BirdieBall: – This little practice ball gives beginners the chance to drill numerous shots anywhere they can find some open space. This helpful training tool helps in practicing your swing in your yard, house, office or any other small space. The hollow BirdieBall are made up of extremely durable super polymer that gives the feel and accuracy of hitting a real golf ball. These balls travel less far while at the same time allows you to take your swing to practice your strike. You can also practice with this BirdieBall in your home by targeting into the bucket.

The Swing TIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer: – This simple and effective little device attaches to your club shaft and connects to your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Once activated, you can analyze your movement in 3D from any angle with each swing of the club. It allows you to track and improve on key performance indicators such as club head speed, tempo, backswing position, and hip rotation.

SKLZ Smash Bag: – The smash bag is a heavy-duty impact training tool which is made up of durable PVC nylon. This smash bag helps you in making perfect connection between your clubface and ball. This bag is light and can be easily taken anywhere for continued practice.

iPing Putting App Cradle: – iPing Putting App Cradle is very beneficial when determining the right club for your game. This app is free to download. After downloading the app, just load it up and connect the phone to the cradle attached to your club shaft. It computes your putting stroke consistency and displays it on the screen using some variables: stoke type, impact angle and tempo.

Tour Angle 144 Golf Swing Training Aid: -This product is held in your upper hand while using your normal golf grip and is designed to help you to improve your distance, consistency, posture, and backswing mechanics by helping to prevent the early wrist break and improper setup position. Being a beginner, it is essential you learn the fundamentals of how to set up and swing threw the ball properly.

Izzo Smooth Swing: – This is a band which helps in improving your swing. This based on the theory that by binding both arms together during the swing and retaining your correct posture make the swing perfect.
All of these training aids are affordable and useful for those persons who want to learn and improve their golf skills without wasting much time. You should have all these in your kit for learning the game of golf because these will help you in learning proper mechanics.

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