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Golf Simulators

The greatest word from Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745 -1813) as “Golf is an exercise which is much used by a gentleman in Scotland.. A man would live 10 years the longer for using this excercise once or twice a week”.

The modern game of Golf originated in 15th century Scotland. The first record of Golf is banned by James II in 1457 as an unwelcome distraction to learning archery. James IV lifted the ban in 1502 when he became a golfer himself. However, it did not gain popularity until the 19th century.

There was a time when golf used to be considered a rich man’s game. In 1764, the standard 18-hole golf course was created at St Andrew’s when members modified the course from 22 to 18 holes. During the days of the week, most elite golf group members both men and women will travel to their picnic on an esteemed and very expensive golf field.

However, most of them are not afford on spending money every week on the field. Since it’s a rich game, the amount of money you need to spend to be a club member was so high.

We always like to play golf under a clear blue sky where the soft wind is blowing but, the weather being most unpredictable these days, very rare to find the blue sky every time you want to play the game.

Many of us like the game however we may not have access to such a golf course to play on every time. Does this mean we can’t play golf? NO. That is why golf simulators were invented.

Golf simulators are high-tech system that enables you to play your golf indoors in a virtual simulated golf environment. It’s a computerized golf setup designed to mimic the real game, helping you analyze your swing, understand your weaknesses, and improve your game without having to go to your real local golf courses.

So the game is something even you and us enjoys playing from home. Here, has the expertise that will train you and bring you the best equipment to play your home golf in your comfort zone.

Golf Launch Monitors

For most of us, practice time is limited and it shouldn’t be wasted attempting to configure, connect and use tools meant to assist us faster. When it comes to bettering your sport, if you’re going to get to the place you need to go, you should know where you might be to start and each step alongside the way. That’s why tour players have a launch monitor with them every week, even it on the course throughout a follow spherical. 

A launch monitor is a digital gadget that tracks golf ball flight characteristics using radar. Launch monitors are capable of offering distance, launch angle, location, and loads of other flight knowledge. Launch monitors take the data throughout the first few moments after impact. 

Recreational golfers now have access to a launch monitor that may present very correct ball data and allow for full simulation golf courses. Over time, by enjoying games and challenges, your shot making expertise will improve on the golf courses.

Take a look at the following are the best golf launch monitors in the industry now.

Golf Hitting Mats

The size may not always matter. But, when it comes to the context of golf mats, yes, of course, the size does matter.

Is your love for the golf game extends all the way from earth to the moon and then to Mars? Then you might have already known how rigorous practicing would enhance your game. But, another thing you are aware of is, you cannot always practice on golf courses. But, practicing is crucial. A golf mat can solve that issue along with a simulation enabled launch monitor.

Simulators are the best-known alternatives for playing golf other than courses. But they need proper equipment and a good golf mat. In simulation games, golf mats dominate the efficiency of every shot. Choosing them is always challenging, even for pro players.

Sometime, you might be stuck in halfway choosing a golf mat. The size might be the first reason you coin for stepping back. Here, this article will help you how to choose a good golf mat that suits you in the best way.

A good golf mat should assist you in all possible manners; it should not care when and where. If you are buying a mat, then you might have already decided which space of your house should be turned to be a play area. But, a mat should go beyond and can fit in any place, such as the garage, basement, back yard, rooftop, or portico. For that, you don’t need to measure your house again.

Standard Size Golf Mats

Standard size golf mats are great for simulation games. Their size range in width, from 3′-4′, and in length, from 4′-8′. Some examples are Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat – 4′ x 7′ and TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat.

Oversize Golf Mats

The oversized golf mats are usually longer and wider than the standard size mats. Their size varies in length from 8′-12′ and in width from 6′-10′. Some examples are the Fiberbuilt Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green and the Net Return Pro Turf Golf Mat.

Putting Greens

Putting green turf is a low pile artificial grass that allows golf balls to roll true. It is made from durable, synthetic fiber materials like nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. It’s different from standard turf because it has a lower pile, meaning it’s not as thick as the artificial grass on your home. Take a look at the best Putting Green for your Practice below.

Swing Analyzer

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What is an indoor golf simulator? or golf simulator for Your home / Residential Practice?

Golf simulator for home is an indoor setup which allows you to play golf on a graphically or photographically simulated with a wide range of golf courses. It is a technical term used by golfers to play golf regardless to weather and time of the day. You can play on a rainy day or even during the night in converted premises. Simulators are being in trend since the 1970s. Its cost ranges from $200 to approximately $ 65,000. Golf simulator for a home requires a dedicated room, hitting screen, a projector and other equipment.

It is best for all those people who wanted to play golf and want to be good at that because they really do not need to worry about weather and time of the day. They can play for several hours of the day. There is a wide range of simulators on the market that fit in your budget or space limitations. You can choose your golf simulator according to your budget and space.

An indoor golf simulator is much more than an ordinary virtual golf simulator. You will have an immersive experience with ultra-realistic graphics and precise analytics which are designed to make lasting improvements to your game. You can easily install and set up a golf simulator for a home in your home, office, in the basement, or in the garage. Golf simulators are quite portable. You can easily carry golf simulators with you in bags.

Many professional organizations use golf simulators for home. Golf simulators for a home are also used by the persons wanted to play in the comfort of their home. Golf simulator for a home requires a dedicated room, a net for hitting the balls, a bucket full of balls, a projector or PC, and a hitting mat.

Simpler simulators do not have built-in software; they measure the movement of the hand-held sensor that feeds the information. This information is then translated into an action of some sort, usually after hitting the ball. Advanced simulators comprise of their own software that allows the users to use the system. It uses a projected landscape of some golf courses. A computer calculates the expected trajectory of the golf ball from the collected data. With the help of these simulators, the golfers can get the detailed analysis of the entire flight of the ball. Golf simulators need to present club speed, club path, club face angle at impact, ball speed, ball path horizontal and vertical launch angle and spin. There are several types of equipment used in golf simulation such as simulator mats, sonic sound systems, radar systems, optical sensor systems and camera systems which measure the data.

The main advantage of the golf simulator is that it can be easily played and practiced in controlled premises. We didn’t need to worry about weather conditions and time of the day. The another advantage of the golf simulator is that the player can see each facet of their swing. Golf simulator helps in measuring the angle of attack, the angle of face club, club head speed, spin, club path and more.