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What are the best home golf simulators home theaters?


Golf is generally played in clear sunny day during summers.

If you love to play golf and do not get time, or you are not able to play due to cold climatic conditions or night, then golf simulator for home theater is the best option for you.

Golf Simulator projector best

In this configuration, the room acts as a golf simulator, having features of golf simulation system that uses a projector and a screen combo, along with software to tee it up with a number of courses offered.

In another configuration, it is a high-performance theater, completed with a surrounding sound system just like a movie or TV show on a big screen.

The setup needs a projector for the golf simulation and a fixed screen that would take the abuse of golf ball target practice.

The High Definition Golf Simulator can be installed on any wall type. It comes in three sizes; executive, standard, and championship.

Choose your size with a package which includes a desktop workstation, an HDTV compatible projector and a 19-inch touch screen console along with realistic looking golf courses, golf ball, and club tracking system and nylon golf turf tee mats and speakers.

The projector projects the 3D images of golf courses with the chirping sound of birds and blowing the wind which will appear realistic.


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