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How to build indoor golf simulator?

How to build indoor golf simulator - bestgolfsimulatorsforhomereviews

Golfers want to play and sharpen their golf skills throughout the year. It is not possible due to adverse climatic conditions. For this reason, golf simulators are more than enough which enables you to play all over the year. Golf simulators are expensive, but you can create your golf simulator in a cost effective way. For setting up a golf simulator space at home first of all, they will have to secure a space for golf simulator.

It is the main priority for setting up a golf simulator. For this, you need to have an ample amount of space in your home. It can be your garage, your basement, your drawing room, depending upon the space required and how often you used to play golf. The next thing you require to have the brains of the setup. Without brains, it is not possible to play golf indoor.

Sophisticated golf simulators are required for setting up an indoor golf simulator at home. This is totally your choice that which golf simulator you are going to use for your home. For this, you can make searches in the market or the internet. The next thing you need to have a practice mat where the actual ball the striking occurs.

You need a projector to get the more realistic golf feel. You need a decent computer a well for dealing up with heavy duty graphics. You also need to have a practice net for hitting a ball. Main components required for setting up a quality simulator are: –

1. Space

2. The indoor golf simulator

3. Projector

4. A practice mat

5. A practice net

6. An indoor putting green

1. Space: –

Space is the main priority that aspiring golfer should have for setting up set up a golf simulator. If you do not have an ample amount of space all other things are baseless. You can easily set up a golf simulator at your home, in your office, in a garage, and in a basement. A golf simulator uses a space of 10 feet wide by 15 feet long by 10 feet height. Basically, the simulators use 7 feet height for basement ceiling, but some of the golf, simulators such as OptiShot recommends 8.5 feet height. If you plan to swing your driver in the simulator, we suggest you or height so that you can setup it easily.

The complexity of your simulator setup will vary based on the space provided by you and how often golf is being played. You can easily build a 10ft * 15ft * 10ft wooden frame by covering it with mesh netting. You can easily set a computer table to the side, construct a rack for the clubs, and cover the floor with a turf mat in that space for setting up a realistic golf simulator.

2. The indoor golf simulator: –

A golf simulator is the brain of this setup. Golf simulator allows you to play golf indoors by monitoring your swing or ball flight using powerful sensors. These sensors receive the data and feedback information to the connected computer which quickly calculates the shape and distance of your shot before projecting onto a virtual golf course on a screen. Before buying an indoor golf simulator for the home, you should thoroughly make searches on golf simulators. There are a number of golf simulators in the market, each of them having some unique features. You should know about your requirement and just make a search. Before buying one for your home, you should have to go through all and should know about their pros, cons and price tags. Choose the golf simulator is affordable and best for use. OptiShot is the best golf simulators among all for your home. It consists of a reasonable price tag and portable. It is easy to carry OptiShot golf simulator with you in a bag while traveling.

3. Projector: –

A projector is an expensive equipment after indoor golf simulator. You can play TV instead, but many people choose projector for more realistic feel on a bigger screen. If you are willing to buy a projector, then go for one which has good brightness. The projector you should be compatible with your laptop or desktop computer.

4. A practice mat: –

The next thing after a projector is the practice net on which the actual striking of the ball occurs. A practice mat is an essential investment that a golfer cannot avoid. It is also important for your health because smashing ball after ball from an inferior surface can lead to injury.

The OptiShot golf simulator can be used by itself without additional matting, but it usually comes with 1.5 inches high one foot long hitting surface where the actual ball is striking but if do not feel realistic, and most likely to affect you with topped shots. For that reason we strongly recommend you to invest in a quality practice mat to use with OptiShot. It will help you in maximizing your training results or gameplay experience. Another benefit of a quality practice mat is that you will be able to swing whenever you feel like without the use of the simulator. For this, we encourage you to invest in Monster Tee Golf Turf. This is not the cheapest mat in the market, but this is the most popular best practice mat available.

5. A practice net: –

It is not enough to have space, golf simulator and practice mat for golf simulator for home; you also need to have a quality practice net to catch your shots and prevent damage. For this reason, people opt for projector setup because it simulates hitting the ball straight into the screen. For this purpose, you need a screen which is durable and a net in front, of it. The speed of the golf ball is very high. It may exceed than 150mph. It has a lot of potential for destruction, especially if your swings are not refined. For catching you should need a high-quality net which is more durable and have Ball-return feature. There are many ways by which we can get a good and strong projector screens at an affordable price.

These are: –

• You can place a pop-up golf net in front of a regular projector screen for absorbing the impact.

• You can use foam balls instead of real golf balls to prevent damage to your projector screen.

• If you are building your enclosure you can use a heavy-duty tarp.

• If you are using real golf balls, you will also have to set up some netting along the sides and top of the screen to keep errant shots at bay.

6. An indoor putting green: –

Putting is a big part of the golf and it is necessary to use green putting to your studio. The actual goal of the indoor putting green for golf simulator for home is to enhance the golf experience and to create the feeling of standing on the putting green truly. A golfer needs a practice putting also to learn how to putt well. You can practice your rhythm, grooving a pendulum putting stroke that makes a perfect connection with the ball each and every time.

You need to have a decent computer also for dealing with heavy duty graphics. You should make sure that your computer graphic card is up-to-date to make practice as real as possible.

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