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What is SwingTurf Golf Hitting Mat? – Is This best hitting mat for Golf Practice and worth buying for $530? Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing a golf mat for an indoor golf simulation studio is always a puzzling piece of work. Retailers can easily deceive you to buy a random mat that is nothing more than garbage. But, it’s not always the retailers; it’s the budget you prefer.

It is not a surprise if you chose to buy a low-quality budget as a beginner. But if you are already a golfer who wants to practice different shots for upcoming seasons? Then a low-quality mat would bring chaos to your existing swing style and habits.

swing turf golf mats review

What you should do is to opt for quality mats at an affordable price. The best golf mat is not always about the price, but about its durability, stability, realism, injury prevention, and portability. Many brands are producing such quality mats. All a golfer needs to do is good research.

Fiberbuilt, TrueStrike, and Real Feel Country Club Elite are the most used golf mats across the United States despite their cost. However, all the above-mentioned mats have their own pros and cons and we are not going to discuss them in this article. What we are about to see is the Swingturf Golf Mat designed by RainorShineGolf of Charlotte.

The SwingTurf Golf Mat – Meet the most realistic and balanced golf turf Mat

RainorShineGolf made SwingTurf golf made is born out of the experiment to find a realistic and balanced golf turf. Rain or Shine Golf is a small pack of enthusiastic golfers who deal with indoor golf simulation equipment. They operate from North Carolina’s Charlotte and spread their love for a golf game to others.

swingturf golf mat reviews

After selling hundreds of low-quality products to satisfy customer’s budgets, RainorShineGolf addressed their first mistake. And found they only satisfy the budget not the game of their customers and torn and worn within a few weeks. So they turned to average budget brands like Fiberbuilt, TreuStrike, and Country Club Elite.

swing turf golf mats review

They tested every brand mats before suggesting them to their customers and found some existing cons in those mats such as Unrealistic and too forgiving hitting surface.

  • Too dense turf that might increase injury
  • No base system
  • Durability issues
  • Tedious assembly process
  • Portability issue
  • High price.

Considering all the downfall of the mats they are selling, RainorShineGolf decided to invent this SwingTurf. Ultimately, the SwingTurf can offer a realistic fairway-like feel and forgiveness. “Not too forgiving not less forgiving, but the perfect balance in between them!

SwingTurf can take a real tee and go easy on the golfer’s joints, wrists, and shoulders. It is extremely portable and can be used both outdoor and indoor. It has the ability to last many years yet comes with 3 years warranty. Most of all SwingTurf is Budget-friendly which can be bought at the price of $469

Why SwingTurf Golf Mat ?

  • Realism: The SwingTurf gets 5 out of 5 just because of its real-like grass surface that is not too dense. The moderate implantation of grass fiber offers the fairway-like feel and more forgiveness on the mat.
  • Injury Prevention: Unlike the other brands, the SwingTurf is found to be eliminating wrist, knee, and shoulder injuries. SwingTurf lets the clubs to pass down and through the surface and reduce the recoil in the club. The SwingTurf falls on 4.5 in injury prevention.
  • Durability: It lasts longer than you expect. SwingTurf was designed to withstand all your powerful shots. The durability rating of SwingTurf is 4 out of 5.
  • Stability: The only drawback of the SwingTurf is its stability; it falls to 4 out of 5. Swingturf was designed for ultra-portability. Hence, it has a rubber base. However, the issue can be solved with anti-sliding material under the mat.
  • Portability: The weightless design of SwingTurf enables it to come along wherever the player takes it. It can simply be rolled and unrolled in seconds and carried along. So the SwingTurf falls on 5 out 5 in portability rating.
  • Ease of Assembly: The SwingTurf gets 5 out of 5 in this category. While most of the high-end golf mats take several minutes to set up, Swingturf takes only seconds to unroll.

Benefits to the player:

SwingTurf can offer a sophisticated experience on it. It resembles real-fairway. So, one can practice on it every day and find the practice become perfection on the course. It is portable, durable, and affordable. The SwingTurf can enhance the player’s game in all aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SwingTurf Golf Mat?

The Swingturf Golf mat is a self-built golf mat of RainorShineGolf that aims to provide a better golf experience at an affordable cost.

Why should I choose SwingTurf over other brands?

SwingTurf is made out of extreme research and feedback from users. It is carefully crafted to resemble a real golf course.

How SwingTurf reduces the club bounce?

SwingTurf uses grass-like turf that let the club to pass down and through while hitting the ball. That’s how it reduces the club bounce.

Where to buy this SwingTurf?

SwingTurf can be bough from RainorShineGolf by placing an order.

What is the dimension of SwingTurf?

Rain or Shine Golf produces two sizes of SwingTurf mats. 4′ x 5′ and 4′ x 9′.

Do the SwingTurf hold a real tee?

Yes, you can insert a real wooden tee anywhere on the surface of SwingTurf Golf Mat.

What is the shipping cost of SwingTurf?

Rain or Shine Golf doesn’t charge for shipping to all the 48 states of the United States of America. However, there are nominal charges applied to the shipping that bound to Canada.

What if I don’t like the product?

Rain or Shine Golf has a 30-days return policy. You can return the SwingTurf for a refund by paying a restocking fee.

What is Country Club Elite® Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat? Is it worth buying for $489? – Reviews and Buying Guide

I know you read the title and that’s why you’re here looking you may find what you are looking for.

Believe me, you are at the right place to know all you need to know about the country club elite golf mats.

There is no way you are here unless you are already hunting for a good golf mat for your indoor gold simulation studio or for any outdoor practice session. That’s why we have covered a little bit about how to choose a goof hitting mat and a lot about Country Club Elite Golf Mat in this article. Keep up with us, please.

country club elite golf mats review and buying guide

Before finding the detail about the Country club Elite Mat, let us to know how to choose a good hitting mat?

Golf is a game that builds character and style more than anything. That’s why golfers practice every day at least in the backyard when time prevents them from making to the courses.

The hardest part is the backyard is not a golf course and damaging the turf will land you in trouble.

That’s why you need golf hitting mats to over come this issue. However, you need to be more cautious as the golf mats itself could bring bad swing habits to your game.

A good golf mat should enhance your game and give you the real fairway experience.

Country Club Elite Golf Mats by Real Feel Golf Mat review

Sometime, some big retail stores will pass off scraped materials in the name of golf mats tagging a hefty price. They will become worn off or tear off within weeks. A good golf mat should last a lifetime with you or at least a 50,000 powerful shots. In this case, densely packed artificial nylon grass is a good option to invest in. Mats like Real Feel Country Club Elite, Fiberbuilt, and TrueStrike are using such grasses on their mats.

The Base

Without a strong base, you cannot make a good stance on the mat. Without making a good stance, you cannot swing a god shot. You get much support from the mat only when the mat has a great base. Or, you will fall to your face and so you practice session

The Real Tee

A true good golf mat should hold a real tee on it. Golf mats that have a strong base and dense fibers are the better choice in this case.

What is Real Feel Golf Mat’s “The Country Club Elite® Golf Mat”?

The country club mats were introduced back in 2006. Since then they have become the widely used golf mats across the world. Country club elite mats are designed to offer the utmost comfort for any golfer which is also tough enough to last longer than other mats.

No Bounce and True Divot

Country Club Elite is a product of Real Feel Golf Mats who made this mats with 100% spring crimped heavy denier nylon fibers. The dense packaging manner of these fibers enables clubs to pass down and through it, thus reducing club recoil. The fibers also enable the real feel of a divot on it.

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat 3inch X 5inch

Real Feel Golf Mat also added UV stabilizers to the fibers to prevent it from fading. So Country Club Elite can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  • The materials: Country Club Elite uses long and dense fiber grass on a strong base. The depth of the mat is almost 2″, thus eliminates the fear of tearing and wearing. The nylon fiber is sturdy and strong that can take all the powerful hits and last longer.
  • The Real Fairway Feel: The country club elite mats are available in various sizes and regarded as similar to the fairway. Their long and dense fibers supported by a strong base enables the feel of a real golf course by offering similar reward and penalty for accurate ball/turf contact.
  • It takes a real tee: This Country Club Elite mats can hold a real tee anywhere on their surface, thanks to its thickness. Only a few mats in the market allow real tee like a country club

The Country Club Elite® Golf Mat Price Range

Country Club Elite golf hitting mats comes in various size. So the price depends on its size. Real Feel Golf Mats produces Country Club Elite Mats is the sizes of 4′ x 5′, 5′ x 5′, 5′ x 8′, and 5′ x 10′. Also, there are customizable options. The price ranges between $489.00 – $1200.00.

Who are the Vendors? Where You can buy this Original Golf Mat?

Yes, there are many other buying options when it comes to Country Club Elite. because of the mat’s popularity, most of the retailers across the US prefer to sell it from their shops. Among them, RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf are the personal suggestion from us.

RainorShineGolf is an indigenous indoor golf equipment retailer in North Carolina. They live to spread the game. They have a lot of products including the country club elite which can be bought at great prices and offers. RainorShineGolf also delivers its products without delivery charges across America and with legal charges to Canada. They also offer finance to their customers.

ShopIndoorGolf is in Texas. Like RainorShineGolf, they are dealing with indoor golf simulation equipment which can be bought at a great price, offers, and finance.

The Country Club Elite®Golf Mats Products


REAL FEEL Country Club Elite Golf Mat country club elite golf mats review
Features1. True Divot Action®
2. No Bounce®
3. Swing Down And Through®
4. Takes A Real Tee®
Size Options 4' x 5'
5' x 5'
5' x 8'
5' x 10'
WarrantyThis product comes with 3 Year Manufacturer warranty

What is TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats? Is This Best Golf Mats for Your Home Practice and $997? Reviews and Buying Guide

Searching for a great golf mat for your simulation golf game?

You might be searching at the wrong place where you get nothing. Or you may be looking for a traditional hitting mat so you could save your dimes for evening beer with your golf partner, who has a better hitting mat than you.

36inch X 60inch XL Super Tee Golf Mat - Holds A Wooden Tee

Choosing a Golf Hitting Mat could be a tough job for your home simulation studio. The reason behind it is you could habit bad swings that will result in a real golf course. That would be terrible for your game.

As aforementioned, choosing a good hitting mat is a tough job. So, let us learn what makes a good mat and what is not.

What is a bad Golf Hitting Mat?

Hitting mats vary in size, price, and materials. If you are looking for a low-cost hitting mat, either you are a beginner or you don’t have any idea what is a good mat. When talking about hitting mats, the quality of the mat depends on the money you spent on it. However, a beginner can opt for a low-quality mat until you learn how to do a proper swing by tearing off substandard golf mats as much as you can.
Things that are subjective to a low-quality mat are, low durability, maximum club recoiling, slippery, lousy worn off type material, and low price. As you can see, nothing will help your simulation game.

What is a good Golf Hitting Mat?

A good Golf Hitting mat should assist you to improve your efficiency in the game, not bothering it. Things that subjective to a good hitting mat are, low club recoiling, now slipping, injury prevention technology, durability, competent material, and moderate to high price.

Things to consider before buying hitting mats:

  • Material Used: The golf hitting mat market homes many brands that use different materials to produce a golf mat. However, every mat won’t meet your need or satisfaction. You may think about how the material used on a golf mat could hinder your practice. The fact is, in a simulation game, mats play a big part in giving you feedback about your shot.
  • In a real fairway, the grass would go off with your club when you hit the ball right down through it. You may experience mild recoil on the real fairway but you shot better. The material that is used on the mat should ensure your shot pass down through it without recoil or club bounce. The mats that enable you to sweep through results in good launch angle, and ball speed. Mats that are made of dense nylon grass and impact absorption gel as hitting areas are advisable the better choice.


You buy some luxurious hitting mats only to see them worn off after a few hardest shorts. What is the point of spending that big dime on them? Of course, a hitting mat will get worn off, but not within two weeks of purchasing it. A good mat should take the hits and accompany the player in long run

Injury Prevention

Ever felt a shock on your shoulder after a powerful swing? Sometime, the shock may turn worse. Golf game can injure you unless you play it right. Some common injuries that happened to the golfers are strain, sprain, and tendonitis of ankles, feet, knees, hand, and wrist. The irony is, some physiotherapists made more money treating golfer rather than others in the city.
Good golf hitting mats should absorb the impact of the club and leaves no or low recoil/bounce are the ones that prevent injury and improve the game.

No slipping and No shagginess

Falling off the mat is another dreadful thing that could happen to you. Your mat should be in place with utmost firmness when you make a stance on it. Also, your mat should not cave in as a result of hitting.

Brands like Truestrike and Fiberbuilt are commonly used in these days. But, Truestrike mats are found to be more technologically advanced. Apart from that Truestrike is the one that qualifies all the aforementioned qualities to become a good golf mat. of course, Fiberbuilt also has many great mats. If you wish to know more about Fiberbuilt, explore here.
Now let us see what the Truestrike Hitting mat is and what technology does it uses.

TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats – Meet the real experience of Fairway golf shots

TrueStrike is recognized for its infused gel technology and long-lasting durability as a golf mat. TrueStrike Golf Mats are designed to go easy on your body and offer no injury.

Design of TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats :

Ordinary Golf Mat

TrueStrike Golf Mat
Truestrike Golf mat

The hitting surface has a silicone-gel injected foam compartment underneath it. The silicon-gel foam acts more like real grass on a golf course. The silicon-gel absorbs the impact of the golf club and let it swing through it without tension.

The gel ripple over the surface when it is hit and regains its original position as the club passes. This will certainly end in a great shot and no injury to the player. The player’s game will be improved seamlessly with this silicone-gel injected foam hitting area.

Using a real tee on this mat is another big plus of TrueStrike. It allows the player to insert a regular tee and adjust its height as per their preference.

The Modular Design:

This is the revolutionary evolution of Truestrike golf mats. TrueStrike mats are made of independent parts. All the parts combine to form the whole mat. So, if a part gets worn off, there is no need of replacing the whole mat, instead, the worn off part can be replaced at a minimal cost.

The compartments are the gel section, range mat section, strike surface, and gel sub base.

The Gel Section module:

This gel section module reacts like a real fairway to offer the player realistic game play. While a traditional hitting mat won’t compress and return to its original position, this gel section can compress upon impact and disperse the energy created on it.

The Range Mat Section Module:

The range mat section allows you to insert a regular tee on it and swing your club. This module enables the player to practice their iron shots without the fear of mishits. You can also use the range mat section as a place to make your stance.

The Strike Surface Module:

The striking surface of Truestrike unlike other brands hardly deteriorates over time. Unless it manhandled, the striking surface of Truestrike has been proved to be 100% last longer than expected. The silicon-gel injection technology enhances the player’s game by enabling a realistic fairway like feel.

The TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats come at various sizes and prices. Here, mentioned in the article below, are the commonly used mats of TrueStrike.

TrueStrike Premium Single Golf Practice Mat

This practice mat includes an edge trim, a ball tray, a gel section, and three range mats. The size of the mat is 52″ in length, 77″ in width, and 2″ in height. The whole weight of the mat is just 112 lbs that make it extremely portable. However, the practice mat’s size can be expanded by adding more sections.

This mat is most ideal for both simulation players and practice range players.

TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat

TrueStrike Static Golf Mats

The static golf mat from TrueStrike is made to save space and cost simultaneously. It perfectly resembles the natural fairway in all aspects like the other type of TrueStrike mats. This static golf mat includes two edge trim, one gel section, and two range mats. The dimension is 2″ height, 52″ length, and 52″ width.

TrueStrike Academic Golf Mats

The TrueStrike Academy Gold Mats are larger mats that are convenient for studios, ranges, clubs, and pro shops. It offers plenty of space to stand and swing. The academy mat includes two edge trims, a gel section, and four range mat section. The academy mat was designed minding all levels of players as the goal of this mat is not to be subjected to players of a certain level. The total size of this mat is 52″ in length, 80″ in width, 2″ in height and the mat weighs 134 lbs.

truestrike academy golf mat review - best golf simulators for home

The TrueStrike Portable Golf Mats

This mat from TrueStrike is truly portable, convenient, comfortable, cost-effective, and of course the smallest. It is a golf mat that comprises only of a hitting surface and gel foam underneath it. This golf mat includes two edge trims, one gel section and that’s it. See that’s simple. So the dimensions are 2″ height, 21″ wide, and 52″ length and weigh just 32 lbs.

Other than the above-mentioned mats, there are many other size mats TrueStrike produces and so the sections of the mats. And, every strike range sections/hitting surfaces can withstand around 55,000 shots.

TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats – FAQ

What is TrueStrike?

TrueStrike is a popular British golf mat maker well established across the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

What makes TrueStrike Golf Mats different from other brands?

The silicon-gel injected hitting section makes the TrueStrike more different compared to other brands.

Why silicon-gel is used in True Strike Mats?

Silicon-gel is used under the striking surface to absorb the impact created by the swing. Silicon-gel eliminates the recoil/bounce of club giving a golfer a smooth and injury-free golf game.

How to call the gel-surface technology of TrueStrike?

TrueStrike calls the tech “Ruckable”. And, they have patented the technology.

Do TrueStrike Mats Support both indoor and outdoor games?

Yes, TrueStrike mats are designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, with or without a simulator.

How durable is a TrueStrike mat?

All the TrueStrike mats are capable of taking 55,00 hits before they start showing wear off signs. However, in case of wear off, there is no need to swap the entire mat for a new one, just replace the particular portion with a new one. With proper maintenance, the TrueStrike mats could last longer than traditional mats. Traditional mats don’t have this facility as they have worn off, you should’ve to look for a new one.

Does TrueStrike produce only golf mats?

Though TrueStrike’s primary product is Golf Mat, it also produces, accessories like TrueStrike Ball Tray, Tees, and more.

Can TrueStrike be used in commercial spaces?

Yes, TrueStrike can be used in commercial spaces as well as home spaces and also in driving ranges.

Where can I buy this TrueStrike Golf Mats?

You can visit a TrueStrike vendor in the UK or you can directly order from their website. However, if you are looking for lucrative offers on the product, I suggest Rain or Shine Golf of North Carolina and Shop Indoor Golf of Texas.

What is special about RainorShinGolf Online Store?

RainorShineGolf is a special store with a small team that is so curious about indoor golf. To enhance the indoor golf community, the shop offers lucrative offers on various products including TrueStrike Golf mats. Rain or Shine Golf is an authorized dealer for many golf-related brands and offers finance for people to buy from them. With attractive offers on every product, they also have a return policy through which you can return any of the products you bought for a refund.

What is special about ShopIndoorGolf Online Store?

The ShopIndoorGolf is in Texas. Like the Cowboy nation’s climate, the people at Shop Indoor Golf are warm and cozy. They put customers who love golf first as they share the love of the game. Hence they offer finance and more attractive offers to those who purchase from them. TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mats are one of their most loved products. With their best price promise, they also deliver their products for free to their customers in the US. They also deliver to Canada with some nominal charges. They also have a No-Hassle return policy.

How big of a golf mat do I need? What size Golf Mat Suit Me?

The size may not always matter. But, when it comes to the context of golf mats, yes, of course, the size does matter.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Is your love for the golf game extends all the way from earth to the moon and then to Mars? Then you might have already known how rigorous practicing would enhance your game. But, another thing you are aware of is, you cannot always practice on golf courses. But, practicing is crucial. A golf mat can solve that issue along with a simulation enabled launch monitor.

Simulators are the best-known alternatives for playing golf other than courses. But they need proper equipment and a good golf mat. In simulation games, golf mats dominate the efficiency of every shot. Choosing them is always challenging, even for pro players.

Sometime, you might be stuck in halfway choosing a golf mat. The size might be the first reason you coin for stepping back. Here, this article will help you how to choose a good golf mat that suits you in the best way.

A good golf mat should assist you in all possible manners; it should not care when and where. If you are buying a mat, then you might have already decided which space of your house should be turned to be a play area. But, a mat should go beyond and can fit in any place, such as the garage, basement, back yard, rooftop, or portico. For that, you don’t need to measure your house again.

Method one:

All you need to do is to take your club out and swing it as you do on the course, but slowly for the first time. Observe how much space your swing requires and does the swing has any potential to break any stuff around the play area. Look like all things good? Then, now swing your club again, but this time faster as you do a powerful drive.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Now, you may have the conclusion that a mat size should be directly proportional to your height. See, there is no need for calculation!

Method two:

Map your space using sticky tapes on the floor to draw a rectangle. Now stand inside it and swing the club. You can clearly see the results that, how much space you are taking from the rectangle. Remap the rectangle to find the exact size for you and your club. Such experiments would help you in choosing the correct size of mats.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Now, you know the size that you need. There are three different sizes of mats in the market, which are common across the United States of America and the rest of the world. You can select one from those existing sizes, so you can save a lot of time from ordering a custom made golf mat.

Standard Size Golf Mats

Standard size golf mats are great for simulation games. Their size range in width, from 3′-4′, and in length, from 4′-8′. Some examples are Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat – 4′ x 7′ and TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat.

How big of a golf mat do I need

Standard size mats always come with a stance area, a hitting area, and space to place any launch monitors like SkyTrak and OptiShot. However, if you are playing on a simulator, the mat won’t cover your entire bay area. So, your ball lands roughly after hitting the hitting screen, unless you have a carpet covering your floor or a landing turf.

These mats are comfortable for both indoor and outdoor uses. So, you can use them in your home, garage, basement, or backyard.

These standard mats will always fall in the minimum space requirement category. So, they can fit in minimum space and are extremely portable. Also, they are affordable.

Oversize Golf Mats

The oversized golf mats are usually longer and wider than the standard size mats. Their size varies in length from 8′-12′ and in width from 6′-10′. Some examples are the Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green and the Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat.

How big of a golf mat do I need

These mats mostly come with a centered hitting area and stance area on each side of the hitting area. Sometimes, the mats are accompanied by putting greens. These mats are designed to cover the entire simulation bay area between the screen and you. So, your ball lands like a feather.

Like the standard mats, these oversize mats can also be ported from place to place. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor games, and subtle for games that include launch monitors. These mats can accommodate both righties and lefties.

The Complete Cover Golf Mats

These complete cover golf mats are not just mats, they are luxury, in most cases, and they are the envy of your friends. If you love to assign a complete room in your house for a simulation studio, you can definitely opt for these complete cover golf mats.

How big of a golf mat do I need

These mats could cover the entire area of a room with its green turf to turn you indoor into a golf course. You can play drive games and shot games like putting and chipping.

Installing these mats with a best in class simulators will offer any player an out-of-the-world experience of a simulation game.

Where to find a good golf mats?

The size of mats that you need depends on the space you assign for them in your house. There are many brands that are making great golf mats, but, you need to find a better retailer who can offer a guarantee and warranty. In this case, America’s top-rated retailers named RainorShineGolf and ShopIndoorGolf are the best choice, where one can get various offers and financial aids on any purchase.

Shop Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Hitting Mats and Putting Greens – Injury preventing – 300,000 Shot Guarantee – Honest Review and Buying Guide

Golf Practice Mats and Indoor Putting Greens by Fiberbuilt – Complete With A 300,000 Shot Guarantee!

Do you know which golf hitting mat is being trusted by more than 5000 drive ranges and countless golfers across the world, for more than a couple decades now?

Fiberbuilt Golf Practice Mats and Putting Greens review

It’s, definitely, the FiberBuilt Golf Mats. This commercial-grade mat has become one of the most used golf mats among the simulation players since 1995.

The main advantage for which these mats are bought is for its shock-absorbing technology and reduction of terrible club bounce.

If you are curious about knowing FiberBuilt more, then keep down with this article as here it talks more about what Fiberbuilt is and how it enhances the game of a simulation player and how it lasts a lifetime.

But, before we move further on Fiberbuilt, you need to know what a simulation golf mat is, what types are there, and how to choose a better mat, for your simulation.

In Hurry?

The Patented Design provides a much more realistic hitting experience because it allows cubhead to dig into the turf. Check this out with 4’x7′ Singled Sided Studio Mat here

What makes good golf hitting mat?

You should definitely not be practicing on your shiny wooden floor if you are about to play on simulation.

By the way, you shouldn’t bring a real grass turf home from any golf course. That does look insane.

But what can you do is to invest in good golf hitting the mat. In this case, the word better meant for hitting a mat that feels so real.

This article doesn’t mind if you are a back yard player. Big thumbs up for you backyard players- you got a lot of grass back there.

Apart from a real feel, the mat should qualify to take all of your hardest shots. Sometimes, a hardest hit could tear a low-quality turf and leave you running to buy a patch for it.

That’s why you need to find a better hitting mat for your simulation. Literally, it needs to take the hit and lie, “I don’t care if you hit me again.” Many hitting mats are built for such a phenomenon.

But, everything doesn’t do the roll for a long period. So, you need a strong mat that lasts an eternity! Wait, that’s not what I meant, it won’t last that long to let your grandkids play on it.

Have you ever injured your wrist or your joint after a bad swing? That’s a terrible thing your club could do to you. A professional swing speed calculated by the USGA is 109 mph.

Just imagine your club striking a low-quality mat surface at that speed. The recoil shock will go up through your elbow and give a kick on the shoulder. That’s it, you’ll then throw off your club and probably looking for a physiotherapist.

A hitting mat that gives way to your club pass through it is advisably the better mat here. They are not hard to find these days.

The play area is the next requirement for a golf mat. A golf mat would look better if it allows you to stand on it and hit the ball.

You’ll get more balance while you’re hitting a ball standing on the same mat where the ball lies. Such character of a hitting mat will prevent you from developing bad swing habits.

After all, you are playing on a simulation only to improve your game.

Injury prevention should be the next level of consideration while buying a golf hitting mat. If you are taking a stance on the mat, it should provide you enough traction for you to do that.

Less traction between your shoes and the synthetic material, that is used on the mat, will sometime result in you slipping out of the mat. Yeah! That’s bad.

There are many brands of golf hitting the mat in the market. Every single mat has its different characteristics from others. However, we are only discussing Fiberbuilt hitting mats here.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – an Overview

  • There is a reason that this brand is constantly in the market since 1995.
  • The grip that gives a golfer standing on it will outlive every other brand in seconds.
  • These Fiberbuilt mats come in various sizes and use without compromising the players’ game quality.
  • Fiberbuilt is the most commonly used indoor simulation golf mats as it gives more accurate ball data for any launch monitor and any other golf simulation cameras.
  • The Fiberbuilt mats are also used on practice driving ranges.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – The Synthetic Grass of Fiberbuilt golf hitting Mats

fiberbuilt golf mats review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews
  • The Fiberbuilt hitting mat’s synthetic grass is the most loved because of its realism to real grass.
  • The grass is made of monofilaments with some special blends to offer strength and durability to it.
  • This also reduces the friction on the mat to offer the club a smooth swing, which means iron or a wooden club or a wedge would sweep down through the grass without any recoil.
  • That’s how it replicates the real fairway inside your home.

While playing on a simulation with a launch monitor beside the ball club bounce is the one that spoils the sport. The bounce will manipulate the ball flight data instantly sending a shock wave across the mat. Fiberbuilt’s synthetic grass eliminates the situation of totally.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – A strong base underneath the turf:

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens review

A strong base is the first step towards success. That’s why Fiberbuilt mats are coming with a rubber frame base with interlocking inserts in between, thanks to its modular design. The rubber base also provides great stability and a supportive footing.

Fiberbuilt hitting mats come mostly as portable mats that can be rolled and stored. So, there is no need to be concerned about space anymore. However, there are non-portable hitting mats made by Fiberbuilt and widely used by professionals.

For more comfortable portability, Fiberbuilt also makes flight deck practice mats. Regardless of their size, every mat comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – the Sizes of Hitting Mat

While talking size, actually there are many than you expect from Fiberbuilt. You may be in a requirement of a small mat or a large mat Fiberbuilt has got you covered.

7′ x 4′ Single Sided Studio Hitting Mat

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens review
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This mat is a combination of a stance mat, a hitting area, and an extra panel to place your launch monitor or ball tray. The total dimension of the mat is 7′ wide and 4′ deep, which is actually a small mat.

The combinations are a 4’x4′ performance Turf Stance Mat, 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass, and an extra panel of 2’ x 4’ performance spacer mat. Along with the turfs, there will be a modular rubber foundation, which makes the entire setup easier to install in minutes.

The hitting section comes with four tee holders in parallel to each other. This mat is suitable for a home golf studio that is more ideal for launch monitors like SkyTrak, Foresight, and Ernest Sports. And ultimately, this mat has the color of on-course green.

9′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat – Center-Hitting

What size mats does Fiberbuilt have? - 9' x 4' Studio Golf Mat - Center-Hitting
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Like the 7′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat this 9′ x 4′ mat has three sections such as two 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mats either side of a 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass with four tee holders.

The unique idea of this mat is to accommodate both rights and left-hand players on a single mat.

This mat can be more ideal for launch monitors like TrackMan and Flightscope.

10′ x 4′ Studio Golf Mat – Double Hitting
What size mats does Fiberbuilt have? - 10' x 4' Studio Golf Mat - Double Hitting
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This mat is a five combination mat that can accommodate both left-hand players and right-hand players on a single performance mat.

This studio mat includes a 4’ x 4’ Performance Turf stance mat at the center and on either side of the performance mat there is a 1’ x 4’ section of genuine Fiberbuilt nylon Grass where one places the ball and hits. Finally, there is a 2’ x 4’ performance spacer mat attached to each end. Every combination is installed over the modular rubber frame. This mat is a perfect blend of durability and technology.

Square Performance Turf Tee Box
What size mats does Fiberbuilt have? - Square Performance Turf Tee Box
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This mat is a blend of support and performance. This is an all-nylon fiber grass turf that can support standard tees on it. This is such a cost-effective solution for simulation games. The soft underfoot rubber ensures no slipping of the mat. This mat has no specific size as you can get it in customized size from Fiberbuilt.

5′ x 4′ Single Hitting Traditional Stance Mat with Nylon Grass
What size mats does Fiberbuilt have? - 5' x 4' Single Hitting Traditional Stance Mat with Nylon Grass
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The result would be amazing when combining a traditional stance mat with Fiberbuilt’s nylon grass. This mat is a single-sided mat that can accommodate either one of the players. Fiberbuilt also produces double-side hitting mats.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – Putting Greens Overview

How could I not talk about putting green while the topic is already golf mats? Of course, Fiberbuilt is also making putting greens that count on the durability and stability of driving mats. But before, let us take a look at what makes a good Putting mat.

No, don’t expect sun-burnt green and poor cut grasses of a real golf course on all brands of putting green.

But, some products like Fiberbuilt can come close to offer that real feel. The real feel of an artificial putting green depends on how it resembles the true roll of real grass.

On real grass, you can see your ball rolling tight over the field, so you adjust your hitting speed according to it. Bringing that same feel on to a putting green is somewhat challenging.

An excellent putting green should let you play everything in between lap puts to tap-ins. Sometimes, you only need a flight deck mat to drive games. But, for putting green you need a mat that is wide enough for you to walk on it. However, with that wide size, the putting green mat should stabilize itself with a strong base. Fiberbuilt has all of it.

Fiberbuilt have putting greens in various sizes ranging from 4′ x 10′ to 10′ x 10′. For stability, irrespective of size, they have a well-built rubber base that prevents slipping.

Also, another phenomenon that qualifies a good putting mat is the authentic sound metal cups. Fiberbuilt has them too.

The most popular model putting green is the 4′ x 10′ mat. With that 10′ length aid you with you chipping. Fiberbuilt included two authentic sound metal cups to this putting green to resemble nothing less than a fairway.

Fiberbuilt putting greens comes in various sizes such as 4’x 8′, 4′ x 10′, 4′ x 14′, 6′ x 12′ and 10′ x 10′ to enhance the realistic experience of a player.

4′ x 8′ Putting Greenfiberbuild golf putting greens review
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4′ x 10′ Putting Green
fiberbuild golf hitting mat putting greens review

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4′ x 14′ Putting Green
fiberbuild golf hitting mat putting greens review
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6′ x 12′ Putting Green
fiberbuild golf hitting mat putting greens review
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10′ x 10′ Putting Green
fiberbuild golf hitting mat putting greens review
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Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mats:

fiberbuild golf hitting mat putting greens review

For those who don’t want to spend more on hitting mats can opt for a smaller, portable and convenient model hitting area mats like Flight Deck Golf Hitting mats.

The flight decks are small oval-shaped hitting mats that sit on a heavy rubber base. Flight Decks are perfect hitting mats to preserve your space for other uses. However, that small hitting deck will not hinder any of your hitting habits.

Especially, Fiberbuilt always builds this flight deck mats to resemble their other wider mats in character. Fiberbuilt flight deck mats are made of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass. They also come with a 300,000 shot guarantee.

The only drawback of this flight deck is that it cannot hold real wooden tees. However, the issue is cover by the Fiberbuilt providing adjustable tee. These mats are tested to feel like real fairways and avoid turf shocks. Moreover, these mats won’t break your bank.


Available Sizes (Most popular)  
Fiberbuilt Hitting Mats7' x 4' Single Sided Studio Hitting Mat
9' x 4' Studio Golf Mat - Center-Hitting
10' x 4' Studio Golf Mat - Double Hitting
Square Performance Turf Tee Box
Fiberbuilt Putting Greens4' x 8' Putting Green
4' x 10' Putting Green
4' x 14' Putting Green
10' x 10' Putting Green
6' x 12' Putting Green

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats and Putting Greens – FAQ

What is the difference between a Golf Hitting Mat and Putting Green?

The one on which you practice or play drives is golf hitting mats while the putting greens are which you play chipping and putting games.

Why Fiberbuiult is better than other Golf Hitting Mat Brands?

Fiberbuilt is better than the other mats because of its performance, durability, and injury prevention abilities. Around 90% of fiber built users felt the comfort and realism offered by the mat.

Do the Fiberbuilt mats come in customizable size?

Yes, you can order and get your unique size golf hitting mat other than their existing size mats.

How long it’ll take for the golf mat to show the wear off signs?

As stated above, every mat comes with a 300,000 shot guarantee. It’ll start to show wear out sign passing than 300,000 limits.

Should I need to swap the whole mat if the mat gets damaged?

No, the mat is built by the component bases system. Hence, you can swap only the damaged part for a new one and leave the rest as it is.

Does Fiberbuilt have Combo Mats?

Yes, Fiberbuilt also has combo mats (Hitting mat and Putting Green Combined) that starts in the size range of 10’x 10′.

What size Fiberbuilt Putting Green is Best Suitable for a simulation player?

It depends on your mindset. Fiberbuilt putting greens start from the size range 4′ x 8′, which is already a great choice for both the indoor and outdoor players. However, if you felt you’re in need of a big mat, you can opt for other size mats whose size is greater than the 4′ x 8′.

Can I stand on the Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat?

No, you should not. Flight Deck mats are to hold your golf ball not you. However, if you wanted to make a stance beside the flight deck, there are rubber stance mats you can buy along with this oval-shaped hitting mat.

What type of clubs do the flight decks are designed for?

The flight decks can assist all types of clubs, like wooden and wedges like the rest of the Fiberbuilt mats.

Does Flight Deck Hitting Mat Support Launch Monitors?

Yes, like the other mats, you can use this flight deck with a launch monitor.

What material do the Fiberbuilt grasses are made of?

The Fiburbuilt hitting area grass turf is made of nylon.

How long it will take to assemble the mat?

Not more than a couple of minutes. The rubber foundation enables a fast installation without any tools. You can set it up in no time and start swinging.

What makes the Fiberbuilt mats to reduce the club recoil?

The grass turf which is dense and supportive enables the club to pass through it and reduces the recoil rate of the golf club.

Can this Fiberbuilt hitting mats support accurate launch monitor results?

Yes, the Fiberbuilt mats are tested beside the Phantom High-Speed Ballistic Camera, which is a high-end sports cam that can go off at 22,000 FPs when triggered. The results are unbelievably accurate.

How long it will take for the Fiburbuilt turf to become worn off?

The mat will start showing wear off signs after passing 300,000 shots. However, these numbers are subjective to the hitting spots. The mat will go completely worn off after 500,000 shots.

Why the Flight Deck golf Hitting Mats are in Oval shape?

The oval shape gives the mat more hitting area space rather than a round shape.

Do Fiberbuilt mats come in different colors?

Yes, Fiberbuilt offers their mats in two color variations,

  1. On course Green
  2. Stadium Green
What is the green speed of Fiberbuilt’s putting green?

The rate falls to 9 in the Stimpmeter, which is certainly close to most of the real golf courses.

Which is best, the Flight Deck Golf Practice Station or the regular Fiberbuilt golf hitting mat?

In a general view, both are good in many ways and fall flat in a few ways. The Flight Deck is cost-friendly and doesn’t offer the realistic experience of a golf course that is obtained from the regular Fiberbuilt mats. On the other side, the regular Fiberbuilt mats are costlier than the Flight Decks.

Where to buy these Fiberbuilt products?

You can directly purchase it from Fiberbuilt’s website. If you wish for more offers on the Fiberbuilt products, then a couple of stores in the US could cover you up. Rain or Shine Golf in North Carolina and Shop Indoor Golf in Texas are the two indoor golf enchanters you can choose to spend on.

What do you get from Rain or Shine Golf?

Rain or Shine Golf is a pack of a small team with great vision. They share the love of golf game as much as you. That’s why they offer free door delivery across the United States and with a nominal charge to Canada. The transaction is ensured by Norton. Rain or Shine Golf also offers finance to any product that you purchase from them apart from Fiberbuilt.

What do you get from Shop Indoor Golf?

The team at Shop Indoor Golf is honest to be Texans. They literally breathe golf. Hence they offer Finance to those who want to own any indoor golf simulation equipment. With their lowest price guarantee, it also has an easy No-Hassle return policy. All the transaction with Shop Indoor Golf is ensured by Norton and all the shipping commence with insurance coverage.

What are the Best Indoor golf hitting-mats? Compare top brands and buy from $299 to $3000 – Reviews and buying guide

In a golf simulator for home, you cannot use grass as an option, for that you require having a hitting mat to hit the balls.

The accuracy of shots being hit depends upon the quality of the hitting mat being used. Golf mats can be a great help in swing training.

golf hitting mat - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

You do not need to worry about weather or heat with the help of hitting mats. You can hit golf ball anytime and anywhere you want. If you want to buy an affordable golf mat, you should always pay close attention to quality, because if it is built poorly, then it will perform poorly.

Therefore if you are looking for improving your game, then it is necessary for you to have a good quality hitting the mat. Another benefit of the hitting mat is that you will be able to swing whenever you feel like without the use of a simulator.

It is just like that you wanted to perform few swings or practice long shots in between your work without having to turn on the laptop and configure the simulator.

So, here we are providing you a list of 4 best hitting mats which are affordable and powerful for you

1. TrueStrike Golf Mat

2. Fiberbuilt Golf Mat

3. Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat

4. Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat

In Hurry?! Buy this Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green The Fiberbuilt 10’ x 10’ Center-Hitting Combo Mat features Fiberbuilt’s high-performance, built to last fairway turf and their true roll putting green surface that provides the most realistic feel you would have when chipping and putting at your favorite course.

TrueStrike Golf Mat – Not too firm and Not too soft, its Perfect!

The biggest problem with the traditional golf mats is that they don’t calculate the shot analysis accurately.

This is because of their harder hitting surface. Their harder hitting surface doesn’t allow playing fairway.

The TrueStrike Golf mat is the first choice of the golf professionals and driving ranges, but if you have space then it is also good to use at home.

48 inch X 60 inch XL SuperMat Tee Golf Turf - Holds A Wooden Tee
  • The TrueStrike Golf Mat is strong and well-crafted mat.
  • This mat reduces the problem of head-on.
  • It has the softness as the fairway, which absorbs the club head as if were cutting into the real turf.
  • This help in improving your game by replicating shots you would play on the fairway.

This is result into an accurate ball flight and less strain on your body. It works by applying a layer of gel directly on the top surface. This gel reacts to the descending club head and compresses it downward like actual turf, which helps in simulating the real conditions of golf.

TrueStrike Hitting Mats types:

truestrike single golf hitting mat review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews
TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat
truestrike academy hitting mat review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews
TrueStrike Academy Golf Hitting Mat
 True Strike Premium Single Golf Practice MatTrue Strike Premium Academy Golf Hitting Practice Mat
Specifications Height: 2 in
Length: 52 in.
Width: 77 in.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Height: 2 in
Length: 52 in.
Width: 77 in.
Weight: 112 lbs.
What's Included1 Edge Trim
1 Ball Tray
1 Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
3 Range Mat Sections
2 Edge Trims
1 Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
4 Range Mat Sections
1 Tee Receiver
25 Long Tees
25 Short Tees

2. Fiberbuilt Golf Mats – One Stop for World-Class Studio Hitting Mat and Putting Green

An industry leader for years, Fiberbuilt providing the highest forgiveness, stability, and durability on the market.

Trusted by 5,000 driving ranges in the world, Fiberbuilt Golf Mats provide commercial-grade that is now accessible to home golf simulator and launch monitor users.

Providing the feel of real grass, Fiberbuilt Mats are the only artificial surface that allows you to hit down and through the surface.

When you want a durable, long lasting hitting mat with authentic ball flights Fiberbuilt is the brand you can trust.

Fiberbuilt Golf Simulator Hitting Mats

fiberbuilt golf mats review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews
Fiberbuilt Single Sided Golf Hitting Mat
fiberbuilt launch monitor golf mat center hitting review -
Fiberbuilt Center hitting 4’X9′ Hitting Mat
Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green - Center Hitting
Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green
 Fiberbuilt Single Side Studio MatCenter Hitting Fiberbuilt 4'X9' Hitting MatFinerbuilt Combo golf Mat & Putting Green
  • 4' x 4' Performance Turf Stance Mat

  • 1' x 4' Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip

  • 2' x 4' Performance Turf Spacer (For Launch Monitor or Ball Tray)

  • Long Lasting Rubber Frame

  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • 2 - 4' x 4' Performance Turf Stance Mats

  • 1' x 4' Fiberbuilt Center Hitting Strip

  • Accommodates Left and Right-Handed Golfers

  • Long Lasting Rubber Frame

  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • 2 - 4.5' x 4' Performance Stance Mats

  • 1' x 4' Genuine Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat

  • Long Lasting Rubber Frame

  • Fast & Easy Assembly
  • What's Included1 Fiberbuilt grass (nylon) section
    1 Performance Turf stance mat
    1 Performance Turf spacer mat
    Exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners
    1 Fiberbuilt Grass (nylon) section
    2 Performance Turf Mats
    Exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners
    1 Fiberbuilt grass (nylon) section
    2 Performance Turf stance mats
    Putting Turf with 2 hole cutouts
    2 metal cups
    Exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners

    3. Country Club (CC) Elite Real Feel Golf Mat – A true Divot Action and No Bounce

    The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is made up of the long fiber system, which soaks up the club head instead of resisting it.

    If you hit like fat on the course, then catch the ground behind the ball, and if you want to continue the clubhead into the fiber system which imparts accurate levels of spin and compression on the ball, then you will have to catch it flush.

    Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat 3inch X 5inch

    The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat is designed to eliminate club head “bounce” and react as though you were taking a divot.

    Indoor and backyard golf range of 3’ * 4’ or 4’ * 4’ is sufficient. One of the best features of the Real Feel is its toughness. This heavy duty product is made up of fiber and is very durable even after sustained and prolonged use. The other best feature of the Real Feel is that it can accept a real golf tee. You can actually fix tee on an area in Real Feel Golf Mat at a specified height.


    4. Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat – A Tru-Turf Surface for real fairway or teebox

    Callaway Launch Zone Hitting Mat

    Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat is 8” X 16” and is one of the smallest hitting mats. This portable mat is the best choice for those who are looking for cheap and durable hitting surface.

    The main advantage of this mat is that you can focus on consistently being in a perfect impact position. The tough rubber inside the mat makes it heavy enough so that it could not slide around.

    This mat has integrated tee holding technology which allows it to hold any type of tree directly on the mat. This mat has a tee holder and has hole at the front to secure it to the hard surface with nail or screw.

    In a Nutshell,

    TrueStrike Golf Mat - Single hitting Mat$928
    TrueStrike Golf Mat - Academy Hitting Mat$1018
    Fiberbuilt-Single sided$1149
    Fiberbuilt-Center Hitting$1349
    Fiberbuilt-Mat+Putting Green$2999
    Country Club (CC) Elite Real Feel Golf Mat$489
    Callaway Super Sized FT Launch Hitting Mat$49

    Shop Amazon Other Indoor Golf hitting Mats: