Most of us would love to have a home golf simulation setup to experience ourselves the best before to the real course play. The steep price tag associated with the local golf club effectively priced out the typical for us.

Thanks to advanced technology and growing indoor golf accessories market, the golf simulator and setup costs may dropped and making possible to purchase at reasonable price.

In this below, I have summarized the best and possible DIY Home Golf Simulator setup.

DIY Golf Simulator (Outline) Everything You Need to Know
1. Choose the Enclosure Swingbay | HomeCourse Retractable Screen
2. Best Launch Monitor UNEEKOR EYE XO | UNEEKOR QED | Flightscope | SkyTrak
3. Choice of Hitting Mat TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mat
4. Best Software TGC 2019
5. Best Projector Optoma 4000 Lumens
6. The Computer / Laptop Accessories Tech Bundle
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Step 1. Choose the Golf Simulator Screen and Enclosure

The first thing you’re going to need for your home golf simulator is a good choice of Enclosures. The enclosure will provide you the impact-resistant projector screen, walls and ceiling to help your shot contained.

SwingBay Screen & Enclosure


The Swingbay DIY enclosure featuring a heavy-duty projector screen and an easy to assembly framing system. It build with withstand thousands of shots at upto 250 miles per hour. Tightly woven fiber material optimized for a smooth, crisp, projections and secure velcro system for a realistic golf simulation experience.

HomeCourse Retractable Screen & Enclosure


HomeCourse Retractable Screen enclosure, a state-of-the-art fully retractable golf simulator screen allows you to turn any of your living room, garage, office, or basement into a home golf simulator studio within seconds. And its return any room back to original from its wireless, battery-powered design.

Step 2. The Best Golf Launch Monitor

The golf launch monitor is the brain of your simulator. They analyse your swing and shots. Most of golf launch monitors are placed on the ground and use radar technology however simulators like UNEEKOR mount overhead for capturing the shot and find the results.

uneekor eye xo golf launch monitor



UNEEKOR EYE XO is quickly becoming one of the top players launch monitor in the industry. The device equiped with 2 ultra High speed camera (≥3000 fps each) and provides a real-time footage of ball spin, club path and true impact. It mount overhead provide a clean hitting surface and allowing both right-hand and left-handers to swing freely.


UNEEKOR QED Golf Launch Monitor


UNEEKOR QED engineered to be lightning-fast in response while delivering pinpoint accuracy. The launch monitor paired with Ball and Club OPTIX technology, with instant ball spin and club path replay powered with Ignite software that you can see the new level of performance measured.


FLIGHTSCOPE Mevo+ Golf Launch Monitor


The flightscope Mevo+ (Mevo Plus) brings the technology that ready for you any time, no matter the weather. The launch monitor will measure the accurate shot data you’ll able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your errant shots, make swing changes and see the results instantly.

Skytrak Launch Monitor

SKYTRAK Golf Launch Monitor


SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator combination designed to act as a game improvement tool. High speed photography measures the golf ball and provides an accurate reading of your ball speed, distance, launch angle, club speed, spin rates and more.

Step 3. Choice of Hitting Mat

The Golf hitting mat is a vital investment for you to practice your game stimulate the same condition of a real golf course and real grass. Golf Mat come in all shapes and sizes are also made from different materials that provide a different feel when striking a ball on.

truestrike single golf hitting mat review - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

TrueStrike Golf Hitting Mat


One of the popular hitting mat on the market providing a better way to hit golf shots without needing to practice on a natural surface. A thin layer of incredibly durable, yet soft, artificial surface with silicone gel insert engineered under the hitting surface.


Step 4. The Best Golf Simulation Software

Perhaps you have picked up the best Golf Simulator screen & enclosure, Golf launch monitor, Best Hitting Mat and Now the Software. In any case, to get the proper golf simulator experience, you need a quality software.

Different software available with different launch monitor offers different features and game modes. However choose the TGC 2019 compatible for most of launch monitors.

the golf club 2019 golf simulator software

The Golf Club 2019 Software


The TGC 2019 has huge course selection that allows you to play practically any golf course that you dream of. It has plenty of features including local multiplayer and robust online competition. It has great graphics and lighting relatively affordable.


Step 5. Choose the Best Projector

Finally the Projector is a great way to hone your game and play spectacular courses from your home. Projector allow you to work on developing your swing as well as fine tune your approach shot to the toughest greens.

For the most realistic and immersive experience, choose the projector will fit into the golf simulator room and affordable.

optoma 4000 lumens projector for golf simulator room

Optoma Short Throw 4000 Lumen Projector


Optoma Short Throw 1080p EH412ST is the ultimate 4000 Lumens projector for golf simulator. Its 0.5 throw ratio, 20,000:1 Contrast ratio, and color profile support produces vivid and large 152-inch images from 5.5-ft away with accurate colors.


Step 6. Computer / Laptop and Accessories

Golf simulator system requirements are the minimum hardware and software specification you need to run your golf simulator effectively. Find your ideal choice of buying a computer or laptop that has enough power which will work fine for your golf simulator.

You need a ultra high-end computer to run golf simulator graphics smooth on the screen. You will need GPU graphics card and RAM and recommended Storage capacity.

golf simulator gaming laptop

Golf Simulator Gaming Laptop


  • 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-10300H (2.50GHz, up to 4.50GHz with Turbo Boost, 6 Cores, 8MB Cache)
Operating System
  • Windows 10 Home 64
Display Type
  • 15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, anti-glare, 60Hz, 300 nits
  • 1x 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-2933
Hard Drive
  • 256GB SSD PCIe
AC Adapter
  • 170 watt AC
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Ti 4GB
  • 3 Cell Li-Polymer, 60Wh