. It can connect with E6 Connect. However, TGC 2019 would be a great add-on to your FlightScope Mevo+.

There are more than a hundred thousand virtual courses on TGC 2019 for a player to play on them from the comfort of their home. With TGC one can participate in online competitions and many skill challenges.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Hitting Net:

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package

You already have a setup to collect your shot data at verifiable accuracy and a screen to view your results in real-time; then why would you be needing a hitting screen and projector?

Of course, a screen, an enclosure, and a projector are going to add some more bucks to your budget. However, you are to practice inside your house, so you need something to prevent your ball from hitting and breaking things your wife loves the most. A hitting net from Net Return Pro would help you with that.

The Net Return Pro Series V2 golf hitting mat is rugged yet simple multipurpose hitting net which can be used for games like golf, soccer, and more.

It can withstand the ball speed that tops at 225 mph. It durable because the material that is used to produce this net is UV-treated polyester.

The whole setup can stand free with the help of a rust-resistant, light-weighted 1.5″ thick aluminum frame. This net return is easy to set up and easy to roll back and store aside, so you can get your room back whenever needed.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – The Pro Turf Golf Mat:

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package

To complete the practice golf simulation setup you need a golf mat that works well indoors. The Net Return Pro Turf golf mat would be a good choice for that.

This one is built by RainorShineGolf from the feedback of thousands of customers’ wants and don’ts.

This Pro Turf is a 10′ long and 6′ wide golf mat that enables you to take a stance as you do on the tee box of your favorite course. The turf has a 42 oz Nylon face, so it’ll go easy on your clubs. And, it is backed with 5mm thick foam for better grip at the bottom.

The mat weighs only 50 lbs which makes it easy to carry it around. The mat can be rolled back and kept aside when not in use.

Space required to set this Rain or Shine Golf FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator package is 8′ High x 10′ Wide x 16′ Long. The entire setup is portable and can be wind back and stored when not in use.

FlightScope Mevo Plus (Mevo+) Practice Golf Simulator Package – Price:

This FlightScope Mevo+ Practice Golf Simulator package is totally a budget-friendly package offered by Rain or Shine Golf of North Carolina. This package can be purchased for $5000.00, which obviously doesn’t require a fortune.

Why Foresight Sports GC2 Practice (alternatively GC2 SIG10) Golf Simulator Had Been So Popular Till Now? Is it worth for $16900? Reviews and Buying Guide

Let us start with a question, how often should a golfer practice his game per week?

Some surveys are saying that a golfer should practice 3-4 days per week.

Let us to be honest here, such numbers are impossible when they come in contact with day-to-day responsibilities.

In such situations, when visiting a golf course becomes impossible, one can rely on an indoor golf simulator.

But, this is where random businesses start playing with you. Better don’t fall prey for them.

foresight sports gc2 sig10 golf simulator package review

GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX 2020 Software is the package we are about to take a look at.

But why? I’ve personally seen people falling for things they really don’t need to set up of practice area in their home.

So, I wanted to help those who are planning to install a golf simulator at home especially for practicing to stay under their budget without compromising the quality of products.

Foresight Sports’ GC2 Practice (GC2 SIG10) Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software – What’s Included in this Package ?

  • GC2 Launch Monitor, Power Cord & Cable
  • FSX 2020 Software (Golf course play, skill challenge, club fitting)
  • SIG10 Golf simulator enclosure
  • Side barrier netting
  • Landing pad turf
  • Choice of golf mat
  • Panasonic PT-Vz580U golf simulator projector
  • Ceiling Mount

Foresight Sports GC2 Practice SIG10 Golf Simulator – What is GC2 Launch Monitor?

Why owning a random launch monitor when you can afford a world-class device for your indoor golf game. GC2, from Foresight sports, is one leading golf launch monitor owned by many professional golfers.

What makes the device so famous and most loved in the indoor golfing market? The answer is not confined to a single specification of GC2.

GC2 is a simple yet powerful device that has its own LCD screen to show your shot data without causing a need to connect an external monitoring device like PCs and mobile phones.

Foresight Sports' GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software

It has a stereoscopic camera system that can analyze your shot with 10000 frames per second. With verifiable accuracy,

GC2 can show data like ball spin, ball flight distance, ball flight angle, impact speed, and more about the ball in real-time. The only drawback of this GC2 is it cannot look upon your club data. Fortunately, you can install a Head Measurement Technology device to capture and analyze your club and get more valuable statistics on your every shot.

GC2 Launch Monitor review - mybestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews
Foresight Sports' GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software
Foresight Sports' GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software

Furthermore, this GC2 is portable. It can fit in your golf bag without consuming much space and go from indoor to outdoor, and even to real courses.

It requires no calibration or marked balls. It has a rechargeable battery that has the capacity to last around eight hours.

It has an audio feature too, with which it can announce your shot data instantly.

Foresight Sports' GC2 Practice Golf Simulator Package + FSX Software

The device can connect with your mobile devices through USB and Bluetooth.

The FSX 2020 Software – Meet the most realistic golf simulation ever with FSX 2020

FSX 2020 from Foresight Sports is software specifically designed for golf. The FSX 2020 software is a PC comfortable application that can help users to analyze their shot data through charts and graphs.

Also, the tool allows the player to play on around five famous golf courses virtually from their home.

foresight sports fsx 2020 software golf simulator review

The FSX 2020 software also helps in improving the golfer’s game through challenges like the Longest Drive challenge, closest-to-the-Pin contest, and various skill assessments.

One can track, save and analyze their game records through this application with a cloud-based profile.

Foresight sports GC2 Practice (SIG10) Golf Simulator enclosure – SIG10 & Enclosure

This SIG10 is perfectly fit for your practice at your home. SIG10 screen withstand the hardest of golf shots time after time.

SIG10 designed to image fills upto 100% of the screen in HD for ultimate viewing pleasure.


  • Image Fills Up Entire Screen in HD
  • Premium, Handcrafted, Made in the USA
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Tight Knit Polyester Impact Screen
  • Side Barrier Netting (in case you have the sh*nks)
  • Frame Dimensions: 8’4″H x 10’10″W x 5′ D
sig 10 golf simulator screen enclosure review

Foresight Sports GC2 Practice (SIG10) Golf Simulator – Projector and Projector Mount enclosure

Short throw projects aren’t the only support for the Golf simulators, however standard throw projectors are really works well and good viewing experience.

The PT-VZ580U is from Panasonic creates a very impressive 5000 lumens at 1920×1200 WUXGA resoultions.

You can mount this projector 10-20 feet away from the screen for good throw ratio.

It has a very high lumen which you will get clear screen, bright and has 3LCD image generation technology for more brighter in the dark areas of the image.

panasonic golf simulator projector review


  • Deep imaging power
  • ECO Management function
  • Whiteboard and Blackboard modes
  • Multi Monitoring & control software
  • Built-in speaker

Foresight Sports GC2 Practice (SIG10) Golf simulator – Choice of Golf Mats

For GC2 Practice SIG10 Screen, you can use three Golfing mats which are perfectly fit and smooth for your every swings.

These mats are designed specifically to reduce body pain and increase the realistic feel.

fairway series golf mat review
sigpro 4x7 golf mat
sigpro 4x10 double golf mat


The practice package doesn’t need more space than 9′ high x 12’ wide x 18’ deep in your indoor. This package is available at $168999.99 but it may vary on time to time.